Not So Ultimate Universe

I really want to like the Ultimate Universe (also known as Earth-1610). However I can't deny that it has been rather hit or miss. The new Spider-Man? I think he's actually an improvement over the original Earth-616 Spider-Man. Venom and Carnage? Not worth reading.

Seriously, what is up with that? The Earth-616 Venom was amazing. Spider-Man wore the suit for a long time before the storyline finally came to a head. In the Ultimate universe it was like they couldn't hardly wait to get the symbiote to Eddy Brock and only paid lip service to the fact that Spider-Man wore it.

With Carnage, they didn't even make him a symbiote this time around, he was just some vampire blob that wanted to be Peter Parker. There wasn't a murerous serial killer wearing it, nor did we even actually get to see Spider-Man take him down... we're just treated to a brief flashback of Peter Parker tricking the symbiote into jumping into a smoke stack.

Ultimate Galactus was a real let down. I was looking forward to seeing the Ultimates and the Fantastic Four do battle with the Silver Surfer but again, we're only treated to brief glimpses of his abilities and the fights with him are over in one or two panels of a single page.

All in all, I'd like to see the writing stepped up a notch in the Ultimates books. Just my .02.