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@satyrgod said:

Dude, I have PM'd you. You publicly accuse me, I respond and suggest personal messages, and you accuse me further. Pretentious? By definition, pretentiousness is pretending to be something you're not; I have been up-front with who and what I am, even when I look bad. I've been honest in regard to my education, experiences, fields of interest and expertise, and my limitations. When I know, I comment; when I don't, I ask. You're obviously uncomfortable with what I have to say but that hardly excuses your rudeness, insults and personal attacks against me in this post. I suggested you PM me, I PM'd you, which you ignored, and together we have derailed another thread. Come on, can we stop bickering and let this guy enjoy his life?

Edit: When I checked my inbox yesterday night, I found that the only thing I've received from you were replies, but now I'm thinking that I might've mistook your pm for a double response and it got deleted with the rest of my read mail. I usually on check the content of my inbox messages, not the title. PM me a screen pic of your outbox pm so that I can verify. If you did send me a pm, then I'll apologize for not responding accordingly. This doesn't make up for your past posts though.

Also, you were the one accusing me of new claims with every post you made, just like this one. You could not admit that you did start to derail this thread and shot back my own words at me. When I confront you about what you said in your past posts, you ignore it and continue to focus and insult me. You act as if you weren't personally attacking me first. Also, go look up the definition of pretentiousness, since you've got it wrong. It's not pretending to be something that you're not, it's "attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed." I have never met anybody else in my life who would better fit that definition than you. Also, you have clearly not heard me when I asked you to quit assuming things of me that are not true. I am not uncomfortable. I was and am very irritated by the tone that you employed in your first response and the rude nature of every following reply.

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Ignoring a troll is just too hard.

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lmao New York City is going to need some repair.

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@MuyJingo said:

@Shotgun said:

LOL. Come on down to Southern California, bud, and you'll find that white people are the minority to Asians here. I swear, having a white friend in California is like having an Asian(me) for a friend in Ohio. To be honest, I think that if comics were to reflect on real life racial distributions, then they should take note of which community the hero is supposed to hail from. Also, why are you so against having more racially diverse characters? Are there not enough white heroes in comicdom to satisfy you?

The thing is, bud, California has the highest concentration of White Americans in the state. And yes, even in southern california, where I've been several times. I live in New York now, which is drastically more diverse.. That asside, I'm not against having more racial diverse characters in the least. I like new characters being introduced, like Simon Baz for example. I also like for comic books based in the USA to semi reflect that it is a majority white country, so it makes sense most superheros are white. It's not a racial thing, its a mirroring reality thing.

Really? :/ Because in my high school and community, there's only a handful of white people compared to the Asians and Hispanics. I live in Diamondbar, and I know people in the local area(Longbeach, Irvine..etc), and it seems to be predominately Asian. Did you visit San Francisco or L.A.? There might be a higher concentration of caucasians there.

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@satyrgod: No, but I have the feeling that you are trying to impress others, and to also be frank with you, of course anybody wouldn't care. This is the internet. Do you really expect anybody to give a faq about the opinion of another stranger?

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@satyrgod said:

Your accusations are becoming onerous. My original post was either late on 2/15 or early 2/16, followed by a second post a few minutes later. I've already explained the post to which you are referring.

Go back and read your own posts. The first two were made in relation to the thread topic, the following two had barely anything to do with the thread. They were just statements that you wanted to make and let everyone know of. I'll quote them for you if I need to. I only simply told you that you were derailing the thread, which you promptly denied and accused me of(and indeed, this is argument is now derailing the thread).

@satyrgod said:

Your issue seems to be that you resent my 'interrupting an otherwise joyous occasion' with the reminder that equal rights are not enjoyed by all.

No, my issue was that I thought that you shouldn't have belittled the OP and then go on to derail this thread.

Also, don't flatter yourself, I do not resent you and this was not me slandering equal rights either. Like I said, this ain't the place for starting a discussion on how others haven't yet won the right to marry and that perhaps everyone should consider not marrying until equality is won. The reason why I told you to stop derailing was because I thought that you were going to turn this engagement thread into something else entirely..and it seems that you've succeeded.

Do assume anything of me and quit trying to reword things to appear to be what they aren't. I was originally just going to leave one post to you in this thread, but your ungraceful handling of this minor news has led to this. Also, it seems that I've been dragged down to your pace, so I'll have you know that I hate trying to talk formally. Formal talk is too stiff for me. I would understand your tone if this was some sort of debate(which it isn't), so if possible, I'll ask of you to go back to speaking in everyday terms, because I hate your pretentious BS. Also, dude, I know that you don't talk like this in real life, so don't try to argue with me that this is just how you communicate. Trying to sound like a quasi-philosopher on the internet is quite unnecessary. Do you hope to gain some form of internet admiration for this? Besides, I'd prefer for us to get straight to the point, instead of trying to embellish our posts with unnecessary details.

@satyrgod said:

This thread is being derailed by your accusations and my rebuttal, this stupid argument that I suggested you PM me to prevent but you insist on taking public. I mention equal rights at the engagement party and you try to turn it to a mob scene. You want to respond, PM me. Let's take the discussion outside and leave this thread.

I did not start this stupid argument. I did not come into this thread with an intention to have one, either. You made this out to be an issue when you replied with my words in your mouth, and now it has become an issue thanks to your further fanning of the flames.

Normally, I would have tried let this go, if it weren't for the words in the above quote. Really man? My previous post was pretty light and simple, and yet you accuse of already turning it into what you see as the equivalent of a mob scene? That right there, is what set me off to correct you. And no, I won't take this into a PM when you just accused me of several things. Do you expect a person to let something rest when you make fun of their opinions as stupid, hypocritically accuse them of taking it out in public while you also insist on continuing to reply in public and trying to make them look like a homophobe in order to attempt to position yourself on the higher moral ground. I'll repeat myself again, I am not pissed at your mention of equal rights, I'm pissed at your rude derailing, and I'm pissed at your pretentious replies. If you want to take this into a pm, then start the pm yourself and stop asking me to let you have the last word. I am more than happy to continue this privately, but not so long as you continue to try to publicly leave scathing remarks and false charges.

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@Zeeguy91 said:

I went with Wonder Woman as President. She's tough, smart, and compassionate. All the attributes I want to see in a great leader.

For VP: Batman

Just to name a few Cabinet Positions:

Secretary of Defense: Hal Jordan

Secretary of Agriculture: Superman

Secretary of Energy: Reed Richards or Henry Pym

Secretary of Education: Michael Holt

I like this plan.

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@satyrgod said:

@Shotgun: I am as I am; I do not lie nor do I misrepresent myself. I do not assume I know the intents of others nor do I accuse strangers of thinking themselves other than what I presume them to be.

There are no stock photos of unimpressed people to be found on Google Images, so this meme will have to do.

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@satyrgod said:

@Shotgun: My original post here was my recommendation and it was intended to be helpful. Your complaining about me is what is derailing the thread. If you want to make a stand against equal marital rights, you start a new thread. Should you want to continue this discussion further, please feel free to PM me.

How was asking people not to marry until everyone can legally marry supposed to be helpful to the OP? All you have done is deride him and discourage his original plan. You were the one who derailed the thread first, and I am merely notifying you of this very fact.

Edit: Do not try to pretend otherwise and please try not to regurgitate my own words. It shows that you lack creativity.

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@FalconPuuunch: It's just the artist's anatomy style.