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@IllyanaRasputin: I'm really glad you liked it. :) I hope in the next film we see the devious Mystique and I love Jennifer Lawerance and I think she has the chops to pull it.

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@XsPectre28: Well we couldnt give tOO much way in the trailer but I could see wolverine in a future scene, and maybe have Scott, Jean, and Orora apear in the near end to build up to a part three.

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First it takes place in Texas 1963. We hear gun shots. People are screaming. On the side of a building we see JFK's car speed away. He was shot. At the side of the building we see Lee Harvey Oswald standing flat against the wall. He then slowly changes into Mystique who looks shocked after the event.

Marvel Logo appears.

We get of shot of the Xaviar Institute. We see Charles teaching some kids.

Charles: I worry of the future. I worry for the future well all might live in.

Get a shot of Alex, Sean, and Hank in their X Uniforms.

A shot of Cannonball, Wolfbaine, Sunspot, and Karma.

Shot of Alex in Charles's office. He looks angry.

Alex: What if peaceful solutions aren't answer?

Cut to a shot of Washington DC at Night in front of the Washington Monument. We see Magneto float down the screen.

A bunch of soldiers run toward magneto and shot him. But magneto uses his powers to collect all the fired bullets and turn in into one giant bullet.

Alex: Things are going to get far worst before they get better!

Magneto throw the bullet and the solders. A big explosion happens around.

Mystique: We are getting more followers by the minute Hank.

Shot of Riptide, Angel, Azreal, Avalanche, Blob, Karl Lycos, Slither, Toad, and Emma.

Shot of Mystique in a park with Hank.

Mystique: We won't stop.

Hank: I guess that gives us a reason to keep going.

A shot of NYC.

Voice: Prof Xaviar I need to talk to you.

Charles: Now is not a good time sir!

A hand grabs Charles's chair.

Voice: Actually time has a lot to do with it.

Charles looks up at the man and sees an African American wearing strange clothing and with a big M tattooed on his face.

Cut to a scene where the world is all torn up and destroyed. Cut to a close up of a wall with dozen of wanted posters on it. Some with red stripes running across them. We then see a girl run towards the wall but she walks right threw it.


She vanishes into the wall right before a rocket hits it.

Cut to Title: X-Men days of futures past.

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I want to see Avalanche, Tiger Shark, Taskmaster, and Bullseye duel it out in The Chelsea Piers. And as a special treat, Weasel and Bob Agent of Hydra as the announcers.

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Godzilla all the way. His body and blood is 100% pure radiation.

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@Or35ti: Dude. I never thought of that But That would be great.

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Mr Sinister: He has no remorse for bringing pain onto others, no respect for the dead just rob graves for the name of what he believes, made the morlocks and then kills them! Right after they made a civilization in the sewers and then just ends their lives as quick as he gave them life. Cloning Jean and having the clone go for Havoc just messing up Scott to a major level. Started Inferno both scientifically and supernaturally. He is the mad scientist that is brought to the next level.

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Okay this is how I see it play out:

One day prep, so that would mean they have one full day to get ready for the fight. With Tony Stark's money and resources, Hawkeye, and Black Widow's resources they could find kryptonite. Stark can quickly get it and come back in his suit I assume.

That is a good question and maybe someone can fill me in on it: How fast could the Iron Man suit go?

With Captain and Cyclops on the team and being a good field leader he would make the call to go for Superman all at once as soon as Hawkeye would shot a round of krypto arrows at him. But Hawkeye would get killed by Hawkman I think.

I can see Spidey and Bat with Nightwing going at it but Spidery would be the one to take them both out.

Then I can see Thor and hawkman go at it for quite a while.

Now in order for Flash to be defeated your would need Spider-Man, Beast, and Wolverine with the super senses to know where flash is coming from with Wolverine taking the final blow.

Cyclops though he would not stand a chance in the fight though. Same thing for Black Widow sadly. They can only do so much.

Iron-Man would take out Beast Boy but might fall at the hands of Cyborg.

Captain would take down Green Arrow but would be crippled by either Wonder-Woman or Beast boy. Mostly Wonder-Woman.

I could see Beast Boy taking out Hank or the other way around. But Hank is smarter.

Thing would defeat Beast Boy But might lose to Cyborg or Aquaman. BUt Aquaman would be shocked by Thor.

Wolverine would kill Wonder woman I think after she takes out Beast Boy.

In the end Thor and Wolverine would team up on Cyborg turning him to scrap metal.

Yes I am a Marvel fan but I think each side has a far share of losing someone in the battle.

Yet in the end I can see Thor and Wolverine being the last men standing taking for team Marvel.

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Gambit dude.

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It would be interesting to see Spider-Man kill a bad guy or two. Maybe murder Kingpin and Hobgoblin.

Punisher and Daredevil could witness it. And one of them could say. "But Spidey you are a hero."

Which Spider-Man could reply, "I'm a what?" He webs a gun, grabs it and shot Kingpin strait in the head and then swings away. Punisher and Daredevil are shocked.

Daredevil: What just happened? What happened to Spider-Man?

Punisher: He grew up Devil. He grew up.

And so begins a new saga for Spider-Man.