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I'm all for a symbiote game. I'd love a Eddie Brock version, later have a Flash/Agent Venom version and as Strider said, a Minimum Carnage game would be great. It could be rather fun!

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@cattlebattle: Hmm, well I think it has to do with it analyzing how the webbing is utilized by Spidey and then just recreated that. I think it can recreate fabrics and certain substances, but things like energy are beyond its abilities. Though, I never read it, but I heard Carnage once took Silver Surfer's abilities somehow??

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Bingo, his issue has never been stupidity, but the very real weakness of emotional instability. As AV or Symbiote Hunter Brock©, he was very dangerous. Even though he got delusional he still could really put the hurt on people without getting too lost. Even him running around yelling that he's the "Right Hand of God" didn't actually limit him as it typically should have:

-In the MU there's all sorts of crazy cosmic, mystical and technological events happening at the drop of a hat. He's met, fought with and against Ghost Rider, Goblins, etc So what's going to happen when he's finally got terminal caner, his once powerful body is wasting away rapidly and all that resets once he faces tough truths, accepts his arrogance and blindness, grows as a human being, regains and reconnects with his faith? In his mind, he's been forgiven and given a new task; serve the people less fortunate. Thus even after being healed, he stays at the feast centre.

-The above appears pretty miraculous since he didn't and STILL doesn't know Mr. Negative, by a fluke, mutated him positively. Though even if he did found out, it's still a pretty amazing chance that a villain unknowingly created a great force for good. He'd see it as a miracle.

-Another thing adding to his assurance that he's been chosen is when he becomes Anti-Venom; he's got his power back, but without another voice in his head that may or may not be influencing him, NONE of his old weaknesses, and lastly and most importantly, a power to heal. A genuine power that could be used to aid people non-violently.

All this made Brock think he was chosen. With this, he wasn't running around ranting like Sin Eater, but he was just a rather arrogant with none of the blinders or limits such typical delusions cause. He helped people and even got to play a massive part in Spider Island. His idea of being chosen just gave him a greater drive to perform and eventually make a huge sacrifice in giving up his power for one big incident when he could have left and said, "New York is but one part of a greater suffering world. I must heal all, but I wont give up all of my gifts for one incident when 10 more will take its place upon my departure!"

With his apparent loss of the AV abilities he still saw that he had the means to stop some as of yet unrevealed evil; He finally had his old image replaced by one of a public hero and Mr. Fantastic, one of the world's most respected and beloved heroes, had his arm around Brock's shoulders...with a genuine smile. To Brock, this was a reinforcement; "The sacrifice was but one test to help many, but now, to stop the spread, I must go after some...specific targets....targets I helped to create."

It was due to Flash's mistake and Brock being in the wrong place at the wrong time that he ended up in this current dilemma, but even with that, his arrogance wasn't why he got defeated and stuck as Toxin. Flash was desperate and in the commotion Brock was webbed up and knocked out. He's still capable...but not invincible.

My overall point is that, as Brock is now (pre-Toxin at least) he is very intelligent, practical and dangerous to those in his way. I don't know where he got the Anti-Symbiote ordinance, but he managed to round up that gear and use militarized combat to take them on in ways no one has ever done. Single-handedly to boot! He didn't need the Jury's Power Armor, he didn't need an army, but just the resources available to him. He knew he couldn't take on scream in the way he took on Hybrid, so he lured her to him and then got the drop on her. A dumb bruiser isn't going to do that too well.

Brock isn't a cheap thug or hired muscle, and for that I think he's rather interesting. I just hope he's got more in store for him soon.

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Remender is doing some great stuff, but, my memory fails me, who wrote the Suicide Kings cross over with Frank, Daredevil and Spidey from years back? It felt like I was in the old Kelly days. I'd definitely get some of those guys on board. Oh and for the record, I always loved Scottie Young's covers. They made me think of title cards for a Deadpool animated series. The one with Spidey in the Cable Excess Liefeld Armor© and Wade was fantastic. :)

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People often go on about how there's a sliding time scale in the Marvel Universe so things are always ambiguous but have a general range imposed on some character ages. SPider-man is late 20s early 30s and in comics time has been Spider-man for around 10-15 years. Frank before the new book was up there, but then rebooted with the Blood stone, but in the recent 616 books he was "quietly" retconned to have been fighting in the Gulf war. I always saw deadpool as being in his late 30s and to push it early 40s. Thinking about all the time with Weapon X it would make sense for him to be a bit older, though he got a great start as a merc as a youth, though with all the continuity shifts, it's hard to say.

