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Cyclops has become the new Magneto. His teammates are all "ex"-villains, he killed professor X. Wolverine was right to leave. Wolverine's X-Men are the only X-Men to me, Cyke is the leader of the New Brotherhood at this point.

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so...Catwoman=Black Widow, Green Arrow=Hawkeye, Stargirl=Cap...etc does this seem like DC is trying to leech of the popularity of the avengers, kinda like the Squadron supreme was leeching off the justice league to anyone else?

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@EvilAndy: 100% agree, I loved that Peter finally got the girl. He had plenty of other problems during that time in the comics. They should have just killed aunt may and let MJ be his 'rock'

also don't be mad at spidey. It was MJ who made the deal with Mephisto, Peter didnt want to do it.

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@Fantasgasmic: What book is that picture of all the spider-men from?

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I have played Mutants and Masterminds 2E a couple of times and had a lot of fun. its hard to find people who want to play it though. most of my friends are gamers and not comic book fans

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Art Adams's cover art is awesome, but the internal panel art looks awful. It took me a minute to even figure what the hell I was looking at. Man thing looks like a green bipedal elephant! It doesn't even look like man-thing. This is one of those books where the story would have to be REALLY good to make up for how bad the art is, and I'm not even normally picky about art. It's funny because I even LIKE some of Kevin Nowlan's other stuff! I assume that is his art on the inside. why can't they just let Art adams do the whole book!?

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I'd throw up 15-20 bucks for a TPB of that, sounds cool! really want to check out the untold story issue now

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exiles was fantastic. the whole first run of 100 issues never dissappointed me. Vol 2 was crapola, but the 5 issues of volume 3 that made it out were also a great book. Too bad the crappiness of vol 2 killed it.