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@darkraiden: Sorry about not being around for the last forever. I'm not gonna be able to continue currently and your ahead in votes anyway. Sorry about that

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Static can affect intangible beings and IIRC Blink needs to use portals.

I saw the scan of him messing with the intangible guy.

Blink does not in fact have to use portals. At least not in the method you think. In the first scan she depicted in three different places on the same panel. If she had to physically walk through a portal that would not be possible. In the second she ports directly out of spidermans webbing. restraining her would be utterly ineffective.

Huh? You never even indicated that Betsy was gonna be invisible in any way. Didn't mention it at all. Also T-Spheres, Danger, and Cyborg have things like infrared vision which would see Psylocke's heat signature. Cyborg also has super hearing to hear her breathing so....

And um...are you saying Static and Mr. Terrific can't see her either? I'm not sure. I need feats on this.

Betsy is invisible to tech as showcased here

Shes fighting Sabertooth while heather hudson (Afro Lady) is watching from the computers in the Crystal Palace. Psylocke is completely invisible to all of it. It cant detect her in any way or form. before you get into the argument of Mr terrific having superior tech or anything else let me save you some trouble with an explanation on the Crystal Palace. the Crystal Palace exists outside of space and time. It can see anything at any time period anywhere in the entire marvel multiverse. I dont believe anyone on your team can compete with that. It also shouldnt be hard to fathom since terrific has the same ability. So obviously Danger cant relay information to your team on Betsy sine she doesnt know shes there. The rest of your team is combining their fields of vision to be more efficient. While utilizing that technology no one on your team can detect Betsy in any which way. By and large you dont even know she exists.

And get trapped via electromagnetism. Kirito's sword is especially done.

Youve proved Kirito would be trapped unless my team can get him out. Ill concede that one.

I already proved Blink can port out of his field quite easily. Whats to stop her from doing so then kicking him in the face? Would his EM stuff hold out if hes sent sprawling? This is also a teleport attack so him reacting to it is ridiculously low on the probability scale.

1. Proof Blink can teleport that far?

2. Um...Danger's still connected to T-Spheres (which can open up portals), Cyborg, and the bodies she covered Static and Terrific with. So she's still there and will be back soon.

3. Did I mention Cyborg? He can teleport. Has Boom tubes. So She or He can easily counter that.

I Said just her body was gone. Im aware of that fact dont worry. Thats just less tech around for me to worry about. If you want to take the time to bring it back by all means. Im not sure how long the Boom tubes take but Terrifics portals look like something you would in fact have to walk through. Thats time taken and leaves lots of opening for attacks. I can repeat this process as long as Blink is still up and fighting. Seriously no qualms there.

Magneto says where their going AKA the moon. Blink teleports herself and the Xmen there. This is young Blink too before she even became an Xman.

1. Kirito doesn't have a sword. Electromagnetism.

2. Vlad gets to phase through like 2 attacks before Static and/or Terrific take him down because they can hit intangible beings.So can Cyborg. Intangibility doesn't help you much here.

3. As I said, Danger and T-Spheres serve as psychic defense. Which is what possession is. Also Static has good anti-possession feats. Cyborg should be difficult too being a machine. So not happening.

1. Yup we covered that one

2. I have 7 Vlads here. Good luck hitting all of them.

The very beginning is a good showcasing of what Vlad can do. First off teleportation so again the magnetic fields wont do much second Vergil cant see him since hes invisible so he has no target anyway.

Sending an elephant size monster flying with one punch puts him high in the strength category. He can easily one shot Vergil if he so chooses. The rest are up for debate.

Not to mention easily constructing shields (Not overly relevant yet)

Just because your team has the capability to do something doesnt mean its that easy putting into practice.

Um....I still need a reason why we can't see her. And um...she moves or she doesn't, Static's electromagnetism traps her. And she can't move.

I gave one, and in my previous post it explains why shes invisible.

Even if Static did trap her via his field, she has 60 tons of TK to work with here. I dont see it being a problem for long if at all. Whats to stop her picking him up and breaking his body against a tree? That would likely hurt a lot.

Ironically, even if it was just her and the T-Spheres, she'd win. They can trap you with gravity wells, hit intangible people, magnetize you, mind erase you, teleport, etc. Not to mention Cyborg can kinda teleport my team, your team, whoever he wants anywhere.

