The fate of Ahsoka (My first blog)

The Clone Wars cartoon has been going for several season now. For the most part I find it pretty enjoyable although some of the storyarchs been be really lame. The wars are supposed to go on for like 3 years, the time frame between episodes 2 & 3. This is currently the 4 season. I can see tehm spreading this out for another season, maybe 2 with it still making sence. I know that one of the main purposes of this show is to show the matuaration process of Anakin from the "brash young Jedi" of Attack of the Clones to the "mature Jedi" of Revenge of the Sith. I also realize that there a many inconsistencies between the classic trilogy and the new one. It's one of those inconsistencies that spawns this blog, Anakin's apprentice Ahsoka Tano. I'm going to irgnore the big orange elephant in the room and not delve into the fact that she wasn't mentioned at all in Episode 3. I guess my biggest issue is what the hell is going to happen to her? I would think that her death has to have happened more than a couple of weeks before Ep 3 to allow for some grieving time for her friends. That is to say if death is in fact her fate. Could she be re-assigned to another Master and maybe taken out as part of Order 66? Is she MIA and hiding somewhere after the fall of the Jedi? Did she turn to the Darkside? I do enjoy this cartoon, but it seems liek its lasting along time and sometimes it really bugs me not knowing what happend to Snips. What do you folks think? Do you give a damn about her fate in the first place?

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