Thunderbolts Cannidates

A list of Marvel Villains that are good candidates for reform in the Thunderbolts Program.

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Posted by infonation

I agree with MANY of your choices! (Although the sad truth is, it might actually be far too late for some of them...)

Posted by Shoe

@infonation: Possibly, but all of these villains have shown far more remorse than Crossbones, Moonstone, Hell even Ghost is still establishment. I really think the B team with Mr. Hyde and Boomerang is at least a LITTLE more redeemable.

They need to use the thunderbolts to reform those who aren't heartless killers. Dudes like Armadillo and Constrictor have tried and tried again to reform. They WANT to be heroes. Constrictor even won a purple heart during the Skrull invasion.

The big thing I want to see done to the thunderbolts is an identity change too. The first series of thunderbolts reformed (except moonstone and Zemo) due to the fact that they had a clean slate as a new superhero. No one even knew that Screaming Mimi and the Beetle were here because they weren't. When people whose lives have been bad are suddenly treated well because they are being good and getting a 100% fresh start with no strings.

Obviously, anyone in a SHIELD sanctioned program would still have nanites, but I think that getting rid of the villain persona entirely and becoming a new heroic one would do wonders. Change constrictor's theme away from snakes and towards...I dunno an Indiana Jones or Cowboy theme....whip characters arent that awesome. If constrictor was just given some friendlier looking armor and a new nickname like Whipcrack or...i dunno anything not deadly-snake related I think it could help.

I'm also running an RPG based on these ideas using the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying system that just came out. Should be good times!