Storylines/Events I like to forget happend

This is the stuff of the Marvel U that ruined characters/teams/books for me. Unsuprisingly, most of them are X-men related. I used to love the X-Men, now I can't stand to read them.

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Posted by infonation

I agree with a LOT of what you said, Emma Frost used to be such a menacing character, now she a goody-two-shoes? RIIIIGHT... She'd be better off as an anti-hero or just vigilante, but as a straight-up X-Person? I'm not buying it, in "Wolverine and the X-Men" she was portrayed a BIT better because for all her sinister acts she came off as someone who thought she was doing the right thing until she finally discovered how much of a puppet she really was! And random secondary mutations could be interesting but for the most part they just seem to be there because they ARE. And that's just LAME. At least Stan Lee gave the X-Men powers through genetics because he didn't know better, but writers today have NO excuse, at least not when you consider the fact that they could have explained it by saying it was "Weapon X" who is responsible for the new powers or something! I'm sorry for this long reply but I have to make it even longer by asking what does "BBEG" stand for? And why is "Models inc." completely stupid exactly?

Posted by Shoe

BBEG = Big Bad Evil Guy - Ah -la Dr. Doom, Magneto...etc

Tim Gunn is super annoying and the storylines of Models Inc are not that dynamic and boring. I usually like books about obscure or support characters, but the Models Inc stuff seemed so forced. It's trying to make a comic out of something that just isn't right for the medium

Posted by Cervantes

I never knew about Lupus Sapiens!! BLEEP, BLEEP, B-LEEEEEP!! How could this be allowed?! Has this been retconned now or is it some Elseworlds-type tale, please oh please...

I'm a big Spider-Fan too, and I detest OMD and OMIT. I cancelled my Spider-Man subscription. Now on top of it, the new SPidey movie I am sure will suck!

Edited by Shoe

@Cervantes: Nope. Lupus Sapiens is a relatively new thing. It was in the Wolverine ORIGINS run from 2006-20010 or whenever it ended. Totally stupid.