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So, I am relatively new to Comic Vine, but not to blogging.  I have had a Magic: the Gathering blog with some success for upwards of 6 years and I want to try and continue to provide good content on some of my other hobbies.  My comic book knowledge is almost 100% limited to Marvel, of which I have been an avid reader since I was 12 or so.  I follow comics almost exclusively online through Marvel Digital Comics and a bit of Wikipedia or other Bio sites, so a lot of my knowledge is a bit out of date.  What I prefer to discuss however, is somewhat timeless.  I am also a big fan of Green Ronin's Mutants and Masterminds RPG (the second edition, 3rd E is not as good a system)

One of my all time favorite runs was Exiles 1-100, the first series of Exiles books.  I love alternate realities and I love obscure characters even more.  The fact that Exiles was a series packed with both of these founded my love for it deeply.  I wish they would bring it back and do another run a lot like the first one.  There are a ton of cool obscure characters and Marvel settings I would love to see pulled from for a new EXiles run.  Here are a few Examples:

1. Alleah Bishop - The daughter of Bishop and Deathbird.  Pretty cool concept and not much is known about her.  Could be a cool character to explore.
2. Electro from the Spectacular Spider-Man TV show.  He wasn't really a villain, just misunderstood and his costume/look on the show was super cool. I also think it would  be pretty cool to see a comic pull from a universe that was featured in a different media.
3. Strong Guy - Guido is a funny character and comic relief is always welcome on a team.  Especially in a reality hopping, high mortality rate team!
4. Leech - An all grown up version of leech showed up on "Phalanxworld' in the early run of Exiles.  I would love to see that character developed.  Leech has a cool power that isn't common around Marvel.  Throw in some hardened combat skills from living on a dangerous planet and you have an interesting character.
5. Trevor Fitzroy - The good Fitzroy from the somewhat recent run of X-Factor would be a cool character to strap a tallius to.  He has an unusual powerset that works well with the dimension hopping the exiles do.
6 - Any member of Cadre K - The mutant skrulls that Professor X took under his wing would be a cool to see run around as a main character.  I forget which one was the one we have a bit of an Idea what his personality is...I think it was Fiz
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There also was an older version of Leech in some Wolverine story that took place in DoFP timeline and I liked him and  I'd like to see an older version of him appearing in some book too. I haven't read any of the Exiles comics due to not having a chance since in my country they only reprint one X-Men comic that usually features stories of only a bout  main X-Men and very little about any of the satellite titles but based on summaries and bios that I've read online I have some sense of what those stories were about and I really liked them mostly because they had Mimic as a main character...

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Some good ideas you have here, I hope someday you or some else can put these in something!

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@Tommy_X: Yup, the adventures of Leech aren't over yet!

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I remember that story...wasn't it Milenial Visions or something...haven't read it but I REALLY want to. Leech has an awesome unique power and needs some more love.

I highly suggest the Exiles books if you can get a hold of them. If you sibscribe to marvel Digital comics (which I also love) most of the 100 issue first volume of Exiles is available there. One of the neatest concepts Marvel has ever rolled out. Obscure characters, Interdimensional Travel....everything a comic geek could ever want!