Comics at 3.99??!?!?!?!?!

What is up with that? I remember the good old days of the 90's when comic books we're at 1.00! yeah and they we're action packed with loads of memorable adventures and stuff....yeah I'm going to read Deathstroke the Terminator after this,or maybe The New Team Titans(90's) oh yeaaah I miss those days. Cheap comics and not only cheap but good. But today? rarely do we see that. I understand the cost of paper and blah blah blah.. I dont mind paying 2.99. Hell I dont mind 3.99 if the comic is longer than usual, not just filled with preview from an upcoming comic.. And if they we're good comics too! But no. most of them are plain crap or fillers... I cant trust Marvel anymore I cant believe I say this but if it wasnt for this site, and their reviews, most of my Marvel 3.99 comic books wouldnt have ended up on my hands, and yet still some slip by T^T...... Well at least DC stays faithful with 2.99 good comics. Dark Horse too... hope this gets to Marvel's eyes and soon. 3.99 is waaaaay too much for us that live with our moms xD Take Care and Thnx for reading