Abeloth Repsect Thread

*This thread is not yet complete. While it is still in completion, I am first gathering quotes from Allies, Vortex, Conviction, Ascension and Apocalypse to fill this thread, simply because these are Abeloth's main appearances. I will then scour the other books - Outcast, Omen, Abyss and Backlash for any additionally feats I can include.

Abeloth is a very powerful character from the Fate of the Jedi series. I wanted to compile her feats to more or less give an impression of how powerful she was.

With that out of the way, respect Abeloth:


Abeloth is an incredibly powerful and prodigious Force wielder.

Abeloth's rage is enough to buffet Ben Skywalker:

Abeloth was raging. Ben felt buffeted by the sheer hatred roiling off her. Sweat sprung on his brow, beneath his arms, and a brush of what had terrified him so badly a few moments ago shuddered through him.

Source: Allies

Abeloth's willpower exceeds both Vestara Khai and Jaina Solo's, with Ship referring to her as "older and more powerful than Jaina could imagine":

You're working with Abeloth.

I am programmed to obey a strong will. The girl is strong, you are stronger, Sword of the Jedi, but neither of you can break the hold she has on me. She is older and more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Source: Allies

Abeloth is apparently a dozen times stronger in the Force than Luke is:

It was no good. Abeloth had a dozen times the Force strength Luke had, and he could do no more than keep her from crushing his throat.

Source: Vortex


Abeloth is incredibly powerful physically, and it is all Luke can do to stop her from crushing his throat:

It was no good. Abeloth had a dozen times the Force strength Luke had, and he could do no more than keep her from crushing his throat.

Source: Vortex


She shrugs off a blow from Luke, who then likens her resilience to that of a durasteel wall:

Luke was already on Abeloth, launching a vicious thrust kick. She took it like a durasteel wall, then her arm flew up to rake at his eyes.

Source: Vortex

An injured Luke attempts to use a Force blast on Abeloth, only to find that it doesn't little more than slow her down for half a second:

Luke raised a hand, hitting her with a blast of Force energy whose only effect was to hold he back for half a second as she took her next step.

Source: Vortex

Fold Space

Fold Space is an esoteric Force power that enables one to teleport oneself or other beings/objects through space by means of folding space itself, as the name suggests.

She suddenly teleports across a courtyard, causing Gavar Khai to inadvertently kill one of his fellow Sith and nearly kill Luke:

And even as he watched, Abeloth was suddenly not there.

The ring of five enemies was now inadvertently battling one another. Gavar Khai grunted in annoyance as his red blade sliced cleanly through not the monstrous Abeloth, but one of his fellow Sith. Luke had to Force-leap straight up to avoid the blade's follow-through, landing lightly on his feet and looking about for their escaped enemy. Mocking laughter seemed to echo from all directions. They sprang apart, and then there she was again, at the far end of the courtyard, laughing as the four aced toward her.

Source: Allies

She suddenly vanishes after using a Force Wave:

Abeloth was gone. He realized, as everyone else did, what must have happened. She had gathered strength to send out a powerful Force shock, to throw her attackers off her briefly, and disappeared.

Source: Allies

Force Deflection

Force Deflection is an ability that takes much skill to use - enabling the user to deflect some form of attack.

An intriguing and unique display of Deflection, Abeloth does not even touch her opponent's Force Lightning with her hands, but instead folds the Lightning on itself while it is traveling in the air:

Blue force lightning shot from her palm to dance erratically in the air around her for a moment, not reaching its target. Then, inexorably, the blue lightning began to twist, like heated metal folding, to go back on its creator.

Source: Allies

Plant Surge

Plant Surge is an ability with which a Force user could manipulate plants. Abeloth was able to control the plants of her homeworld and used it against those who entered her domain.

Even as she bends Vestara Khai's Force Lightning (above) she calls upon a poisonous plant to attack Khai:

At the same moment, a thick white root tipped with finger-length barbs, shot out of the ground. The roots, capped with a thick green spike, twisted around Vestara, then reared back like a snake about to strike. Vestara's eyes darted to the spike and she yanked in her hand, folding her arm over her chest as the spike struck home a second time.

