I feel so out of the loop

While I was aware that the Human Torch had died, I was very cofused to see the new Future Foundation stuff and that Spider-Man was now part of the FF. The whole thing is pretty cool actually. I love how Marvel has shaken up all of the traditional things you KNOW are true. Bruce Banner isnt the Hulk any more, Spidey revealed himself to the masses, The Initative, Norman Osborn as king of the world, Daredevil...etc. I also like how several characters are being replaced by thier children (Skaar = the new Hulk sort of), Bucky as cap (not cap's son but sort of the same concept)...etc

I hope marvel considers retiring some of the main characters for a new secret identity sometime in the near future. Eventually Spidey needs to become an old man and HAVE Mayday (From MC2) with MJ and have her be the new Spider-Hero headliner. I love living breathing stories like that and I hope marvel Keeps up the good work.

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Posted by Jake Fury

Bruce Banner is the Hulk

Captain America is now Steve Rogers again.

Spidey revealing himself got retconned out of existence. Some of his closest friends know who he is.

Posted by jloneblackheart

Spider-Man joined the Future Foundation in FF #1, so you only need one issue to catch up on that :)