Neutral Evil

"It can't be bargained with. It doesn't feel pity, remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop until you are dead"

-Kyle Reese on the Terminator

The second of the evil alignments, Neutral Evil characters are those who are out for their own personal gain and will cross any moral line to get it. Said personal gain tends to be along the lines of wealth/greed, or possibly revenge in some instances. Neutral Evil characters don't care if they happen to break the rules in the process of doing what they do, and also work within the bounds of the law and authority only for as long as it is convenient and/or beneficial to them. However by the same token they will not commit random violence and cruelty if they see no direct benefit to it and therefore do not just do evil for evil's sake, although notably some people's definitions of Neutral Evil disagree with me on that front. But either way for a Neutral Evil character, their personal goals come first, and while they again, won't usually do evil deeds out of pure sadism or pointless pleasure, they also don't have too many qualms about crossing moral lines and stabbing people in the back to get what they want. Long story short they look out only for number one.

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Wow.... All of my all time fav characters are Neutral Evil.... Never knew that.

By the way I like your taste in Batman villains although personally, I like Hush a very, very, very, very, very tiny bit more than The Joker.

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@deathstroke19: Well based on the username yeah, I gathered the Deathstroke fan bit. What other characters here do you like a lot?

And for some odd reason it's saying there are two comments here even though I only see the one you left.

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@shroudofsorrow: All the Star Wars characters except Jabba, Barris, Montross, and Zam. ALL of the LotR characters. And Taskmaster.

And CV had a glitch and it posted my comment twice so I deleted the one.

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@deathstroke19: I kind of like Zam. At least pre-AotC anyway, but then she was more Chaotic Neutral pre-AotC.

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@shroudofsorrow: Meh.... She just never really.... Caught my attention I suppose.

Do you know Durge? If so where would you rank him on list of Best Star Wars bounty hunters?

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@deathstroke19: Yes I do. He's the single most dangerous non-Force Sensitive in the SW universe other than Grievous. He is also VERY Chaotic Evil.

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