8 Smartest people in the Marvel Universe (that were collected by the Intelligencia

This is a list to compile the 8 smartest people in the Marvel Universe who were captured by the Intelligencia because I havent seen a list for this anywhere else.

There is a lot of controversy around MODOK or the Leader also making the list if they were not, in fact, the ones doing the abducting.

List items

Posted by infonation

Great list! But there's just one flaw I can see... Too much testosterone! I'd add some females to this list too! Sue Richards may not be on her hubby's level but she's still smart enough to pass for it and she's much more sensible! Wasp has become VERY effective at using Hank Pym's tech to the point where she at LEAST as good at using it as HE is! Heather Hudson is NOT ONLY one of the biggest "nerd-girls" in the entire MARVEL universe, but she became the new Vindicator AFTER the apparent death of her hubby, AND lead Alpha Flight for a considerable time all by herself!

Posted by Shoe

@infonation: Isn't so much of my choice who went on this list. I noticed that no where on comicvine was there a list of the "8 smartest people in the marvel U that Modok captured in the Fall of the Hulks storyline so I was simply trying to create a resource, more than make my picks.

Posted by infonation

@Shoe: Sorry, I didn't know, but frankly, if you ever decide to add more characters to this list, I fully support you! M.O.D.O.K. and the Leader probably only captured these guys and stopped there because they only needed a FEW super-smart people.

Posted by Icikus

@infonaion: the list is clearly stated as "the 8 smartest people in the marvel universe". It was not stated as "the most politically correct list of 8 people who r kinda smart". Just because a woman doesn't happen to be on the list simply means that these 8 individuals are smarter than any of the females in Marvel. Furthermore, using the argument that Sue Richards is 'sensible' and that Wasp and Heather 'use' their husbands' equipment does NOT make them any smarter than if I were to buy a toaster and say that I am just as smart as the guy who invented toasters because I 'used' them all the time.

Posted by Nateron2

Reed and Stark have both stated that Banner is smarter then them. In my opinion switch Hulk/Banner with Mr. Fantastic and Hank Pym with Iron Man, then that shall be my list.

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

I think Doom should be #2...then Stark #3 then is Hank...an Banner follow up.


1)Reed, pretty obvious...

2)Doom, he create something that Reed can't even imagine...but he's slightly lose to Reed

3)Stark, after Reed and Doom...he's the 1(he can do what Forge can, without mutant power)

4)Hank, deemed as Scientist Supreme for a reason

5)Banner, "processing a mind so brilliant....", but Hulk made him drop to 5)

6)T'Challa, Marvel's Batman

7)Cho, Marvel said it...

8)Mccoy, smart dude science dude...but not as smart as the others

Posted by Silver7552

go cho! and the list usually goes

1) Reed



4)Banner, with or without Hulk he's a genius

5)Stark, mainly just tech best


7)Cho, hypermind


By the way how awesome is it that Cho gets an elder gods power

Posted by Edouoble

No way is Mr. Fantastic the smartest person. Iron Man has been shown to be smarter than him, making up plans on the spot, making technology to help divide his consciousness to perform several different things at the same time, etc. Plus, BOTH Stark & Richards have stated that Bruce is smarter than them (even Banner said it once). Here's my list:

1. Bruce Banner

2. Tony Stark/Iron Man (Ultimate Multi-tasker)

3. Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

4. Victor von Doom/Dr. Doom (Reed has seen flaws in Doom's plans MANY times)

5. Hank Pym/Giant-Man

6. T'Challa/Black Panther

7. Amadeus Cho

8. Hank McCoy/Beast

9. Forge (Has to take apart his tech before figuring out its functions)

10. Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Uh, Hello? An IQ of 250?)

Posted by BladeNB

Doom and Reed are actually tied
-Not sure where the rest will fit

Hank slightly is above Tony simply Tonys main specialty is technology and engineering while Hank takes science to a whole new level that even Reed has trouble understanding.