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The new generations of readers have a totally different idea of Venom; most of them don’t even know that once he was a bad guy.

Thanks for making me feel my age. I actually like it. Flash's admiration for Spider-Man lead him to finally lead him on to path to be the hero he is know. I can't see him getting rid of the spider symbol because of that. Also everybody says he looks like Spawn well how about Spawn looks like the Prowler. Having a completely original look is next to impossible nowadays.

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Yes a "highly" informative and entertaining "tease".

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I will give it Shredder based on his fighting skills. Being a ninja in the modern world I'm sure there are some tech that Saki is familiar with that Bruce would use. Even in the DCU Batman is not the world's greatest martial artist. Given prep yes he could definitely beat Shredder I don't argue but in a random encounter not so much. Just about every serious version of the Shredder I've seen in comics and cartoons has proven to be a well accomplished fighter(the IDW version is no slouch). Both combatants can dish and take a lot physical punishment. Also staying in character Batman isn't know for using lethal force Shredder on other hand has no qualms about killing an unfamiliar opponent.

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Actually Wowlock nothing in Batman Beyond was truly set. In one episode of JLU when future Bruce met present day Batman he said he didn't remember traveling in time and meeting his future self. As for which I liked better it's hard to say Batman Beyond never really got a sense of closure during it run. It was great show that focused on a younger character taking up the mantle of an established hero. Terry never tried to be a clone of the original. He did some things similar but he was his own Batman. JLU was epic series follow up from Justice League. That would reference or touch on events and characters from previous series even Batman TAS and Superman TAS. JLU had a large roster of characters to work with. Hence you didn't necessarily know who would show up or be the focus. You wouldn't necessarily see Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman in the same episode but Terry was the main character in Batman Beyond so he was in every episode. Both series had great episodes but Batman Beyond had the opportunity to create totally new characters. Simple character animation was easy on the eyes and animators, both had great writers. I will say this anyone who hasn't seen both shows really should check them out there are way too many ways you watch them digitally through streaming services like Netflix or get the DVDs.

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I think it's better to create new characters to reflect the diversity of society. I mean DC new 52 has changed a lot of characters who been around for decades into something completely different from what they were into to something reflects the diversity of society.

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Never saw Spartacus heard nothing but the best from a friend of mine. Smallville I loved so it's good sign for this series so far.

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and yet I still will probably be going to see it anyway. There is that kid in me that still wants to see it.

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Seems way better than I thought, so I'll keep an open mind. As for the whole Megan Fox thing I barely recognized her so it makes no difference to me that she is in the film. But what they did Mikey and the mask now that captures that lovable goof ball that he's know for being.

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