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@batshrine: I think he may be referring to the fact that Tim was more concerned with the death of Superboy (who was his best friend) than the supposed death of Stephanie Brown (his girlfriend).

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@Squalleon said:

Because now he is a useless character, he is not Robin and there is no need for a second rate Nightwing.

I hated Drake since he became red robin his unhealthy obssesion with Bruce made me sick.

BUT that is only me he has lots of fans.


And because this is exactly how i feel about Tim i will borrow(and with borrow i mean steal) the words of :

I still think Tim was mildly nuts. Deep down he could never expect Batman to go away, Ra's could drop a nuke on Bruce's dome and Tim will simply believe Batman's a ventriloquist and planned the entire event, boomtubed his way out of it or some such nonsense. Dick may be infatuated with Bruce but....Tim is obsessed with him, to the point where he almost sees him as a totem of worship. Big difference. When Superman broke the news to the batfamily Dick handled it in cool, collected fashion. Tim had a friggin meltdown and you instantly saw the difference in demeanor/maturity in those panels.

He probably loves Bruce more than he ever did his own father, the same can't be said for Grayson. I just can't support a character like that

Agreed. It was a bit weird. I personally didn't like him because he came off as a Mary Sue (Marty Stu). He was the most intelligent of the Robins, which I was completely fine with. But then he was also shown to be one of the best fighters in the DCU and his personality seemed too perfect. I struggle to think of any actual flaws he had, other than his obsession as mentioned before, but this was treated by the vast majority as completely rational. He also encroached on Dick Grayson's personal talents as he seemed to be just as social as Grayson and also a natural leader a just like him as well.

Personally his origin seemed okay but seemed off. I mean seriously. The smartest people on Earth have not figured out Bruce Wayne's identity but a young boy does. I could understand if he was a savant or perhaps even autistic (akin to Raymond Babbit from Rain Man). I would have been fine with that but he is shown to be none of the above and is extermely social. I personally also didn't like the fact that he become Robin so soon after Jason's death but I do realise this is more to do with writers.

I am open to response as I'm aware i may be completely wrong. :)

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@serpent222: I think it's natural talent and aptitude along with training.

@Squalleon: I'm sure it states so when Roy joins the Justice League as Red Arrow. I don't have any scans. Plus Roy has been training since he was young and thus it make sense he will surpass his mentor.

I think it's stated in other instances as well.

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@Strider92 said:

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Strider92: Why no Miguel?

Although i'd love it to be him I think he's too out-there. Slott has been building this story up over this run so if Miguel were to be the new one I think we'd have some kind of hint.

Well I know some people saw Tiberius Stone as an ancestor of Tyler Stone and thus Miguel. But it does seem way too left field. The problem is Slott has left so many damn clues, it's hard to tell who is the Superior Spider-man.

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@xxxddd: I know I was just saying ( I realised it was slightly OT).

I said that because Roy is shown to be the best archer (unsure about Connor) and one of the best marksmen in DC, and is far better than Ollie. Hawkeye is shown to be the second best archer in Marvel (I think Kate Bishop is stated as being better) and one of the best marksmen in Marvel (Bullseye is probably better). Thus since Roy is better, I think, (by what margin I don't know) than Clint, and Roy is far better than Ollie, Clint is better than Ollie.

But as I said before within this thread,616 Hawkeye > Pre 52 Green Arrow.

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I think Roy is better than Hawkeye from his feats (can't remember). But Hawkeye IMHO is better than Grenn Arrow.

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Dr Fate- Wotan/Mordru

Swamp Thing- Anton Arcane

Hawkman- Shadow Thief (pre New 52)

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@KnightRise said:

@redhoodnet said:

Two Face - Green and Red Lantern

Hmmm, he probably would get two rings but doesn't red weaken the effectiveness of green? Red and Yellow maybe, as a gangster he oozes those

Perhaps Blue for Harvey Dent and Red for Two Face. I realise that blue cancels red and blue is useless without green but it could be seen as symbolic as when Harvey and Two Face both act together, they're usually confused and ineffective. The blue lantern ring being useless without green could be seen as the fact that Harvey doesn't have enough willpower to truly break through his disorder.

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@sinestro_GL said:

Piper gets told! (From The Flash #13)

You mean Trickster.