Cool Concepts #1 - Avengers Apocalyptica

Cool Concepts is a list series I plan on doing on a regular basis in which I pull up a few unknown or poorly/sparsely used marvel characters and throw together a storyline (usually an alternate universe) that I think would be cool to see in a limited series comic.  Sort of an Exiles meets What If...sort of thing.  
Cool Concepts #1 - Avengers Apocalyptica
In the future, after some major, earth shattering event, few people exsist on earth.  Maybe the brood took over the earth (but that harkens back to the Phalanx world in Exiles a little too much), Maybe Galactus Half-Ate the planet (is that possible?).  Only a select few powered individuals remain, and they have to lead/Protect humanity (which would be limited in number to less than 10,000) to somewhere to start anew.  Part of the reason I want to use aliens like the Brood is so that it makes sense that only some weaker or less known heroes are all that is left to protect humanity.  The brood always tried to infect the more powerful characters with queen eggs, and in this case the brood would be something for these "Avengers" to fight.   
On to the Characters:

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Posted by infonation

Sounds good! I hope it happens AND becomes popular!