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I always found Brock to be quite intelligent (not comic level genius, but well above average) but limited by his inability to admit his faults. (well previously, after becoming AV he faced a lot, but not all of his old issues and did some growing up)

As an above poster said, he excelled at school to gain his father's approval and his journalistic work appeared to be top notch till the Sin Eater incident . He's shown survival skills and planning in ambushes and preparing to go after the symbiote in Venom: The Hunger. Has more often than not played on people's assumptions of him to get the jump on them. In the Spider-man Family issue from years back, he showed some detective work in hunting down those corporate slimeballs. And if all else, he is resourceful; after Spider Island, he was left with nothing but an old weapons cache and stale rice, yet he managed to get enough gear to wage war on 3 symbiotes (at least that's how many we know about until he was forced to become Toxin.)

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@ClawFist said:

To be honest, I really miss Anti-Venom. I know a lot of people didn't like it, but I don't see why. I mean Eddie moved on to something better, I really enjoyed the direction they took Eddie. It really felt like they were going to do something with him, even gave him a supporter by the name of Jenna Cole. It really felt like they were going somewhere, and I was really liking the ride. However with Jenna Cole suddenly gone, I realized pretty quickly they were ending his time as Anti-Venom all too soon. It just feels like Marvel went with the popular vote here and benched the Anti-Venom idea before it could really become something awesome. Can't really blame them for it, but I wish they hadn't.

I miss AV too, but you never know what's in the cards. I obsessively looked over the recent appearance and his scenes all through the book make me think that at the very least Brock is more than human. Maybe AV was suppressed rather than removed? Either way, I've been loving newer takes on Brock ever since his redemption arc started in New Ways to Die.

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I wholeheartedly agreed with your entry. It's one of the reasons for so many years I was upset with Wolverine. I grew up loving the character. His healing factor could let him live through some horrific things that would kill other heroes and as a result of those near fatal incidents, he's had interesting story opportunities. "He's not quite dead, but now he's slowly healing in a situation where it'd be much easier to die!"

In the recent years that's been traded in for X-gene derived immortality. When he was nuked down to a skeleton and healed in 3 minutes to knock down Nuke during Civil War I wanted to flip all of the world's tables.

Balance is so important. Thanks for the article man! :)

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@InnerVenom123 said:
" @danhimself: I highly doubt Eddie will take it back... they retconned it so he hated the damn thing. It'd be stupid to make him go back. There'd be no point. At least as Anti he can become a character with more than one goal. I've changed my opinion on Eddie now. I think the symbiote should do what David Michiline intended, go from host to host and try to kill Spider-man. The only difference is Eddie will try to kill it occasionally.   I thought Toxin had potential, like the other abandoned symbiote characters, Scream and Hybrid. A symbiote cop, stronger than Venom and Carnage. Would make a great Avenger. "
I agree strongly, I can't see him taking ol symby back. He's dedicated to his new mission. Even if forced somehow into bonding back with the original symbiote, he's still different as Brock since he's now:
-Accepted responsibility of his own actions
-Made peace with himself and God when he thought he was going to die
-Has a strong urge to help people get on the right path. That's why he tends to heal or disable powers first before killing people. He's trying to give others a chance as well.
-And most importantly, forgave Spider-man and threw himself under the bus in helping a fugitive during the SHRA. What's interesting about that is, before the fight with the Thunderbolts, he was actually cleared of ALL legal charges by Matt Murdock. I mean wow, that's screams new direction in life full of potential.  I just don't want him to disappear in limbo, but I'm getting off topic.
I personally hope that Carange gets a similar re-start like Eddie; a new direction with lots of potential. Though I'm on the fence. It came out today and I haven't heard any reviews so far.  Afterwards I'll form my own opinion once getting my hands on it.  Here's hoping for some good stories to be told.  :)
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@The Mango:  Hi thanks for the comment. Shame that you stopped half way, but thanks anyway. In the last half, I offer some ideas later that could make for some interesting stories. Well to cover your point about Frank not fitting in the universe, I don't really see it as a problem. There are numerous people out there who don't have super powers, or anything that is offensive in their power set, and they do just fine. Frank is well trained, a thinking man, and now through Henry, he has access to some of the best weapons in the Marvel Universe. (Many of these are hi-tech weapons he's stolen from villains, so it's a nice modern equalizer in my opinion.)  Thanks again for stopping by and take care.
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