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If Midnight Sons is going to be a series this is what has to happen:

If we remember from Midnight Son's Unlimited, Lilith had a kid with Zarathos. LEts say that demon kid was born and became this super powerful force. In this case lets call this demon son NICO.

So Nico takes over all of Central and South America with his powers and new group of Lilin which also includes Blackout and Meat Market.

Frank Drake comes out of his funk and suits up with new gear and assembles a new more powerful version of the Midnight Sons consisting of the recent line up and new members to defeat this new foe.

The team consists of:

Frank Drake: Leader of new line up.

Morbius: Leader of current line up.


Current: Man-thing, Jennifer Kale, Werewolf, Hellstorm

New Members: Straw Man, Terror Inc, Omen, Cadaver

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Man. that really sucks. The creator of one of my favorite heros of all time is getting nothing. What the hell.

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This Rated M.

All character are property of DC and based off of the Nolan films.


It's Just Television

Location: Wayne's Penthouse

Bruce Wayne walks into his mansion wearing a thick pair of sun glasses. He sits down on his arm rest. Alfred walks over with a glass of water and pills.

Alfred: How long do you tend to hide those glasses?

Wayne: Until I find one hell of a make-up artist to cover this up.

Wayne takes off his glasses and reveals a black eye.

Alfred: Speaking of which it seems that make-up covered buffoon gave you quite a left hook.

Wayne: Well I kind of expect Batman taking most hits from criminals. Not Bruce Wayne.

Alfred: Only in Gotham Master Wayne.

Wayne: Right Alfred. (Silence) Only in Gotham.

Wayne grabs the remote and turns on the TV. He changes it to channel 11. Gotham Tonight.

TV Host: Welcome to Gotham Tonight. Today is the reconstruction of the interior of the famous Iceberg Lounge after a group of criminals attacked the Gotham hot spot. A gang of masked criminals set an attack of gas bombs in the club area and also one of the criminals set fire to the main office of the club. Club owner Oswald Cobblepot survived the fire by jumping out of the burning room and landing on a craps table. Mr. Copplepot is now in the hospital recovering from a broken leg, fractured foot, and dislocated shoulder. Doctors state he should recover within 4 weeks. Because of the smoke, Iceberg cocktail waitress and casual entertainer Elica Connors was kidnapped. She is 21 was was last seen in the lounge before the fire. Only one of the criminals was captured that night and is now in questioning but if anyone has any information about Elica contact this number or the Gotham Police.

An Election add pops up on the side screen.

TV Host: In related news, what is going to be done with the crime situation in Gotham. As you know we are being under watch by the infamous caped fighter known as the Batman, however he has nothing to do with the upcoming D.A. Election that is taking place this year. There are four candidates who are running for the position. Former statesman Tim Kelly, Blackgate Prison Warden Harold Grergory, Young tough as nails no nonsence Eternal Affairs worker Harvey Dent who is seen as the underdog of this election, and psycologist and forensics detective Dr. Randy Dartelle. Because of his experience understanding the criminal mind, many believe that Dartelle is going to win.

Then we cut to a conferance room in the studio. The 3 D.A. candidates are at their potiums.

We are now going live to our studio conferance room where we are having another debate for the D.A. position. Everyone is here however Dr. Dartelle is not here at this moment but is in the studio. We are going to touch major issues such as...

All of a sudden static is effecting the program. We cut from the conferance room to a small studio room. the Joker is on the TV.

Joker: You know what I can't stand. Elections. It involves thinking, and deciding and is just to boring. You need to lighten up. That is why I think what this program needs is a good old fashion puppet show.

Joker pulls out a duct taped Dr. Dartelle who also has his mouth taped but with a smilie face on it. He is terrified.

Joker: Why it's D.A. candidate Randy Dartelle. Say Hi Randy.

Hi Randy!

Oh you.

Cut to Wayne's Penthouse. Bruce jumps out of the chair and runs to the door.

Cut back to Joker. He is holding a glass of water.

Joker: How about we sing a song.


Joker drinks the water but spits at Dr. Dartelle.

Joker: Oh wait I hate water.

