I have a bone to pick with Teen Titan's artist

The art is an eyesore. I have no clue what DC's management was thinking, letting Teen Titans be drawn by this horrible artist, out of all the potential artists they could've approached..they chose Booth instead...The artwork and design probably turns off some potential readers from the series.

My personal complaint has to mainly do with the character designs. Red Robin's wings seem a bit like a Hawkman or Golden Eagle ripoff. The Spidergirl reminds me of Doc Oc, and I have no clue why her hair is standing out like she gelled it that way, unless of course, she could somehow use her hair as a weapon(like how tarantulas shoot off their bristles/hair to fend off predators). Wally's hair looks like a mohawk sometimes and I don't understand the need to add red to the head of his costume when his hair color is already red. It just doesn't go together.

Bunker...well, his costume could've been better(I just really didn't find luchadore wrestler outfit appealing, especially with those colors), and Superboy...no, just no. Out of all the cool outfits that Brett could've given Superboy, he gave him black tights and a v-cut tank top. Is Superboy supposed to be a male ballerina or something? No? Then why does he look like one?

Also, the way Brett draws faces...I somehow feel that the characters look more like gorrilas(face-wise) than humans. Probably has to do with the way the colorist outlines the nose and the fact that Brett needs to start learning how to facial anatomy, body anatomy and proper perspective. In the cover of Teen Titans #1, despite Spidergirl and Wally being in the front of the group, Superboy's body(and I mean head and everything, not just his super muscled arms) is much larger than Wally's. Wonder girl and Robin, since they are posed to be behind Superboy, should be a bit smaller. Overall, the cover looks like Brett drew every character on individual pieces of paper and then someone did a crappy photoshop job to bring them together. His art just makes just about every panel look a bit awkward and I can't wait for DC to get another artist on the book..and while they're at it, give Superboy to another artist too. The artwork in Superboy just feels..a little too round and all the characters look baby-faced(even the old man who tries to carry out Superboy's "abortion" looks baby-faced). The fault is also with the colorist and how she/he neglected to add shadow angles to everyone's faces; cheekbones and jaw muscles are sorta non-existent in the book.

Anyhow, this is just an observation by an amateur reader, so my opinion counts for little, but after being exposed to the many talented artists in comics(namely Hawkman's artist, Jim Lee, Kenneth Rocafort, Aquaman's artist and more) my criteria and expectations for a comic artist has risen, and seeing such horrible art for Teen Titans really turned me off, which makes me a bit upset/angry, since I loved Lobdell's work in Red Hood and the Outlaws and really wanted to get into his other two series, but the artwork...it just made the reading experience less enjoyable and more painful. I have to try to force myself to like the characters, which I can't, because they look irritating. It's just..the body language, expressions, anatomy...it's horrible when it all comes together. Comics rely on both artwork and writing to tell a story, and when the writing delivers but the art fails then the comic gets an F rating, since it only received a grading of 50%. I'm really sorry for Lobdell, since he got saddled with these two. DC should've given him better artists.

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Posted by RazzaTazz

Some of the clothes that they put Cassie in belong in the fashion hall of shame

Posted by KidSupreme

Hey Shotgun,

I just wanna say I disagree with you. I do believe your entitle to your own opinions. I agree with you the suits, totally not my thing either. The whole Red Robin suit and Superboy suit was decided by both Brett Booth, Scott Lobdell, you can`t blame it all on Brett Booth.

I`m not saying you can`t dislike the dudes artwork but honestly your making it out to be really awful and personal I disagree. I am sure there are a lot of fans of Brett Booth that think he is great.

Second in my opinion Scott Lobdell, is not my favorite writer. So far nothing he has written in the New 52 has impressed me... yet.

Third just cause I am on the top of opinions whats the deal with Frank Quitely, people say he is one of the greatest artist ever. I would totally don`t agree with that. I fine his artwork awkward. Those are my 2 cents.


Posted by htb106

Brett didn't decide to use the wings and he's been saying on his blog and on Twitter that he dislikes the wings on Tim's costume, Bunker's costume reflects on his personality, Superboy's suit on the cover of TT 1 isn't his actual suit in the book and "Spidergirl" and Wally are actually Skitter and BART ALLEN, I don't know why you say the book deserves a better artist if you don't know the names of the characters.

Brett Booth and R.B. Silva ( the artist for Superboy ) are both great artists and don't deserve to be critiscised like this.

DC made great choices with these two artists.

Posted by darth_jones

absolutely agreed. He's a trainwreck of an artist. He doesn't comprehend human anatomy or proportion and the excessive details. UGH it has ruined the Titans for me.

Posted by jointron33

I think he is a talented Liefeld, but like Liefeld, he sucks at feet

Posted by Xarom4

i dont know which teen titans you've been reading, but dont you think your giving booth a little too much criticism? there are tons of artists who deserve worse than what youve given to him (your right about superboys artist though, ill give you that). Yes, there are really good artists out there, and teen titans deserves good art (i read them), bet brett booth isnt a BAD artist. as for character designs, red robins wings are technology and cant be compared to hawkman, i do have a feeling that skitters hair has a reason it looks like that, bunker is GAY, so his costume needs to stand out anyway, and superboy is basically a lab rat, a tool of destruction, so who gives two bags of crap how his costume is? hes just a weapon! im not sure anyone else feels the same as i do, but i sure dont hate brett booths art. Keep up the good work!