Naruto Vs. Juggernaut

Rules: Juggernaut is having a nice day and can use Captain Universe, Trion, 8th Day, and Worthy powers combined. Naruto can use Sage Mode, 9 Tail, 10 Tail, or a combination. Keep in mind that if the universes are very parallel, then the amount of power used to destroy a planet in Marvel is just as hard to do in Naruto's universe. If they are not however, then you can go by Shueisha characters are much stronger than Marvel characters, since a good argument is well very weak DBZ characters can destroyu planets. So far, the greatest feat in Naruto is destroying a city in one hit, or beating taht guy, which Naruto did. Juggernaut's greatest feat is punching through dimensional barriers and going toe to toe with Worldbreaker Hulk. Madara, from Naruto, creates and teleports to new dimensions at will. Now that we have a ground base for measuring them up, the rules are, they can do anything they want to win except beg Goku or the Beyonder to win the fight for them. Since Juggy uses other people's power, Naruto can summon toads, etc, but not things like Krillin's Destructo disc, but maybe he finds a way to summon ninja hounds. BATTLE!



Pissed off Sasquatch vs. Peak Colossus vs. Other similar

It's in the forest. Sunny, maybe partly cloudy. No icing to freeze Colossus's armor. Sasquatch has finally snapped to a feral state of rage. Colossus hasn't pured his heart out to Shadowcat in a while so nothing has kept him from wanting to stay calm. Other characters of similar strength might be present. Stronger characters like Hulk or other things like Shadowcat getting in the way won't be around. They cannot go beyond the sea shore. No magical aids or anything to prevent a fair one on one etc. fight except non-biased characters to see how they would size up to said other characters. They each have infinite stamina. The battle is to the death, and they have no reason to hold back. Who wins?
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