He then tosses the glass.

Joker: So Dr. Dartelle..Can I call you Doctor?


What do you think we should do about Gotham's crime problem?

What Problem? I don't see a problem. I think all criminals should roam free and do what ever the hell they want. Infact I think they should do what they want right now. Light fires, fire guns, break things!

Are you sure thats what you want to do Mr. Future D.A.?

Yeah sure why not.

Well he has my vote.

Joker laughs.

All of a sudden a few people go wild in the studio.

Some are robbing others and fighting. Meanwhile outside in the city, numerous crimes are taking place.

Cut to Gotham Police station.

The police are racing to their cars.

Cut back to the studio.

Joker: Well you heard here folks. Why have quire boring city when you can have a city of fun, violence, and anarchy? Remember vote Dartelle.

He then pushes Dartelle to the ground and starts kicking him. he then kicks the TV Camera breaking it.

Outside in the city the thugs and punks y looting a stealing everything in sight. However most of this activity is stopped by Batman who is driving the Tumbler. The tumbler is shooting metal sling shots at the thugs knocking them down and tying them up. Leaving them for the cops.

Joker walks out of the studio building with all the mayhem going on. He then sees in the distance the Tumbler coming towards him. Joker looks in the distance. Batman looks a him. Like an old style Western the eye each other on opposite sides of the road.

Joker: And that was a special day. It's made me warm inside. It was the day I first fought the Batman.

End of part 2. to be continued.

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This Rated M.

All character are property of DC and based off of the Nolan films.


Location : Gotham June 6th, 2005

Batman fights Ras al guel on the train. The train is seen crashing into a building leaving a big explosion. Meanwhile in the distance a man sits on the top of a building eating popcorn. It is Joker.

Joker: You know I never knew it till now but Gotham is like a big screen movie.

Cut to close up of Joker smiling.

Joker: Every movie needs a star.

Location: Gotham June 7th 8:08pm, A gas station.

Some teen at the counter is just reading a magazine. All of a sudden he starts to hear manical laughing. He looks outside to see a figure appear out of the dark. The laughing gets louder as the figure gets closer.

A gun shot is heard in the distance.

Minutes later Gotham Police Dept arrive at the scene of the shooting. Lt. Jim Gordon arrives inside the gas station with other police officers. He finds a young teen behind the counter bleeding from the chest. It is a gun shot wound.

He runs over to the teen.

Gordon: Hold on kid. Someone call an ambulance now!

Wounded teen: He...he..took

Gordon: Take it easy help is on the way.

Minutes later an ambulance arrives. The two paramedics rush out and drag the shot teen into the ambulance. Gordon walks over to one of the cops.

Gordon: Take your car and follow that ambulance I'm going to get some evidence.

Cop: Sure.

One of the cops cars begins to follow the ambulance.

Back in the gas station the cops replay the security video to see who caused this robbery. They see Joker on the screen.

Gordon: What the hell is that?

Meanwhile the ambulance is on the road rushing to the hospital.

Medic 1: 19 years old, male, gun shot wound in the chest I repeat...

All of a sudden a big pile of money hits the window of the ambulance. The driver can't see and all of a sudden accidently hits someone.

Medic 1: Oh damn!

the two medics rush outside the ambulance and find a biker injured next to his motorcycle. the cop car stops as well. The cops get out and see the money that hit the ambulance.

Cop: It's the money from the robbery!

Medic 1: oh god this guy is out.

Medic 2: Quick get him inside we will take him too. Hurry!

The Medics drag the injured biker into the ambulance. The ambulance drives off again. The cops now remain at the crash scene.\

Cop: Man this is one hell of a night. Turn that bike motor off and call a toe to pick it up.

Cop 2: Umm there is no key in this thing!

Cop: What? the engine is running.

Cop 2: Wait a minute.

The cop looks at the bike's seat. Underneath it is a tape recorder. In it is a playing tape. It is the sound of a motorcycle engine running. The officer turns it off. The engine sound stops.

Cop 2: What is going on here?

