I wish marvel would have some random dudes collect this stuff:

I wish marvel would have some random dudes collect this stuff:


Goblin Glider

Old iron man armors

Fake Ebony Blade Forged by dracula

Scarlet Spider's Web Shooters and stingers

US Agent's shield

Serpent Crown

Muramasa claws and blade (s)

After it was discarded by head heros and villains and make a team. It would be a cool new way to introduce new characters and still have them feel organically tied into the marvel U

plus it would be cool to see a dude with thunderstrike riding on a goblin glider wielding US Agent's old shield would'nt it!


Check out my lists

I don't know why they bother having a blog here now that there are lists.  It's far more fun to rant about lists of comic things on a regular basis than it is to compose a blog.  Check out my lists for all of my interesting things that I say...well I hope they are interesting. 



There was totally a list of something I was going to make that seemed odd to me that I couldn't find a list of just yesterday and I COMPLETELY forgot what it was.  Having kids is making me so forgetful.  I spend so much time remembering to go to doctors appointments and not getting enough sleep that I can't remember ANYTHING!

I feel so out of the loop

While I was aware that the Human Torch had died, I was very cofused to see the new Future Foundation stuff and that Spider-Man was now part of the FF. The whole thing is pretty cool actually. I love how Marvel has shaken up all of the traditional things you KNOW are true. Bruce Banner isnt the Hulk any more, Spidey revealed himself to the masses, The Initative, Norman Osborn as king of the world, Daredevil...etc. I also like how several characters are being replaced by thier children (Skaar = the new Hulk sort of), Bucky as cap (not cap's son but sort of the same concept)...etc

I hope marvel considers retiring some of the main characters for a new secret identity sometime in the near future. Eventually Spidey needs to become an old man and HAVE Mayday (From MC2) with MJ and have her be the new Spider-Hero headliner. I love living breathing stories like that and I hope marvel Keeps up the good work.


Not that anyone will read this but...

So, I am relatively new to Comic Vine, but not to blogging.  I have had a Magic: the Gathering blog with some success for upwards of 6 years and I want to try and continue to provide good content on some of my other hobbies.  My comic book knowledge is almost 100% limited to Marvel, of which I have been an avid reader since I was 12 or so.  I follow comics almost exclusively online through Marvel Digital Comics and a bit of Wikipedia or other Bio sites, so a lot of my knowledge is a bit out of date.  What I prefer to discuss however, is somewhat timeless.  I am also a big fan of Green Ronin's Mutants and Masterminds RPG (the second edition, 3rd E is not as good a system)

One of my all time favorite runs was Exiles 1-100, the first series of Exiles books.  I love alternate realities and I love obscure characters even more.  The fact that Exiles was a series packed with both of these founded my love for it deeply.  I wish they would bring it back and do another run a lot like the first one.  There are a ton of cool obscure characters and Marvel settings I would love to see pulled from for a new EXiles run.  Here are a few Examples:

1. Alleah Bishop - The daughter of Bishop and Deathbird.  Pretty cool concept and not much is known about her.  Could be a cool character to explore.
2. Electro from the Spectacular Spider-Man TV show.  He wasn't really a villain, just misunderstood and his costume/look on the show was super cool. I also think it would  be pretty cool to see a comic pull from a universe that was featured in a different media.
3. Strong Guy - Guido is a funny character and comic relief is always welcome on a team.  Especially in a reality hopping, high mortality rate team!
4. Leech - An all grown up version of leech showed up on "Phalanxworld' in the early run of Exiles.  I would love to see that character developed.  Leech has a cool power that isn't common around Marvel.  Throw in some hardened combat skills from living on a dangerous planet and you have an interesting character.
5. Trevor Fitzroy - The good Fitzroy from the somewhat recent run of X-Factor would be a cool character to strap a tallius to.  He has an unusual powerset that works well with the dimension hopping the exiles do.
6 - Any member of Cadre K - The mutant skrulls that Professor X took under his wing would be a cool to see run around as a main character.  I forget which one was the one we have a bit of an Idea what his personality is...I think it was Fiz

Disney buys Marvel...the Corperate takeover is nearly complete.

I havent done much in the way of blogs before so to start off i will tell you all a little about myself.  I have been a comic lover and a gamer my entire adolescent and adult life.  I played D&D and Magic: the Gathering since 1994 and read comics since the early ninteys.  I am 26 years old, unemployed (for 5 months now, i formerly worked in technical support), have 2 lovely children ages 3 and 1 and my wife is pregnant with our 3rd.  
So, a few years ago, Wizards of the Coast buys out TSR, the makers of D&D.  Well, WOTC, being an independent gaming company that made my other favorite game at the time, M:TG.  No problems right?  looks totally innocent, like a merger of 2 good companies.  Well, shortly thereafter WOTC gets bought out by Hasbro, evil mega corporation.  They claim that they have written in the contract that sold WOTC to them that they will leave WOTC's inner workings to WOTC, however, in 2008 WOTC released 4th edition D&D, which sucked.  It was not at all like D&D, it was more of a fantasy board game where you had to make the board and all the pieces yourself.  WIzards were just a different kind of fighter and every class's abilities were spelled out in tiny little boxes and did mostly the same thing, damage plus stun, damage plus daze, damage plus more damage...anyway it sucked.
2009, WOTC announces that it is changing the rules to M:TG for no reason whatsoever.  They have massively changed the rules in the past, but that is because they had many failings.  a system that had been the best selling CCG in the world randomly decided they should be something different than the "BEST SELLING COLLECTIBLE GAME IN THE WORLD!"  
Depressed because my 2 favorite games had been taken over by the corporate machine, i turned to my other joy, comic books.  my only current link to the Marvel U (where i have spent many hours of my life and am loyal to) is Marvel Digital Comics.  50 bucks a month is way more affordable than actually buying the comics as they come out...plus i live in a tiny apartment with my family and my wife's 13 year old brother, space is a premium.  I had been reading TONS and TONS of comics a day, more than paying for my subscription.  I replaced MTG in my life with the now defunct VS System CCG and the D&D void with Mutants and Masterminds, a fantastic D&D 3rd edition based superhero pen and paper RPG.
So one day i am online reading comics minding my own business when i get an email from a gamer friend, more connected to global events than I.  She tells me  "Andrew, I know you don't have TV and with the kids maybe haven't had a chance to get the news. So here it is DISNEY BOUGHT MARVEL..."
So here I am freaking out, DISNEY, a giant mega corporation, buys out my last joy ( aside from my kids, they are awesome, i spend even MORE time with them now, but i gotta have SOME time to myself) after I have just watch TWO count them, TWO of my other favorite pastimes eaten by the corporate machine.
The only Disney/Marvel crossovers i better see are Punisher & Mickey Mouse: No More a Happy Mouse
Good luck marvel fans, we will all need it