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I'm confused. Didn't Scott tell Logan that he was happy and glad that he was running the school? In my mind it was sort of Scott saying that he'll make the tough choices while Logan takes care of the youth.

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Interesting. I'm a fan of Lobdell but James Tynion IV shows a lot of talent in Talon and Batman #0 so that should be cool.

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@colonyofcells: Steppenwolf vs Martian Manhunter is a really good match as are the other ones.

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Nice. The idea of Darkseid's Elite being the villains seems like a good idea because that should stop most of the Avengers 2- Justice League comparison. Steppenwolf plus the Furies and others should definitely be enough of a threat. I hope Martian Manhunter is in the League because most of the public know of him from the JLU series. Marvel sold Avengers not just to comic book fans but the general public as well. That's what WB has to do. which I think means they should go with J'onn over Vic because Vic is more known for being part of the TT. If this film is successful, then they should definitely go for a TT film.

I'd love to see some cameos like Orion, Barda, Mr Miracle, G. Gordon Godfrey,Dr Impossible and maybe even Knockout an a certain Parademon

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@D3athstroke: Do you have the scan of when Storm was said to be Omega?

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@Teerack said:

Sense everyone is to preoccupied being upset about how they ruined Spider-Man let me point out that 700 also ruined Doc Ock and maybe Scorpion if he dies.... I if they's gonna screw over Peter Parker i guess they thought why not ruin some big time spidey villains on the way down?

I see what you did there. ;)

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Silver Sable's alive? When did this happen?

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@arnoldoaad: I think what I meant by that "potential villain" remark may have been directed to the male victim of the Amazons and/or their abandoaned male offspring.

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@Power_Guy: You do realise that the Amazons are being portrayed according to Greek Mythology, which seems to be an important part of Azzarello's run. I also think it's important that Azzarello sets up Diana's foundation and backstory before perhaps delving into some of her other rogues.

Also, I like both of WW's origins but isn't the whole "clay baby bestowed with life and abilities by different Greek Gods" similar to Captain Marvel's origin, in regards to being bestowed abilities by different Gods. But Captain Marvel (I guess Shazam now) and his origin may be different.