All of a sudden we see the ambulance hit a phone both and crash. The driver is dead. He has a night edge popping out of the front of his neck. All of a sudden the back of the ambulance opens. The second med runs out and is bleeding. All of a sudden some bullets hit the med in the leg. He falls. All of a sudden the injured biker walks out of the ambulance limping towards the med. He takes off his helmet and throws it at the med head knocking him out. The biker was Joker the whole time. Joker walks back into the ambulance with the shot teen. He leans over him. the teen is terrified.

Joker: You know I'm no doctor, but I heard these work.

Joker pulls out a bug bunny band-aid and slaps it on the teen's wounded chest. Joker then laughs. The teens screams.

Joker: Oh lighten up.

Joker then pulls out joker card and sets on the teens lap.

Joker: It's just a joker.

Joker Laughs as he runs away from the ambulance. He vanishes into the Gotham night.

Location: Top of the Gotham police station. Batman is talking to Gordon.

Gordon: Take this guy: armed robbery, double homicide. Got a taste for the theatrical, like you. Leaves a calling card.

Night at the Club.

Location: Iceberg Lounge July 23rd 2005

Inside the club everyone is having a ball. Gambling is going on at the casinos, men are entertained by the dancers, the bar is crowded. That night the people are being greeted by the clubs owner Oswald Cobblepot.

Oswald: Welcome. Yes Welcome. Ah my friends enjoying yourselves I see.

All of a sudden Oswald bumps into someone.

Oswald: Watch where you are stepping you...Oh dear. I'm so sorry Mr. Wayne. I didn't know it was you.

Bruce Wayne: (drunk holding a glass of rum) That is okay Mr. Cobblepot.

Oswald: It is just with crowded nights like this men attend to get drunk and wild. Gets me a little nervous.

Wayne: Well we don't want anything wild going on around here but drinking I will support more of. Everyone next round of drinks are on me!

The crowd cheers.

Oswald: Well thank you Mr. Wayne. You enjoy the rest of this night.

Wayne: Nice hat.

Wayne toys with Oswald's top hat. Oswald grabs onto it.

Oswald: Oh yes thank you.

Oswald walks away from Bruce Wayne. One of Oswald's men walks up to him.

guy: Boss you sure it is safe to make deals around here tonight? I mean we got high man of society over here.

Oswald: Relax Wayne is just another mindless drunk trust fund baby.

Minutes later a drunk Wayne topples into the bathroom. It turns out the drunken behavior is just an act. He snaps back into his normal state.

He pulls out a phone.

Wayne: Alfred I'm in.

Meanwhile Alfred is at the temporary bat cave at the computer.

Alfred: Well your drunk acting skills may have payed off but remember there are a lot of gangsters there tonight.

Wayne: Right. Are the names on the list?

Alfred: Yeah all the names on the hidden email list are at the club tonight.

Wayne: I only saw five of the people that are on it tonight. The rest must be coming. I got to find out who is going to be next in line for the Falcones so I....

All of a sudden Wayne sees something in one of the bathroom sinks.

Alfred: What is it sir?

In the sink is washed up skin colored make-up.

Wayne: Looks like I'm not the only surprise guest here tonight.

Meanwhile back outside Oswald is heading upstairs to his office. His assistant following behind.

guy: The meeting should be going on in the next few minutes.

Oswald: Good. Tell the guys to roam the place. Make sure there are no undercover pigs roaming around here.

Guy: Right.

His assistant leaves. Oswald enters his upstair office. He shuts the door. He turns to his desk to find some one sitting in his chair.

Oswald: What is going on hear get off of my chair!

The chair turns around and Joker is sitting in it. He is wearing a black tux.

Joker: You are just in time for our meeting.

Oswald quickly turns back to his door but Joker tosses a big knife at the door knob. The blade stabs the lock of the door shutting it. This stops Oswald from escaping. Oswald then goes over to his rack of umbrellas. He twists one of them revealing a small dagger. HE charges at Joker but Joker punches him. falls to the side of his desk and sees a naked dead man next to him. Oswald gasps.

Joker: You know it was a good thing we wear the same pants size. Oh I bought us some whiskey we wants some?

Joker pulls out a big whiskey bottle.

