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A Pogo Stick. All the way.

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They are putting themselves out of business with the Nook to begin with. Don't they realize that? They are just going to put more people out of work. Way to go America way to go.

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Director: Del Toro

Doctor Strange: Benicio Del Toro or even James Franco. Either One I think can pull it off. Also a part of me wants to see Daniel Day Lewis to do the part.

Clea: Lauren German

Wonk: Steven Chow, or Tony Jaa.

Ancient One: Jet Lee in make up.

Baron Mordo: Micheal Rooker

Dormmamu: Voiced by Jim Cummings

Nightmare: Voltaire

Thats all I got for now

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YES!!! YES!!!! Sinister is BACK!!!

My God he looks bad ass!

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Ketch is my favorite Ghost Rider.  Period. Blaze rocks too. But I just loved the 90's series.  Plus I want Micheal Badalino Back. AKA Vengeance.

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All characters are property of Marvel 
Sheep Kill's Spider-Man 

Monsters Everywhere 

Main Characters(  These are character are portrayed as if they we in the real world but at the same time adding elements of horror and the heroic stories we group up with.  Enjoy)

Spider-Man/Peter Parker:  Uses  science, street smarts, and fighting skills to take out enemies

Morbius:  A murderous mentally sick former doctor that thinks he is a vampire.

Lizard:  A hybrid giant lizard that escaped a lab and is now on the lose.

Victoria Montesi:  Former Occult detective.

Mary Jane Watson:  Spider-man's Girl Friend

Count Nefaria: Mob boss that wants to use monster-like villains to rule the criminal world.

The Maggia

Porcupine:  Crimainal who wears a giant armor suit of knives, spikes, blades, ext.

Scarecrow:  Serial killer that stabs victims to death with a pitch fork and also has trained crows.

Plant Man: Mental criminal that used different plants to torture people.

Eel: Criminal that wear's a deadly electric suit.

J. Jamerson:  Peter's boss at the Daily Bugle.

Aunt May:  Peter's Aunt.  

Open with a rainy Dark New York Night.  A woman by the name of Victoria Montesi walks down the street with bags.  She narrates that it is indicated she has had a nightmarish life.  She now wants to start a new life in NYC with now aspects of Horror in her life anymore. As she walks, all of a sudden a hand pops out of the rain gutter grabbing on to Victoria's leg.  She screams as she sees a bloody man screaming in the gutter.  HE is then pulled again and this time the guy's body sepeartes from his arm.  The severed arm is now attached to Victoria.  Moments later the cops arrive and investigates the scene.  One of the cops talk to Vic to find out what happened.  As she is done being talked to she bumps into a photographer.  The photographer is a man by the name of Peter Parker.  The two exchange words to each other with Peter asking who she is and who he is.  Friendly small talk.  All of a sudden the cops carry out the mangled body of the man that was killed.  The people at the scene are shocked at the site.  Minutes later Peter leaves the scene to develop his pictures and Vic leaves as well.  All of a sudden as they leave, the body is being brought to the morgue in an ambulance.  Some thing in the sewers sees the ambulance leave.  

As the Ambulance drives away, in the drivers seat two of the MRI's are just joking how there jobs stink.  All of a sudden we get a fast paced camera eye view of something running threw the sewers and out of the sewers and racing towards the back of the ambulance.  The Ambulance shakes.  The MRIs are curious to know what it is.  One of the looks in the back where the body is and sees a gigantic monitor lizard eat the dead body.  The MRI is so shocked that he screams.  All of a sudden the thing attacks the MRI biting him in the face.  Minutes later we get a view of the Ambulance crashing into a fire hydrant.  The crash is so hard, the driver flies out of his seat, threw the glass and breaking his bones on the pavement.

Meanwhile Victoria arrives to her new apartment.  The landlord shows her around her new nasty apartment.  The landlord gives Victoria a hard time because Vicy is grossed out with what the apartment looks like.  Later on Vic takes a shower.  We zoom down her body and notice a huge scar near her ovaries.  She holds on to the scare and saying quietly to herself, "I hate you."  Minutes later see gets out of the shower and opens up her bag.  She pulls out a picture of herself and another girl.  She smiles at the picture.  She kisses the picture and puts is on a table.  She then looks out her window into the night.

Back on the street.  The wounded and bleeding MRI wakes up.  He sees a man hole where he sees his friend's mangled lifeless body and the Lizard's tail sink into the man hole.  Seconds later the giant lizard crawls back out of the man whole and starts walking towards the injured MRI.  The MRI tries to drag himself away with his broken legs but the Lizard keeps up.  Just as the Lizard is about to bit onto the MRI, the Lizard is kicked in the face by an unidentified swinging man.  The Lizard looks at it's attacker.  A lean man covered in a black costume. (Spider-Man) The Man attacks the Lizard again.  The two fight is which the Man takes as many kicks and hit s on the Lizard as he can while dodging it's fast moving bit and tail.  At one point the Lizard hit the swing man with it's tail knocking him into a building.  The Lizard then quickly grabs the MRI by the legs and runs into the sewers.  All of a sudden in the sewers it seems the man has kept up to the Lizard making it let go of the MRI and fight the man.  During the fight the man manages to fire some weird fluid into the Lizard's eyes blinding it.  He then fires it and it's feet making it stick to the ground.  He then looks for the MRI but it appears that the MRI is gone.  He crawled away threw a small crawl space.  All of a sudden the Lizard hits the distracted man in the sides knocking him into the water.  the Lizard jumps into the water nearly bitting the man but he ducks out of the way.  He pops his head out of the water and shots out a thread to pull himself out.  He escapes the sewer.  All of a sudden the Lizard pops out of the water and is about to chase after the man but is distracted by the MRI's blood trail leading into the small crawl space.  The Lizard can't fit in the crawl space.  The fustrated Lizard screeches threw the sewer tunnels.  Meanwhile The MIR on the other side of the sewer crawls out the crawl space escaping the Lizard.  The MIR is tired.  His vision fades in and out.  All of a sudden he sees a dark figure standing over him.  He thinks he is being rescued.  All of a sudden the dark figure(Morbius) presses on the blood area of the MRI's wound.  The figure then licks the blood.  He looks at the MRI and opens his mouth revealing sharp fangs.  the Figure bits down of the MRI's neck killing him.  

End of Part 1.
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Carnage - Killed Grand Ma and burned Orphanage 
Blackout - Kills women and Children.  Killed Reporter on live TV. 
Killer Croc - The More I see this character the more horrid the remains of victims look. 

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This is just great.  I am so Loving it. 

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+ Nimrod 
= Nimor

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I really hope they don't mess up Lizard.