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@Deranged Midget: It's true. She doesn't feel as powerful as Aang. At the start of the series I thought it was weird that she had already learnt three bending styles and I thought that the pacing would be too fast. But I guess she knows the basics, but she has yet to fully master them. This is probably the creator's way of extending the series because otherwise she would quickly master the elements and it would not be as interesting as Legend of Aang.

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@tamabone: Tula is on the roster of the Team for Young Justice Legacy, so she will probably die there. After all the line is that 'One will rise. One will fall. One will rise.' I guess Tula dies, Aqualad falls and Dick Grayson rises to Nightwing

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@RedOwl_1: I think that they will probably have this season to be very involved with other planets. With Glorious Godfrey being introduced, this will most likely lead to the introduction of Darkseid. John DiMaggio is rumored to be voicing him in Young Justice Invasion. Desaad has already been introduced as well. With the Kroloteans, Rann, the inclusion of Blue Beetle and the title (Invasion) this will probably mean that they will introduce the Reach. Hopefully they won't get too into it!

I think this may be a good direction for the show, but I honstly would like them to flesh out what happened in the timeskip (perhaps in flashbacks) and also deal with Earth's heroes more.

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Was that the famous crowbar in the Hall of Justice? (It was wrapped in a red bow and was shown after Amazo)

PS: Hi everyone! I've been stalking CV for about 2 years and finally decided to join. I look forward to becoming a part of this community and talking to many of you!