What kind of smarts are we talking about here?

Bio Science would go to Mr. Sinister or even Beast

Mechanics could go to Tony Stark, Forge, or even Mr. Fantastic

Business Ethics and Organization skills would go to sebastian Shaw or KingPin

Street Smarts could go to Dare Devil or even Cage.

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He comes back from the dead and is now the angel of death told by the angels who to kill.

Cletus sees the light. AND HE HATES IT!!!!

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Midnight Sons

Midnight Sons Have three cool hang outs.

the Night club which super natural things can go to get drunk
Cypress Hill Cemetary cause lets face it hanging out in Cemetaries are cool.
And Doctor Strange's mansion until it blew up.
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Quite a Few Villains

Top Villain films I would like to see be done.

7.Jason Machendale (Aka Jack O  Lantern, Hobgoblin)

3.Morbius (Vampire Tales Storyline)
2.Dracula (Tomb of Dracula)

5.Venom vs Carnage Story
4.Pyro( He needs a background )
10.Omega Red



8.Sister Nil ( Read the Last issues of Doctor Strange series 2 starting with Siege of Darkness)
1.Marvel Zombies Series!!!!!
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Play of Death

I finished it. I finished a play I was working on. An epic master piece. Yet I can not get it published. How can I get something published while I got a mutated tribal beast with the fire power of Hell chasing after me?

Thats show busness. Not only that I ate 12 rapists and woman beaters today.

I really want this play to be published. It's one of those things where the play has an inner message. A message for an actress I know named Lexi that I want in my play to hear.

I can only hope for the best.

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Midnight Sons update

Well I just juice up the Midnight Sons section. It is basically events that took place in Midnight Sons Unlimited. I still got to work at it a little bit. Anyway in the mean time also check out my pal Morbius's page as well as those fiends known as the Lilin. Have a kick ass night everyone!

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