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  • The Shogunate has begun its super soldier program to enhance mutants with the will and skill to fight.
  • It has several branches, from hormonal/steroidal enhancements to skeletal-muscular enhancements.
  • Hormonal and steroidal enhancements are cheaper and easier however many of the Shogunate's scientists believe the technology is already almost 'capped out' and the future lies in gene therapy and stem cells.
  • Vibranium plays a part in the super soldier program but it is a smaller part; mostly weaponry.
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@rorie: Thank you. Email on the way.

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I am unable to change either my password or my email address.

When I try to change my email it tells me that I have been successful. However when I return to the Billing Information screen no change has occurred; my email address remains unchanged.

Attempts to change my password are met with the message 'Opps, something has gone wrong!' and I am unable to change my password.

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The soles of two heavy duty boots hit Asgardian soil,

Possessing both Life and Death in simultaneous instance,

A tall figure straightened up, exiting a crouch with cool nonchalance, his form obscured by a dark purple hood,

And suffering utter indifference to the fact.

The Shogunate brought his metallic face up to regard the scene of destruction before him, the machinery wrapped across his features an ominous testament to Doom's soulless might.Skjovald had given him his orders, the Death's Head had dispersed, and Asgard had been delivered her reckoning. The Gangster of Cain, Pain and Domain had spent several months preparing for his emergence as Doom's elite combatant, his entry unto the fray timed perfectly, eluding Firestorm and the defeat of Rama Khan completely.


Tommy Gun, the once notorious Gothic City gangster, now one of the world's most hazardous forces, brought both arms up theatrically and with a voice distorted by dozens of mechanical enhancements, barked at the moon with the cold fury of a rottweiler bred by Emperor von Doom and no other.


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think SWORD needs some explanations, the U.N. joining up with them if i can even approve that and there true goals need to come out soon but doomwar needs to end first

SHIELD works for the UN, and SHIELD isn't going to work for SWORD.

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Keep killin' 'em, I say as I glimpse Dre.

Keep killin' 'em like yo name wuz Apocalypse and yo hand an AK.

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Arrow... Almost every scene is irritating me now.

Really? You didn't even question the reappearance of your brightly blonde haired sister and the emergence of a brightly blonde haired vigilante? And then in the first spot of trouble Laurel falls into, she automatically reaches for alcohol? Please. And Thea... Come on. Who the fck would let all her wealth go to waste just because she's having some identity crises. What is this. Deathstroke breaks into Star labs and then hunts down the two kids who saw him murder a security guard? "The longer the chase the slower the kill." Please. Fck sakes. Then he drives off in the truck chillin' in the drivers seat with his mask on and everything. Can't handle, man. Can't handle.

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Always difficult to hold my tongue when I see someone prepare to flesh out an "original" character I already did several cycles before 'em.