Source: Allies

She uses vines to tear apart the corpse of a fallen Sith Saber:

Their comrade lay dead and ignored, and as Ben watched, the vines reached to latch on to the corpse and started to pull away the pieces.

Source: Allies

Force Stasis

Force Stasis is an ability that enables one to root somebody else in place and prevent the victim from acting.

Abeloth freezes Dyon Stadd in place as she prepares to Drain him:

"You will," she assured him. "You will be with them... with me. As long as I live. And I," she whispered, reaching up to cup his cheeks with her strong, warm hands, "will live forever."

And that was when the torment started.

He stood frozen in place as securely as if his feet had rooted there. He couldn't move, couldn't pull back, couldn't cry out in pain or in warning, for now he suddenly realized that this being was not what he had thought, was not what she - was it even a she? - had pretended to be.

Source: Allies

Force Drain

Force Drain is a powerful Dark Side ability that enables the user to siphon the life force of a victim.

She slowly uses Drain to consume Dyon Stadd's life force in a torturous manner:

...tiny, slimy tentacles that seemed to thrust into his skull, into his brain, and suck out what they found there.

A terrible heat, white hot, seared him there, and he smelled burning flesh. Then his heart spasmed in terror as she moved that hideous, huge mouth closer, closer, until it was touching his own. She pulled back, and a glowing golden mist clung to her lips. The mist grew, mercifully obscuring her face as she extracted -

A deep, agonizing groan was ripped from Dyon, hauled from his innermost soul, floating on that golden mist. Every limb, every centimeter, every cell of him was under attack. It was not like the searing, focused pain in his temple; this pain was aching and deep. The pain at his temple changed from white-hot to cold, and it began to enter him. As Abeloth pulled for something -

Life energy, she's taking my life essence....

- from his body, she gave in return a dreadful cold. A slithering, dark cold that wrapped around his throat, closing it, then his heart, then his entrails, then seeped implacably into the rest of him.

He could feel himself withering up, the desiccation turning him into a living corpse, dried and husklike, as if he had been buried in the sand for centuries.

Source: Allies

Force Concealment

Force Concealment is an ability that enables a Force-user to conceal his or her presence in the Force.

Abeloth conceals herself from Luke.

"I don't sense her at all," said Luke. "She's deliberately concealing herself."Source: Allies


Telepathy is a power with which a Force-user can influence and manipulate the minds of others. Abeloth proved to be an exceptional user of telepathic abilities.

Abeloth talks with Luke on the Jade Shadow, deceiving him into thinking she was Mara Jade until Jade's own apparition told Luke the truth:

"Luke." He fell silent, regarding her. She searched his eyes for a moment, then the specter of Mara Jade Skywalker said quietly, " Whomever you were with on the Jade Shadow.... it wasn't me."


Who else could it -

And he knew. Horror and repugnance buffeted Luke. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. Luke forced back the shock and nausea. It would serve nothing now.

"No, it wasn't," he managed finally, his voice raw. "I should have known. I'm sorry."

Her brilliant green eyes were kind. She was beyond annoyance or jealousy. "You couldn't have. She is ancient, and powerful, and dangerous. Very dangerous.

Source: Allies

She intoxicates Vestara and the Sith, making them want to look at her every day:

"And she was lovely - at first. She - captivating, I think is the word."

"Physically beautiful?" Luke inquired.

"More than that. You couldn't stop looking at her, whatever she chose to look like. It was all you wanted to do - look at her, be around her. Like an intoxicant."

Source: Allies

She turns Gavar Khai insane:

As she spoke, Gavar Khai's gaze dropped to Eliya's cleaved body, and his eyes widened with horror. He brought his blade up and began to slash at the air, pivoting an dodging as though he were in combat. Twice, he cringed as though he had taken a blow. Each time, a deep, anguished sigh gusted from his mouth, and his movements grew less confident and energetic. He began to flinch more quickly and retreat, his motions becoming awkward and slow, his posture stooped and elderly.

