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To me, however, the quote makes no sense. How can Kreia, even as knowledgeable as she is, know exactly how good they are? Furthermore, Avellone didn't create those Sith Lords, so I wouldn't be so quick to take his word as absolutely true. This is not to say they aren't skillful, but the quote seems hyperbole to me, especially because Exar Kun is not an ancient Sith compared to Sadow and Kressh (he lived 30 or 40 years before Kotor 2), and yet he is better than them, both with the Force and with the lightsaber.

The quote is of course hyperbole, but she wasn't referring to Exar Kun, she was referring to the Exile and herself. She's obviously not impressive herself, but the Exile is, and one could argue that this is more authorial intent than anything else, although, as you said, Avellone didn't create the Sith Lords (although he did expand on Tulak Hord, at least).

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Been done. LT wins.

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Great thread. Wasn't aware you made it until now.

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@zapan87: He's done supplementary thread first, then he'll link Freedon Nadd's thread to them to show how powerful he is.

Kreia's quote isn't supposed to be valid in the RotE era. It's more the fact that if they really are superior to the Exile, somebody in a similar tier of skill as Maul, then they could be of his skill level. For the most part, though, I'm still at a loss as to how skilled Sadow and Kressh are, exactly. I'd rather not take Kreia's quote literally, because it'd place Sadow and Kressh above Maul, which I personally find a little silly.

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The Celestials stomp the living daylights out of the Lanterns.

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How exactly would Amanoa or Ommin stop them?

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Grievous's physical edges and lightsabers are enough for him to win. Even if it's just canon Grievous, which is the only version that will make this a fight. Legends Grievous would annihilate.

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I think the major element that these fights hinge on is the combat skill area, and if you really believe Kreia, despite all her knowledge and the lead writer backing her statement up and supporting its credibility. Because to be honest, most of these characters would get demolished by the Sadow and Kressh's Force power.

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I think this is a bit out of order. Satele in her prime is above the likes of Alema in everything. Not sure what to say for the thread itself, I'll wait for some opinions first.

Need to update my Sadow thread with his various powers like Drain, but other than that, this thread looks good enough. Also, please ban Essence Transfer. lol

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@claymore1998: Thanks a lot.

Ludo's actually a fairly powerful character across the board, even with a blade. Nice.

Yep, and thanks.