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@Strider92: Interesting that he says "more than I've ever been in my life" in response to Speed Demon. Maybe he wasn't active as a hero or villain for a long period of time because I'm sure Norman Osborn and Doc Ock have been hit more than that. I don't know. His speech seems scientific ("random element"), insulting and also sophisticated ("despise" and "how incredibly predictable").

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@jphulk26: Who's "she"? If you're talking about

And though Wonder Woman's mythology has been changed, it isn't that far fetched at all and actually it has made a discernible difference to the story as that is what the whole story has been about. It has reintroduced the Greek pantheon which has been an integral part of Wonder Woman's history. And sure her villains and supporting cast were great in the DCU (pre New 52), but that still hasn't been bringing in new fans. Azzarello most likely realised this and thus tried something new, which has worked out so far. Also as several users have said on a variety of different threads, it is called the New 52 for a reason. It wasn't just a cheap gimmick to increase sales. It was to reboot the DC universe and to a certain extent, reinvent characters and concepts. It makes sense to focus on the magical side of Wonder Woman first. Batman has most of the street level and psychological villains and the urban setting and Superman has most of the higher level metahuman threats and focuses mostly on Metropolis and also space. Wonder Woman as part of the Trinity should have her own part of the DCU, the magical part as it has been an integral part of her character.

And it's only been just over a year. I'm sure most of he pre New 52 supporting cast and villains will be introduced. In fact Cheetah, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and Ares have been introduced.

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@jphulk26: It's actually extremely good. It's managed to bring in new Wonder Woman readers such as myself and make them care about the character. It's definitely one of the better DC titles out now.

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@SmashBrawler said:


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They're both really good but I'd have to say Arkham City.

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@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

@satyrgod said:


They retro'ed Alfred to be Bruce's grandfather?

And is Helena still the daughter that Bruce and Selena never had?

Helena isnt Helena Wayne anymore, i still dont see the point of how could she be part of the Batfamily.

I mean Superman and Starfire are closer and no one belive those two are part of the Batfamily.

Alfred is the father of Batman and the Grandfather of the Batfamily.

@JasonTodd13: Only in the Pre 52 canon and in the Nolanverse, they had a daugther together, meaby she isnt part of the canon anymore, but Helena Wayne was millions of times better that the Jason Todd Wannabe Damien Wayne.

In New 52, she's from Earth 2 and she is the daughter of Bruce and Selina. She had her own mini-series and also a current series.

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I'm excited but ad as well as they probably won't air it till about 6 months after its done here in NZ. Been no signs that Arrow will be aired here either. Sigh.

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@havoc1201: I think you've completely misunderstood what I was saying. I was answering the question that had about the comment maid by @DeathpooltheT1000. I was in no way agreeing with his views at all, merely explaining to another user what a particular statement meant, made by a user who is in no way affiliated with me. In fact, I have made no statements at all in regards to that issue other than explaining what I thought was meant. In my previous post in this thread, where I wrote about some issues that I had with the character I did not mention this at all. This is because I have no issue with the fact he mourned his best friend because I respect the character for doing that and in fact that made him more endearing to me. If I had to have an issue with that, it would be that he only mourned his girlfriend for an iota of time. But that I realise was probably more to do with the writers. And yes I do understand that mourning Superboy doesn't make him bisexual in the least. And in response to the first part of your response to me, who are you to judge me? You don't even know me. I have not contributed massively to this site as you can probably see by my post count, so you can't say that you are even minutely aware of my personality. I would think first before making a statement like that.

Even if I don't agree with @DeathpooltheT1000's statement, you shouldn't be making statements like that as you don't know him. It is not polite or civil at all.

By the way, your message that I'm replying to isn't showing up on the thread. I don't know whether it's a PM or not. But if it is a PM, it's weird that you would choose to communicate that way.

P.S. I'm going to post your response to me, so that others can see the context to this post.

@Shutdown: have you ever lost a friend that you have side by side with, who you trusted with your life? if you havnt then thats why you dont understand it, its not even close to bisexual.

Good day.