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Way too many people seem to be voting team DC because of fanboy behavior? I honestly can't see the DC characters win this, even though I love Batman. Marvel has several superhuman players in the team. Their strength, stamina and agility surpasses that of their peak-human counterparts. Plus taking in account that you have Cap with his proficient throws and blocks. Cap, even though I'm not a huge fan, truly seems to be the winning player in this match.

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In my opinion it goes to the Marvel Team.

Simply because the DC team has no super powered characters. Think about it. Nearly all of the DC characters have top human physique and thus agility. But they're still limited to human possibilities. Whereas Marvel has super-human characters involved (Captain America, Deadpool). Logic dictates that even Nightwing or Batman's agility and endurance won't be able to compete with that of Cap and Deadpool. And Green Arrow and Quinn aren't superior to those two, so... Though Deadpool might be hit easily simply because ... Well, it's dodgeball, he won't take it seriously. But Cap leading the team with Hawkeye and Elektra should make this a Marvel win.

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I don't think Slott writing her this way is out of coincidence or laziness. Pretty sure he'll have a good reason. Perhaps blinded by love. People who've read Spider-Island know that she admitted still loving him. She probably didn't even really fully realize it up and until that moment. Perhaps, ever since that moment, she's been hoping/waiting for this to happen and people tend to be "blinded by love" at such moments.

Or perhaps I'm just putting too much faith in Slott. But he hasn't let us down yet...

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It so sounds like a Guardians of the Galaxy rip-off. Especially with the 'new' character which is a mean, badass, talking raccoon... Oh way, I meant bunny...

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I love the fact that they're returning to a Deadpool that's more true to his roots. I'm hoping we're done with several of the useless, clownish elements Daniel Way introduced.

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I could be wrong, but Ramos (together with several other -Cliffhanger- artists like Madureira, Bachalo, ...) could be considered influential for introducing the more manga-esque stylistic drawingstyling into US comics. I don't think it was commonly done before than.

Anyway, I love his art. But I agree that his art is really love it or hate it.

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Uhm. Deadpool's healing factor has already returned in the last issue from last week (or the week before, I can't remember exactly). It just magically came back after the serum that took his healing factor away simply wore off. Talk about Deus Ex Machina.

But anyway: the healing factor's back already, in time before the new series starts.

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I also seriously hope that Starlord's mask comes back as well O.o

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@zombietag: I hate it when they renumber series (its irritating and confusing). But there isn't much one can do about it. Plus so far I hear the creative team on the Spidey book stays the same. So as long as it has Slott + regular artists like Camuncoli, Caselli and Ramos I'm a happy camper.

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I don't know. I'm quite sad to see the team of Fraction/Larocca go. I'm sure Gillen is a good writer and he'll make this work, but Land is such a turn-off for me. Plus I dislike the fact that the Bleedin' Edge armor seems to be completely gone. Which is odd, since it seems to be way more powerful than these things.