Finally, Khai simply turned his back on the corpse and, screaming, began to totter away. Had his daughter not flicked a hand in his direction and buckled his knees with a Force blast, he might have kept going until he left the village - and perhaps even the island. As it was, he simply covered his head and lay on the ground wailing - an embarrassment that caused his daughter to render him unconscious with a second Force blast.

Source: Vortex

She proceeds to turn all of the Sith insane, save for Taalon and Vestara Khai:

Before Taalon could reply, Sith all over the village began to scream and hack at the air. Sometimes they hit Fallanassi, sometimes they hit a tree fern of a fungus-covered hut, occasionally they even hit one another - but most of the time they struck nothing at all. Still, they universally began to cringe and wince as thought taking blows, and within seconds they began to retreat into defensive squares that did nothing at all to diminish their panic.

Source: Vortex

It is revealed that the Sith were seeing illusions generated by Abeloth. These illusions appeared to be so realistic that the Sith believed they were real, prompting at least one to commit suicide. Luke surmises that the Fallanassi were also under Abeloth's spell, as they allowed her to torment the Sith without question or opposition:

It appeared the Sith were being swarmed by translucent green figures. These phantasms had ghastly, distorted faces and thin tentacles lashing from their fingertips, and every couple of seconds one of them would belch a cloud of green vapor into the face of a warrior. The victim would age a dozen years in a heartbeat, the face wrinkling and the posture growing more stooped.

But it was the tentacles that were the most gruesome. They would shoot out from the ghost's fingertips to lodge themselves in the eyeballs or nostrils or ears of an intruder. What looked like thumb-sized drops of dark Force energy would pulse down the tentacles, and with each globule, the phantasm seemed to grow a bit more solid and real looking.

As the ghosts grew more opaque, they stopped belching brown fumes and started to spew flame. Before long, there appeared to be wildfires springing up everywhere, driving the Sith toward the edges of the village, screaming and stumbling just as Gavar Khai had done. Within seconds, the fastest Sith had reached a low stone wall that separated part of the village from a thousand-meter plunge to the sea.

When Luke saw the first warrior vault over the wall and drop screaming out of sight, all doubt about the woman before him vanished. No Adept of the White Current would have used her art to kill any being so casually.

Luke immersed himself within the Current again. The scene before him changed from horror to simple madness, with the Fallanassi standing pressed against their huts while the Sith flailed at the empty air and rolled in the moss, trying to smother flames that did not exist. Whether the Adepts were contributing to the illusion or just standing aside while Abeloth alone tormented the intruders, Luke could not say. But it seemed clear to him that the Fallanassi were under Abeloth's influence, or they never would have permitted the White Current to be defiled in this way.

Source: Vortex

She telepathically attacks Vol across a city:

Abeloth had been wandering the City of Glass when she had attacked Vol.

Source: Ascension

After Vol harms her with Mnemotherapy, she uses her own pain to harm him and nearly kill him, leaving him in a severely weakened and terrified state:


Her pain exploded and hurled him back, releasing him, but causing the most exquisite agony Vol had ever experienced to race through ever part of his being.

Vol surged forward out of the dream so quickly that he hurled himself from his bed and landed hard on the floor, where he lay gasping, weak, so weak, sweat-soaked and terrified. He - used to manipulating objects in the Force, leaping great distances, crushing things with a thought - had not the strength of a new-hatched uvak. It was an effort to lift his head, to push himself off from the floor, and the muscles quivered from that simple strain.

Source: Ascension


Telekinesis is a power with which a Force-user can manipulate and alter reality around them with the power of the mind. Abeloth is an especially powerful user of TK.

She uses Choke on Vestara Khai:

Beside Ben, Vestara's eyes flew wide as something seized her by the throat, lifted her two meters off the ground, and shook her. She dropped her lightsaber, one hand going to her throat attempting to pry off the invisible fingers, the other hand outstretched, finger splayed hard.

