I Love Super-Babies

I wish marvel would stop Fridge-ing all of the babies of pregnant heroines. Just shelve the character for an arc or 2 and then get them a nanny or something. I want some more second-gen heroes!

Here are the babies, or nearest representation/moms where a character page is unavailable that I would love to see grow up.

List items

Posted by Maniac2312

Wondering if you would include Darkson on this list? I noticed on another list you read X-Men 2099 for a bit.

Posted by Shoe

@Maniac2312: I was mostly going for 616 characters, but I should do a more complete list with alternate reality characters as well. It's funny, I literally own EVERY book featuring the X-Men 2099, but I don't remember Darkson. I guess it's time to go re-read those issues!

Posted by Maniac2312
@Shoe: AAhh...I knew that (616) *wink wink*...... 
To be fair on the Darkson, he was just in the last 5 issues of X-Men 2099, so it's easy to miss him.