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nobody is dead. is that the Godfather? the banner that's up right now?

in comic's, anyone and everyone can be brought back instantly. video games are different, usually, no one is brought back. because they have less opportunity, since there are few releases than in comics, which have tons.

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Battle of Zombies-Several Rounds

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I didn't think Ninja Gaiden 3 was that bad bc I liked the visuals. And mechanics. Resident Evil Operations Raccoon City is the best or second best RE ever made, tied maybe with RE 6. RE 5 gets 3rd. I would think an elite tactical soldier would be able to run or at least walk and shoot.

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All rounds take place in an impenetrable arena powered by the same energies as the Source wall from DC Comics. The size is 2 football fields parallel to each other length-wise (makes it fatter, not longer). The walls are high enough so no creature can climb out. There is only one of each creature. All characters are at their most powerful, including final transformations, and are at their fighting prime until killed. Include rankings in each round if possible (as in #1 is the last alive while #2 is the second last alive). No walls or anywhere to hide in this arena, just distance to run away.

Round 1: The Plagas (Resident Evil): 1) Giant Majini 2) Duvalia 3) Chainsaw Majini 4) Ndesu 5) El Gigante 6) Saddler 7) Salazar 8) U-8

Round 2: The C-Virus (Resident Evil): 1) Piers Nivan 2) Haos (rematch) 3) Ustanak 4) Iluzija 5) Rasklapange 6) Ubistvo 7) Ogroman 8) Napad 9) Gnezdo 10) Carla Radames 11) Derek Simmons 12) Deborah Harper 12) Shrieker 13) Mesets 14) Strelats

Round 3: (Dead Rising & Left 4 Dead): Team A consisting of Frank West and Chuck Greene from IDW as well as Nick Ramos from Marvel Vs. Team B consisting of 1) Wandering Witch 2) Tank 3) Charger (all 3 from Left 4 Dead)

Round 4: (continued) The Dead Rising virus/parasite (the most potent, green gas) infects the survivors of round 3 and make them fight each other until only 1 is left.

Round 5: Final Round: Ninjak is dropped into the fight with no prep other than his usual gear and an unbreakable katana. He drops an anti-virus bomb that cures the Dead Rising virus only, meaning that the survivor of Round 4 is back in his or her normal form (if they are Tank, Wandering Witch, or Charger, then they are still in Left 4 Dead zombie form, but without any upgrades the Dead Rising infection may have given them). If the survivor of round 4 is a Dead Rising hero, he can team up with Ninjak.

This fight is of course to the death. Only one person or creature can be left standing, except in the case that one of the Dead Rising heroes is alive, in which case he is also alive along with Ninjak if they win.


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Orion solos. Darkseid solos. Apocalypse kills Doomsday. Thanos kills Doomsday. Ultron eventually kills Doomsday.

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Nightwing is no match for Shang Tsun and his sorcery.

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Worldbreaker Hulk? Unrestrained? You mean he wouldn't suppress his power and rage, and say, "Perform surgery on me, Dr. Doom. I won't use a small step to destroy the Eastern Seaboard. And I promise I won't unleash tons of power and without actually doing anything other than power up, destroy the entire Dark Dimension. Really, I'm doing pretty much everything except bending over."

…. Yeah, if he's not doing that, Hulk eats him.

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These writes must have been dreaming…. Whales do not have arms.

Destroyer slaughters. Odin's fart ghost wakes up and sends Doom to Hel.

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@pink_69: Agreed. Especially with any of his super suits: Uru Armor, Excalibur, Anti-Juggernaut, Galactusbuster, Phoenix Killer, Hulkbuster 2.0, Hulkbuster, Bleeding Edge, Extremis……..

Gort is a better matchup for The Thing. :)

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Fei Long vs. Marshal Law


Dee Jay vs. Eddy Gordo


Akuma vs. Heihachi


Ryu vs. Kazuya Mishima


Ken vs. Paul Phoenix


Zangief vs. King


Cammie vs. Nina Williams


E Honda vs. Ganryu


Balrog vs. Alex (raptor boxer guy)


Blanka vs. Panda


Vega vs. Yoshimitsu


Sagat vs. Bryan Fury


In this battle, Tekken wins by 2. (Sorry Street Fighter fans).

I know what I'm talking about.

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Superman epic stomps.