Cool Concepts #3 - Thunderbolts Reform Program

I haven't been particularly happy with the directions the Thunderbolts took after the Heroic Age began. Not that I have a problem with Luke Cage, but he was never a reformed criminal. He was falsely accused and it landed him in prison. Songbird needed to be in charge of the new Thunderbolts if they wanted to ACTUALLY reform super-villains. The current Thunderbolts aren't really about reform any way. With members like Crossbones (irredeemable), Juggernaut (impossible to control, and recently declared to his step brother that he never did nor ever will have intentions of reforming), Moonstone (who has had multiple chances in the past to reform and did not), Ghost (Who was one of Osborn's team, and never has plans to "work for the man" so is unlikely to reform)...etc

I want to see a new Thunderbolts, ran by former Thunderbolts who have reformed, like Songbird, Mach-V, Atlas and Fixer. They could be the "home-team" and be mission control/teachers to super-criminals that want to reform. Sometimes, those who have lost their way just need to be shown it again, but not just anyone can do that for them. They need to be shown the right path by someone who has hit bad times like they had. They need to be taught by someone they consider a peer like the aforementioned former Thunderbolts, not by and Avenger (Cage).

Also, the swapping of identities (that the original Thunderbolts did) seems to be an important part of their reform. Almost no members of subsequent teams have become heroes permanently, but 4 of the original 6(?) did become heroes. (With the exception of Radioactive Man, who was never really a villain, the real conflict with him was the hostile Communist Chinese government and his misplaced patriotism).

Another Theme you will notice among these characters, is that they subsist of the U-Foes, and a few other characters to round out the team. Another fact about the original Thunderbolts that, I believe, led to thier successful redemption, is that they never had much infighting. They had all been working together for many, many years and they trusted one another for support. A good support group is a great way to be rehabilitated.

Here is a list of several Villains that would make cool Thunderbolts, and possible new identities they could be provided.

List items

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