Also you're not holding Static in a TK bubble. He'll burst that like nothing. Plus he'd still be able to use ALL of his powers. Like charging you and immobilizing you mid air.

Then im gonna have to eliminate all the tech here period wont I? Psylocke smash! BTW in this scenario everyone is out cold except for Danger who is literally impossible to KO...or kill... or really take out in anyway unless i get rid of all surrounding tech. Sounds like fun to me.

Proof that Vergil can overpower Betsy and Vlad in this matter. :)

Nope. Even with you ignoring that we have forcefields and EM forcefields and being inexplicably invisible (seriously need a feat on that), your assault would literally have everyone trapped via electromagnetism. Even Vlad gets hit because my team can hit intangible people.

Vlad and Blink can still teleport themselves out of it and Blink can teleport anyone on my team out as well.

I tend to think Vergil needs a target for his EM fields (At least he did in your scans) so vlad goes invisible and hes kinda out of luck. Not to mention i have 7 of them coming at you half of which are underground.

Hes also highly durable so again just hitting him isnt enough to put him down.


1. I didn't see a real counter to any electromagnetism

2. Your intangibility is countered by literally my entire team

3. Your TP is countered by Danger, Cyborg, and Mr. Terrific (and Static has feats but I don't need to show much, still showed his Anti-Life resistance feat)

4. Teleportation is also countered by Terrific and Cyborg. Not to mention I'm pretty sure Blink has to move to use it and Static can immobilize her.

5. Kirito is useless, no EM, no sword.

6. Through all of this, we have 2 layered forcefields and two really durable people in Cyborg and Danger

7. Saw no counter for Danger's Hard Light Constructs or Terrific's Gravity Wells either

8. Oh and T-Spheres and Static counter possession well

9. Essentially, we can hurt you and you have no counters. But you can't hurt us and we counter your every possibility for attack.

1. Covered. Teleportation directly out of the field, and Betsy should static use it on her has TK enough to rip him to pieces if she wanted.

2. The have ways past is yes. They still have to realize that hes intangible before he kills them. They have no knowledge of his abilities. So how quickly can they come to that conclusion how much punishment can they take till then and can they get all of them? Thats the real question.

3. I said that TP wouldnt work in my initial post. Possession can go the same way im not opposed.

4. I showcased that she doesnt, prolly the thousandth time ive proved that. And you can get Dangers body back if you really want to, im just gonna port it again to a different part of space.

5. Till Static goes down, and ive listed a multitude of ways that can happen.

Blink Teleblitzes him and beats him till hes unconcious

Betsy throws him against a tree

Vlad one shots him from a sneak attack or before they know about his intangibility.

Best part is Static cant really do much to prevent these methods of attack.

6. Force-fields do nothing when i can teleport directly inside of it. Danger is still going to the moon. And again i will just keep right on sending her there.

7. You didnt explain what a gravity well is in your first post so thats your fault. ;P

Counter to that, Vlad has shields or can simply move. Blink can do this with them (And pretty much any other energy based attack)

So right back at your team.

Ok so Vlad rips them to pieces via super strength, psylocke rips them apart with TP and Blink ports them to pieces. Not much problem here.

9. Ive given plenty of counters on pretty much all points.

No you need to give counters for Betsy being invisible to all of your tech enhanced team, and my outnumbering you ten to four.

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An explanation on what Jamie did to Betsy after she died.

The effects pertaining to this battle.

Kirito Hack and Slash.

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@darkraiden: Ok so a few flaws in your current plan I'd like to cover before we get really underway.

How do you plan on holding Teleporters and ghosts in place via an electromagnetic field? That ones not making a lot of sense to me.

More importantly though, Danger won't be relaying anything about Betsy to her team quite simply because she can't see or detect her in any way. As a matter of fact since your whole team is utilizing a shared field of vision via cyborg Mr T and Dangers tech none of them can see her at all. A great idea in theory but in this current situation you kinda shot yourself in the foot. I now have one person on my team that no one on your team knows exists.

Here's a full outline of my master plan in action.

As previously stated Blink and Kirito are gonna go for an assault run on your team via a teleportation attack.

For a basic starter on the attack Blink will teleport Dangers body to the moon. I'm not allowed to kill you or dismember but Blink at this point knows that Danger is a machine and won't die from this assault which leaves it very legal. That leaves you only three bodies left, yes I know danger is still conscious in Terrific and Cyborgs tech.

