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There is nothing wrong with Starfire. Not in my opinion.

I mean, yes, people complain of the way she's posed in RhatO and how she seems to do nothing more than fuck Roy and Jason but I feel that they don't really understand everything. Her dialogue in the comics and actions proves that she has intelligence and strength, and her flashback to her childhood shows that she has her pride and would not be belittled without consequences.

If she wanted to do both Jason and Roy(and I don't blame her because if Roy and Jason were real and I had a chance to go at 'em, I would) then she has the right to go ahead and do so, with their consent of course.

So, so far Lobdell has provided good dialogue for Starfire and decent characterisation(sexy, proud, nice, savvy and efficient; she knows how to dress in style and how to navigate her way around the human world, securing a limo and such for Roy and Jay).

I haven't seen too much emotion or interests from her, but the series is just starting out and some people don't wear their emotions on their sleeves and openly spill out whatever interests they have to their recently made friends. Also..seeing as Starfire is an alien on an alien planet, perhaps she's just using Roy and Jason to help her explore and experience more of Earth. Places that the Titans never brought her to. Jason and Roy are certainly entertaining and they do travel to a lot of exotic places.

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Cass Cain is top dog.

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@JediXMan: Internet>Movies>Comics>Books>TV

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Red Hood and the Outlaws

Wonder Woman



Justice League

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I think that the reason why Lobdell put in Starfire's memory from her days of emprisonment and Roy's memory of the fight from Killer Croc, was because it was a crucial point in their life. A turning point. Starfire's was that she finally came around to the fact that she wasn't helpless and to be belittled(or something along those lines) and Roy's memory had him starting out depressed and unmotivated(basically sorta looking to die when he picked a fight with Killer Croc) and then coming out of the fight more..well, with a more improved outlook.

To clarify, I didn't read the series yet, but I did read this really awesome review that really went at issue 3 and convinced me to love it, even through I've only seen around three pages of it. I'm trying to find it...

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Honestly Marvel doesn't have a Wonder Wman.

Wonder Woman is really a global icon that can sell just by name status alone.

Storm is just remembered as the lady from X-Men.

This. Storm is a great character, but she isn't a global franchise. No women of Marvel has this stature.

Nope. If she was, then she should have her own movie already, her own tv series (i know she had one but it was long long ago), her own videogames, etc. But nothing really and the only thing that keeps her popular is being a main member in Justice League, which tags her to both Batman and Superman and when DC or other companies make toys, then WW is included since she's part of the Justice League and not because of her own comics.

WW is like Ms Marvel but the great thing with WW is that she started out earlier, is stronger and remains to be in Justice League while having her own comics. But Ms Marvel, for having her own comics only, did not flourished well.

Storm is a global franchise. That's why she's always given a role (out of the numerous x-members) to be part of an x-men movie, x-men cartoon series, and picked for video games, etc. and that's being shown/shipped worldwide.

and DC doesn't have a Storm.

success in comics is not a global icon. but thanks to her membership to Justice League and being the best among the women. anyway, her membership to justice league is not a negative thought.

Wonder Woman a global icon? Not yet.

You take that back. I'm attending high school in Taiwan right now, and last month, during class, I drew a quickie sketch of wonder woman and all of my friends immediantly knew who she was. If the Taiwanese can recognize Wonder Woman just from a little sketch done by an amateur artist, then she damn well is a global icon. You'd have to live under a rock to not know about her.