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@arcus: Just checked that your correct she only fought them by herself once.

The fight with Katara in the season two finale was honestly a strange one. Azula literally only attacked Katara once the entire fight.

Not sure why I'm arguing about this though since Azula and Katara are teamed up.

As for most naturally talented I mean exactly what I say. She was easily the most gifted bender in the series. Lack if expirience was really the only thing keeping her below most of the masters in the show.

Anyway I stand firm on her potentially soloing. Do you have a backing argument to the contrary?

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@arcus: @pirateking:

Katara has one instance of getting an upper hand on Azula. Azula has taken on the entire gang by herself multiple times and that includes Katara.

I made the point that its possible to cool lava via firebending. Obviously it's speculation that Azula could do it. It's worth noting however.

Also I said naturally skilled.

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I'm tempted to say Azula solos both rounds. Ming is going to go down to a lightning strike period. (FTR ice does in fact cunduct electricity....well not the ice but I don't want to give a science lesson right now.)

It's been shown in Avatar that lava can be cooled via firebending (Sozin did so). Azula is also highly mobile and if she doesn't want to touch a certain part of the ground she won't. In all honesty Azula was likely the single most naturally skilled bender in the entire series. She should put the red lotus away handily.

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Link is a reincarnation. Specifying a version is utterly pointless.

In pure skill I'd give Link the overall advantage. While his gear is a great bonus for him it's certainly not necessary in a fight when no serious enhancements are involved

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Round one is fairly close. I'd personally give it to team 1.

Round two is a stomp in team fours favor.

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@hedorah10: Sorry about the delay. Had to work earlier than I thought I would. This is also a phone post. I'm not gonna be able to access a computer today.

Anyway since its general custom to give off intel on the team being used (And I'm all about custom) ill give some brief bios on my team.

To start off we have Kirito from the SAO series. For starters, yes all if his combat feats take place in a video game. I'd prefer not to deal with that argument again. For the sake if debate please refrain from using the "He's a video game character so nothing he does counts argument". I've heard it a thousand times and it gets old quickly.

Now that that bit is out of the way, just some basic info.

Kirito generally fights melee with dual swords, in this case he has one sword, Excalibur and a light saber as well as a side arm.

Make note of the red lines in the video. Those show where the bullets are going to hit. Obviously that's a game mechanic and wouldn't apply to the real world. Worth noting is that the lines appear for only a split second before the shots are fired. When getting as close to a target as he did in this video they will make literally no difference. Basically he's an easy bullet dodger.

And we have a quick bit of fighting skill. Enjoy!

Tifa Lockheart is from the final fantasy franchise. The version in using is from the popular YouTube show Dead Fantasy (So I don't want to hear anything about this video not being cannon)

This gives a good demonstrations of some if Tifas capabilities. Elemental blasts, a degree if super strength, serious amounts of speed and some mad H2H skills. Definitely a force to be reckoned with

Finally we have Blink. Anyone who has seen me debate at all should be pretty well versed in her capabilities by this point. Either way though here's a few feats.

Vs King Hyperion. This scan is actually how telefrag became a term. She may not be able to do this to actual people in the tourney, but anyone gear based is in for a lot of trouble. Not to mention she can simply drop sand directly onto her foes (Not illegal)

And a quick demo on how fast her teleporting is. Three places at once on a single panel is pretty damn good. Her H2H skills in general are also quite high. I can post more on that later.

So in a nut shell I've got a close combat/versatility based team. Almost no one is gonna be able to stand up to me in a h2h fight and my versatility makes up for most anything else anyone brings to the table.

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@serrure: Wow you're a bit whiny aren't you.

Considering you're entire team is pushing it to extremes in every category I can't fathom why you're complaining.

Mantis is a PIS laden machine reminiscent of Karate Kid. Batman Beyond breaks the limits in several categories (He's by no means a one toner.) And current Betsy without some serious limitations could easily (Yes easily) Solo the tournament. For all intents and purpose you should win this round easily.

Also Bradley has no time manipulation, showcasing a severe lack if knowledge on your part.

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@hedorah10: Thanks for making this. Ill post in a few hours

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Low: AoA Blink

Mid: Composite Kirito (Sword art online)

High: Tifa Lockheart (Dead Fantasy) Nixing any materia that breaks any rules.

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Save me a spot. Ill get a team together after work