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Now I have no problem with new characters if they are written well. However I would like them to use bad guys from the comics. Hell I would also like to see some of the heros from the comics. Maybe not the main Avengers cause of the star's shooting schedules but maybe those we have not seen on the screen yet.

Maybe throw the guys in it:

Good Guys: Machine Man, Wonder Man, Grim Reaper, MoonStone, Nomad, Darkhawk.

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I would like to see Sunfire in it as a threat but then as a some what ally. But I would love to see Sauron. First as a life sucking human but I would like to see his pteranodon form. Maybe have him wear a necklace of a pteranodon claw and when he feeds on Havoc it blends DNA just cause I don't think they would add the Savage Land. But I would also like to see Unus duel with Beast and also the Reavers.

One thing I would Love to see as a part of the story would be Banshee getting drafted in Vietnam with another mutant Rusty Collins. There they as one point get kidnapped and sent to an underground blood sport arena run by Mojo Admas. he doesn't know there mutants at first but when he does he wants to kidnap more mutants for the blood sport and make money off it threw his pirate television station. So he forms the Reavers to attack Australia to kill many but to see if any mutants would defend themselves so that the mutants can be spotted. So maybe we can have Lifeguard in there. Also another mutant fighter can be Omega Red before the operation and just with the death spore power. This could spark the rivalry between Omega Red and Banshee.

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Yeah All we know is that he is a blood thirsty sicko.

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This does look bad ass. Personally I'm hoping for a download where you fight Scarecrow.

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As we know Thor 2 is now in the works. When I think of comic films the first thing off my mind is who the bad guys are going to be. Well this is who I think should be the bad guys.

Note: I want Loki to be in it too.

It is a tie of who I would like the bad guys to be.

First pick is Malekith and Kurse. I think a physical live action fight between Thor and Kurse would truly be sick.

Second would be the Wrecking Crew. A fight between them and Thor with the Warriors 3 would be fantastic.

That is my opinion. Who would you guys pick?

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Personally I would like to see :

Djimon Housou as Black Panther


Grim Reaper

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Midnight Sons:

Ghost Rider would drag his ass. Bike and chain.

Morbius would suck his blood dry. Nothing but bones.

Blade: Cut the lower part of his body very slowly.

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Oh hell yeah.

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I have heard rumors that Magneto is involved with the Magic bullet theory with Kennedy which I think would be interesting. Aside from that I think this is what should also happen in the film.

Charles is getting new students and teaching them their powers. This new Class should include Rusty Collins, Skids, Psylocke, Rictor, and Ice Man.

Havoc and Beast have become something of a student mentors.

Seeing that this is taking place during the late 60's I think Viet Nam I think Banshee should be drafted and fight for his country. There he meets Moira who has become a doctor for the soldiers. He also meets Karma.

During one of the missions he encounters a serial killer Arkady. The two fight but are caught by a new threat. They are captured and brought into a blood sport arena lead by Mojo Admas. It is there Banshee learns that Arkady is a mutant with a healing factor and death spores. The two escape leading for Mojo to learn that mutants exist and sends his associates the Reavers to go search for mutants to use in his blood sport fights with mutants as the fights while they also go on a killing spree to lead them out.

Meanwhile Charles learns that Magneto is building up an army of mutants. It is at this point Magneto wants the Us government to give him his own country or he will send a mutant on his army to attack a major city. But the Us army has plans with ex-Hellfire club member Donald Pierce who is building the Sentinels. So with Mutant blood sports, killer robots, and Magneto getting stronger by the minute, Prof. X needs a hand. In this case he needs a field leader. This leads him to discover Scott Summers. How will Alex feel of a new student sharing leadership but also finding out more then he can handle?


Prof. X, Cyclops, Havok, Banshee, Skids, Rictor, Rusty Collins, Psylocke, Ice Man, Beast.


Magneto, Mystique, Unus, Karl Lycos, Slither, Mastermind, Lorelei, Angel, Fever Pitch.

Other Characters:

Mojo, Spiral, Longshot, Bone Breaker, Pretty Boy, Donald Pierce, Skullbuster, Arkady Rossovich, Trask, Moira

But I think a lot of time should be put into the film. Like Two Towers.

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Mojo kidnaps the two mutants Riptide and Whirlwind. He transports them to the Grand Canyon to fight and show it on Mojo vision.




Location: Grand Canyon. (Note: Lose rocks would provide for either side as a problem with their spinning powers going crazy. A rock could hit either one of them catching them off guard.)

Other Obstacle: Leech and Nightcrawler: These two mutants are brain washed by Mojo. Nightcrawler will bring Leech in and out of battle. This will also let the fighters hit with not only their mutant powers but in some parts of the fight they can fight hand to hand. He comes in the fight every five minutes.

Who wins?