Cool Concepts #2 - New Exiles

I loved the exiles. I don't own a lot of comics (I mostly read online) but I own the whole 100 issue arc of the first set of Exiles books. The second run was ok, but not as good, and I REALLY want to buy the 5-issue start to the 3rd arc. I enjoyed it quite profusely.

Here is who I would love to put on a team of exiles and what universe they would be from.

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Posted by infonation

I really likeyour ideas, but wouldn't Fitzroy be able to use his powers as long as there were enough people around? He could simply absorb a tiny portion of someone's energy then do it again and again and again until he has enough to travel through time, and if he could STORE it, then he would only need a small portion of someone's energy to activate it for NEXT time he needs it!

Posted by Shoe

it's possible, but the tallius was also used to communicate with the Mission control of the exiles, AND relay mission information/identify which realities needed fixing, which fitzroy couldnt do without it!