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Going by what we've seen, and not favorite characters:

1) Michael

2) Jason

3) Freddy

4) Any regular person that knows enough Karate

5) Leatherface. He is a no factor here. Unless I'm mistaken, he's just a psycho with a chainsaw.

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@hellos said:

Galactus kills all 3 of them.

Yes. Galactus > Imperiex > probably all Transformers combined. In any case, Primus > Unicron. Why Primus doesn't just destroy Unicron = plot device.

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@atheistknowledge: I try not to base everything on what one writer says, and I disagree with this one. There's some Juggy fan boys that like to note that there's a writer who wrote Superman, and he clarifies by saying basically:

Superman has no special weakness to magic, unlike what many fans and even writers tend to think. Rather, he has the same weakness to magic that any other mere mortal has.

Thor has lifted the World Serpent. What was Hulk's greatest strength feat, if we're ignoring power altogether? Lifting 150 billion tons? Physically overcoming Skaar, with the power of more than 100 trillion tons? Please list any you know/find. I have no argument that Thor is infinitely more powerful, but I, a HUGE Hulk fan, am finding nothing on strength to support one of MY favorite mortals (the other being Goku).

EDIT: Even in god forms, Goku is still mortal, the god title is just a title. Gods don't die from lack of oxygen.

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Starbreaker and Neron team up to take out Thanos. Stabreaker or Neron takes out Odin, whoever get's there first. Dormammu vs Mordru is even matched. Starbreaker or Neron finish off Dormammu.

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Nope, nope, and nope.

Although there is a long list, most of these listed are wrong. Hulk is not stronger than Thor, unless we're using War Hulk. Superman, main universe or silver age, is not stronger than Thor. Unofficial non-canon DC/Marvel Crossover Superman might be stronger than Thor.

Here's a small list:


Celestials and their technology (although Thor CAN fight them pretty well)

God Armor (the one made to fight the Celestials)

Infinity Gems and users

Cosmic Cubes and users


Juggernaut (and the Octessence)



Man of Miracles

Dr. Doom (never underestimate the might of DOOM)

New Gods

DC/Marvel Crossover Superman with Mjolnir



Thanos if he feels like it

Beyonder because he does what he wants

Silver Surfer

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Roshi can destroy a moon, and from Revival of F, we see that his strength increases over time. In DB, his power level was probably less than 139, which is what it was in early DBZ. In Jump, they said he was 180 when serious. In Tree of Might, the pamphlet said he was 350. Piccolo was 1,440 at his supposed maximum vs Raditz, and Goku is usually considered stronger... About 4 to 10x stronger than a moon buster by fight with Raditz. Kaioken x4 Goku vs Vegeta was 32,000. That's like busting 30 moons.

Even if this is Saiyan Saga vs Raditz, Goku should win. If this is Saiyan Saga vs Vegeta, Goku epicly curbstomps.

EDIT: Assuming it takes a power level of 139 to moon bust, and from what we see, it requires less, then at 32,000, someone can bust 230.215827338 moons. Seeing as the Earth is just over 81 times the mass of Earth, Kaioken x4 Goku vs Vegeta can bust almost 4 Earths. This is not even a battle. It's a INSTA-KILL. Unless Toriko has a magical ring, this continent buster gets destroyed.

Secondly, the only other way Toriko could come out on top is if we learn that the Toriko planet is much more than 4x the mass of Earth. We know it's much bigget. If it's Jupiter sized, than Toriko wins I suppose.

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@thatguywithheadphones: Would you not put Yugi somewhere on this list? From my understanding, she's the second most powerful Tenchi character...