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@flash_fanboy: I think Flash is pretty safe. Batman 's origins will probably remain unchanged as well. Superman however, this could be a different story, because of the current on going law suit stuff and such... DC could use this reboot to give a twist to his origins so they are safe from any further repercussions of losing the rights to his origins.
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@flash_fanboy: It seems it will kind of depend on the series. According to the messages some series will go nearly unchanged ( I believe Green Lantern will be one of these series, seeing as there 'll be a Red Lanterns series starting in September ), while others will undergo major changes ( as in: characters will disappear and others will (re)appear ). They will use Flashpoint ( which is taking place in this universe, on this planet, but everything is twisted and wrong ) as a catalyst for all the changes to come.
Basically: we will find out more during the coming months. Until then I suggest: read Flashpoint ( because it 's awesome ) and keep a weary eye on the various comic book news websites for more updates on the DC Universe reboot. Twitter is also a huge source of information if you search for the #dccomics tag.
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I'm actually enjoying Dick as a Batman as well as Bruce. But changes are they'll revert back to one Batman. I guess.
EDIT: I just read ( on ) that there will in fact be a Nightwing 1. Which would obviously mean that Dick will revert back to being Nightwing, Bruce will be Batman. Now the question remains: will Damien be Robin? Will Tim be Red Robin?

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@FadeToBlackBolt: Yup. Which is an ancient Asgardian God ( of fear ) whose power will probably rival Odin's seeing as he's scared shitless of him. The hammers turn the wielders ( The Worthy ) into several different evil Asgardian avatars who serve the Serpent and are now basically out to destroy the planet. All of them seem to be having Thor-level powers.
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There have already been several topics on this issue. The fact is, Iron Man was somewhat portrayed as the villain in all of this. Though this isn't exactly what he wanted. He did what he felt needed to be done for the greater good. Even if he didn't like doing it himself. Etc etc.

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@sithfrog: Yeah, but lets face it. Daniel Way's writing should totally be ignored by everyone else who writes Deadpool. Kudoos for Remender.
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@xLeitix: I get what you're saying. I too like it that ASM is following up on FF ( not really the other way around though ),  but not if this were to last. My opinion: if I wanted a FF book, I'd go buy the FF books. Sure it's great to have an entire FF arc in the ASM book since Peter has always been close etc. But I'm buying ASM to read about Spider-Man, not to continuously read about FF.
About the issue with for example Wolverine in Hell, but still on The Avengers: the easy explanation is that they take place at different moments. While the books are published every month ( or so ), time in the books is not passing by so fast. An arc of 4 issues ( thus 4 months ) could tell a story that takes place in less than 3 hours. So one could argue that while Wolverine has been in hell for a few months in his solo-series, this was at another time than when he traveled into the future with the Avengers in their first arc. Etc.
But I do agree that sometimes it's plain annoying to see writers ignoring each others work. That's why I'm liking the fact that Dan Slott seems to be taking the time to include some story spin-offs based upon what happens to Spidey in other series.
Anyway: Spidey's joining the X-Men too now? That's kind of going a bit overboard. I can't really see him belong there. Future Foundation and Avengers make sense to me. But X-Men?
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Actually, I don't mind Spider-Man being on Avengers. But being on both New and main Avengers is kind of overboard, they should've picked one team. Mainly because it also doesn't fit the story. New Avengers basically pick up the stuff that the main Avengers team can't handle because they're busy with other stuff. So it really doesn't make sense to have characters in both teams. Anyway, that's what I think.
On his FF membership: at first I was hesitant. But I must say that this does make sense. I mean, he always wanted to join the Fantastic Four, and Johhny Storm and him were close friends. Plus I'm really enjoying his presence in the FF comics and the FF arc in Amazing Spider-Man comics. So I really don't have any issues with that.
I do get where you're coming from. But the fact is: Spider-Man is evolving. He 's becoming more than a teenage boy trying to deal with his own social life and his responsibility as a super hero. These elements aren't gone yet though, but they have evolved. He now has a great job, which gives him financial security. People no longer see him as a vigilante but as a true super hero. Etc. This all gives opportunities for new story lines.
Besides, he wasn't really a purely solo-player before either, with all the team-ups he had. But you can simply say: he's ready to be playing with the big boys ( and girls ) now.
On Spider-Island: so far we've seen that Peter will be forced to rely on more than simply his Spider-powers ( especially since his Spider-sense is out of the window ) to take it up against people of his own power-level. I assume we'll see the usage of his special suits he can now create in Horizon labs. Plus there 've been rumors that he'll be getting some amped up powers of his own. But the effects on Peter himself and the teams are unknown, though I do believe that Hickman will probably mention something about this in his FF run. Avengers will probably not mention it, as this title tends to ignore its characters main titles from time to time.

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Oh crud. My alternate comic-self seems to be dead. Belgium is gone, flooded.

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@The New L said:
i thought spider-man was in a relationship with ms marvel now?
Hell, no. He's in a relationship with a Carlie Cooper, a girl working for the C.S.I. investigating super human crime scenes.