Oswald: Who are you?

Joker: Why I'm your new business partner. This is really good whiskey.

Oswald: What do you mean business partner?

Joker: Well this is a nice establismentT!. I want in on your little fame. You got it all here Oswald. Gambling, girls, gangsters, entertainment, good booze which reminds me this whiskey is really good.

Oswald: Listen you circus reject! This is my club and my club only! The day I share the profits of this place with anyone is the day Hell freezes over!

Joker: Oswald we can talk about this. Look you sure you don't want any of this whiskey?

Oswald: OUT!

Joker pulls out five playing cards and moves them towards Oswald.

Joker: How about this you pick the right card and I will leave.

Oswald: Get these out of my face and get...

Oswald slaps jokers cards out of his hands but the cards cut open Oswald's hand. He is bleeding from it.

Joker: Oh looks like you picked the wrong card.

Joker laughs and he reveals that the cards were fine painted razors. Oswald clutches his hand in pain.

Back in the club area Wayne is keeping a close eye out. However else here in the club.a strange man takes cover behind one of the club pillars. He opens his coat to reveal a small gas mask and some smoke bombs. 5 other men in the club seem to have them too.

Joker: Well at least this whiskey won't go to waste.

Joker turns the whiskey bottle into a cocktail bomb. He lights it and tosses it at a door. The room catches on fire and Joker laughs. Oswald is scared and has no choice to jump out of the office window which has a view of the inside of the club. He jumps out and the glass breaks the catches the crowds attention including Wayne. Oswald lands on one of the craps tables. He is out cold. All of a sudden the group of men put on the gas masks and toss the smoke bombs. The bombs go off and cover the entire club. The crowd panics. Joker jumps out of the window and lands on Oswald. Joker runs. As he does he unknowingly punches Bruce Wayne. wayne falls to the ground.

End of part 1

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  1. Batman
  2. Bullseye
  3. Barry Allen
  4. Lobo
  5. Scarlet Witch
  6. Mole Man
  7. Mary Marvel
  8. Captain Boomerang
  9. Invisible Woman
  10. War Machine
  11. Demon
  12. Sinestro
  13. Dr. Doom
  14. Rhino
  15. Bart Allen
  16. Lone Ranger
  17. Iron Man
  18. Raven
  19. Mephisto
  20. Fire
  21. Kitty Pryde
  22. Carol Ferris
  23. Galacticus
  24. Guardian
  25. Human Torch
  26. Pyro
  27. Electro
  28. Michelangelo
  29. J. Jonah Jameson
  30. Duplicate Girl
  31. Booster Gold
  32. Archangel
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  1. Wolverine
  2. Zatanna
  3. Raphael
  4. Spirit
  5. Alfred Pennyworth
  6. Blackhawk
  7. Deadpool
  8. James Gordon
  9. Strom
  10. Elongated Man
  11. Phantom Stranger
  12. Namorita
  13. Atom Smasher
  14. Brainiac 5
  15. Firestorm
  16. Jean Grey
  17. Thing
  18. Two-Face
  19. Alan Scott
  20. Celeste Cuckoo
  21. Dracula
  22. Eddie Brock
  23. Guy Gardner
  24. Namor
  25. Beast
  26. Johnny Blaze
  27. Jay Garrick
  28. Jason Todd
  29. Magneto
  30. Poision Ivy
  31. Wildcat
  32. Night Crawler
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Name: Fiend

Weapon: Knives, venomous bugs, matches, cocktail bombs, Tail/bungie/whip and hook

Costume Style: White demon mask and red leather suit with armor under it.

Fighting style: Drunken monkey dance

Transportation: running

Key aspect: speed, confusion, sabotage

secret alliance with Hells Angels

Base of operation: NYC, the Bowery


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Siege of Darkness

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Arkham wants to try a new type of villain rehabilitation. Have a bad guy work under the aid of a hero and try to make them heros as well. In this case they send Zsazz to Steve Rogers Captain America to fight in secret missions.

One for peace in America while the other cares not for piece and just wants to chop you in pieces.

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Morbius and NightCrawler.