Source: Allies

A slightly weakened Abeloth unleashes a Force Wave that sends Grand Master Luke Skywalker, High Lord Sarasu Taalon, Sith Saber Gavar Khai, another Sith Saber, Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai flying, so that she has the opportunity to escape. Ben himself is paralyzed and is unable to call upon the Force to direct his fall:

A sudden shock wave hurled Ben into the sky. He felt paralyzed for a second, unable to use the Force to direct his fall, and landed hard. Ben got to his feet, grabbing his lightsaber from where it had fallen.

Abeloth was gone. He realized, as everyone else did, what must have happened. She had gathered strength to send out a powerful Force shock, to throw her attackers off her briefly, and disappeared.

Source: Allies

After being severely wounded and angered by Grand Lord Vol, she subconsciously unleashes "nearly inconceivable amounts of energy" that destroys the City of Glass, imploding beings within immediate vicinity, turning inside out and then ripping apart those who were further away, melting buildings, and driving glass shards to fly around the city to harm others so that they would feel the pain she felt.

Her anguish used the Force as a weapon, as she had so often before, but this time she was barely aware that she was releasing nearly inconceivable amounts of Force energy upon a city that was completely unprepared for it.

There were several dozen beings within immediate range, some sleeping quietly in their beds. Most were with their families.

They imploded. Farther away, others awoke in agony as their bodies were turned inside out and chunks were ripped from their bones.

The entire city was attacked by a wind filled with glass shards, each a shikkar driven with a single purpose - to hurt anyone, anything, living inside the City of Glass. They were the Lost Tribe - they would suffer, all of them, as their leader had made her suffer.

The shards melted as they pierced flesh, spreading white-hot, painful death. The buildings, made of metal and glass, dripped slowly toward the ground, smothering those unfortunate enough to be dwelling inside them.

None of it harmed Abeloth, though she would not have noticed it if had. She barely noticed she was lifted from the street where she lay convulsing up into the night air, and a large shape that looked like nothing so much as an angry orange eye sped toward her.

Source: Ascension

Force Lightning

Force Lightning is an ability that enables the user to unleash blasts of electricity from their fingertips. Unlike standard electricity, Force Lightning also drains the life force of its victim.

Abeloth creates a dancing fork of Force Lightning:

Luke felt a sudden shiver of danger sense, and dived away a mere heartbeat ahead of a dancing fork of Force Lightning.

Source: Vortex

Force Flight

Force Flight was an ability that enabled a Force user to levitate.

She hovers a hand span above the floor:

Abeloth countered, hissing in anger, and they hovered a hand span above the floor.

Source: Vortex

Abeloth floats her way out of Ship, a Sith meditation sphere:

At last, slowly, like a creature awakening from slumber, Ship's "eye" grew transparent, and then opened.

Abeloth floated out.

Source: Ascension

Essence Transfer

Essence Transfer enables somebody to discard their body and take another as their own.

Abeloth switches bodies with Dyon Stadd, deceiving the Sith and Jedi for days into believing she was dead:

Taalon glanced at them only briefly, then looked back toward Vestara. "Explain."

"They switched bodies," Vestara said. "I don't understand how, but they did."

Ben turned his head toward her voice and found her standing next to the pyre, using the Force to levitate the corpse over which they had been fighting. The bloody shroud had been torn away during the tug-of-war, and now he could see that the corpse was not Abeloth's at all.

In fact, it wasn't even female.

"This isn't Abeloth," Vestara continued. She floated the corpse toward Taalon, and Ben found himself looking at a much-battered, but still recognizable male face. "It's Dyon Stadd!"

Source: Vortex

She animates a body that should have been in its death throes:

Any normal being would have been dead by now. But Abeloth seemed to live as much in the Force as she did in a physical body, and now she was using the Force to animate a body that should have been in its death throes.

Source: Vortex

Abeloth claims to have more bodies than Luke can kill:

"How many bodies do you have?" he asked.

"More than you can kill."

Source: Vortex

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