Kirito goes on a hack and slash against your team, while vlad continues to try to take possession of the fully human portions of your team with 3 of his duplicates. I'm not sure how you get around that one either. The other 3 assist with the frontal assault wherever needed.

At some point Betsy will figure out that her TP won't work here and will join the fray. During that time shed have to be an idiot to not notice that no one on your team is aware of her existence. In which case she takes full advantage of the situation. A TP knife to the head of anyone here will easily go in for a KO.

That leaves only danger to contend with which is tricky since she is literally impossible to put down while there is still tech around. My team can certainly attempt to get rid of it all via teleportation but it may be easier to just put your team in TK reinforced ghost bubbles to prevent escape.

That leaves your team subdued and more or less out of commission.

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@arcus: To be sure he does. That's why I'd only give Toph a majority since Bumi certainly has what it takes to beat her (Yes in aware that contradictory to my original statement)

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@arcus: The avatar state is the epitomi of Pwnage in the series. I wasn't counting that but for all intents and purpose you are correct.

I would give Toph a majority against Bumi personally. He's also a fan of waiting for the right moment to strike but wouldn't have nearly the developed prowess of reading her opponents via earth bending. Heck even her daughters weren't as adept at it as she was. If chalk it up to the necessity factor similar to Wolverine and Dardevil. They are both roughly equal in enhanced senses but Logan isnt forced to utilize them the way Matt is giving Matt and edge in fine control. The same would bode true here IMO

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Korra definitely has Zuko beat in raw power, her biggest downside would be the fact that she loves strait up overpowering her opponents. If she tries that with Zuko I could see it going something like Zuko and Zhaos Agni Kai.

Toph doesn't lose to other earth benders. Fact.

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@sirfizzwhizz: Sorry about not posting last night. But here's the opener anyway

Ok here we are again for another rundown if Sherlocks most excellent team! And I may even put in a preliminary strategy along with it. Maybe....

Vlad Plasmius:

As a half ghost Vlad has a wide array of ghostly abilities including




Ghost Rays

Hard Ghostly constructs



And enhanced stats across the board


Pink Elfine Teleporting Mutant, Blink usually channels her teleporting through bolts that she throws at targets however she is by no means limited to this.

She is capable of teleporting herself and other without the use of bolts, as well as objects and energy.

Blink is also an accomplished martial artist capable of going toe to toe with opponents even without the use if her powers.


Dual Wielding black swordsman.

Kirito is my top H2H threat sporting a light saber and the holy sword Excalibur.

His stats are all enhanced to the point of super human making him very dangerous up close. His reflexes are also high enough to react to and deflect automatic gun fire and as a clincher a shot from an AM rifle at point blank range. AM shots can clock out at 5000 FPS.

To top it off Kirito can also fly via wings at substantial speeds and has no trouble fighting while doing so.

Finally we have psylocke. My wildcard.

Psylocke has telepathy and telekinesis which she can use for a variety of effects


Prominent illusions

Mind reading which she can and has utilized in combat to react to her opponents.

Psy Bolts

Mind rape

And her TP knife which channels all her TP energy into one strike. This has put wolverine down before who is the height if durability in this fight.


The obvious, moving objects around and the like. She has shown that she can rip apart Nimrods with it and nimrods are durable enough to go toe to toe with Colossus and Namor




And her TK Katana. It slices and dices (Very well actually) and has an added bonus of disrupting telepathy.

To top it off after her brother resurrected her she became completely immune to TP and reality warping.

Strategy: prep

Nothing serious going on here. Psylocke will alert my team via TP of Dangers abilities and will have blink port kiritos Lightsaber somewhere safe where Danger can't utilize it and we can obtain it the next round. He also has backup swords so it won't hinder him much.

As far as a right off the bat strategy, Betsy messes with Mr T and Vergils mind in order to disorient them. Vlad will create duplicates and go in for overshadowing, hell travel underground to avoid detection. Blink and Kirito with Vlads remaining clones will go in for an assault. Blink will use teleportation to get herself and Kirito in close.

That's just basic and I have some more interesting things in mind after Raiden posts his strategy as well so stay tuned. This should be quite interesting if Raiden does exactly what I think he's going to do.

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@sirfizzwhizz: Ill see if I can get an opener up tonight at some point.

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Batman with 5 seconds of prep :D