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Banned for not having a conversation and not quoting another member in this thread.

Banned for Banning the Banners that Banned you.

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@shawnbaby: So the word transcendence is automatically based off a movie? The word came years before the movie.

You're taking the game a bit too seriously mate. Banned for that.

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Banned for having a bad movie as a user name

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It's not a trap see...She made dinner:

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@laflux said:

@wolverine08 said:

Depends on the police officer in question.

Niglet :P

Black man can't trust no police!

She's here to take you in.

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LOL Physics!

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@sodamyat said:

@shawnbaby: I know that you dont understand. I got that. Trust me. Its cool. No big deal. :)

See, you can try all you want to make it seem like I don't understand. That's you're right.

The problem you have though is that i completely understand. In the real universe where real laws of physics apply...Black Holes emit Gamma Bursts and those gamma bursts are powerful enough that would destroy the Earth. I got it. It's a fantastic bit of science and I'm honestly quite interested in that kind of thing. But, if we continue to apply Real Universal Physics...than Superman would never have escaped a Black Hole to begin with because he'd have to move faster than light...and astrophysicists will tell you that is not possible. What you're trying to do is cherry pick the laws of physics that you want to apply and ignore any that you don't.

What you do not understand is that Real universe Physics don't mean anything in a comic book world because real universe physics do not apply in a fictional plane of existence. Comic Book Universes exist without any fixed physics...every writer gets to make up their own.

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@sodamyat said:

@shawnbaby: its cool. i dont think you know what it means either. no big deal.

For something to be considered "Common Knowledge" it has to be something that is, and I'll try not to lose you here, Commonly Known. I know...weird right?

So, go out on the street and ask everyone you meet what they know about the gamma bursts created by a black hole. Get back to me with the results.

@sodamyat said:

@kendell said:

@sodamyat: 1:it's not common knowledge as a majority of people do not know this, a majority of people on this site may not even know this

2: wonder woman is a demigod, flash is ftl, Superman has a ridiculous amount of powers, aquaman can breath is water, etc. Comics do not follow real world science.

1. and thats why i made the thread

2. not all science, no. of course not. but now we all know this. Superman wont be affected by gamma bursts.

We also all know that, according to astrophysics, Superman moving faster than light is not possible. Comic Book Writers didn't care about that. They don't care about this either.

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@sodamyat said:

@shawnbaby said:

@sodamyat said:

@shawnbaby said:

@sodamyat said:

@shawnbaby: while youre laughing in my face, i'll kindly smile and tell you that this is just an education. just like people know its cold in space, people now know that black holes and supernovas give off gamma bursts that would very easily destroy earth. We now know that. Its nothing new, I just hadn't talked to an astrophysicist till a few days ago so I didnt know. And now we all know. So gamma burst will do exactly jack s**** to Superman and others who quallify. And again, if you dont agree with logic, I kindly and respectfully dont care.

And as I keep on explaining to doesn't matter what "we know". "We know" that the old story about the human brain only using 10% is a myth...yet that didn't stop Hollywood from making "Lucy", did it? What "we know" doesn't matter for squat.

Astrophysicists will also tell you that nothing moves faster than, if you want to apply what "we know", then "we know" that Superman, The Flash, etc...can't move faster than they wouldn't be able to "beat" a black hole in the first place. So, going by that logic, the Gamma bursts are immaterial. Except, the writers have decided that they can go what "we know" doesn't mean anything. Writers don't care about real physics...they care about making interesting stories.

I challenge you, the next time you pick up your issues, to catalogue every single time something happens that breaks the laws of physics. Then show those same issues to the astrophysicist and see how many more he finds. Then ask yourself who has more say in what happens in a comic book world...the astrophysicist, the comic book writer, or you. Astrophysicist can say whatever he won't change what happened in the book. In Comic Books, all natural laws bend towards the will of the Writer.

As far as the "education" goes...that's great. Thanks for sharing with us a little bit of what you learned from an Astrophysicist. But as far as it applies to Comic Books...its meaningless.

Oh, it matters. Its now common knowledge. Just like space being cold and the sun giving off radiation. Now we know this too.

Supernovas and black holes produce gamma burst. So gamma burst aint doing jack to Superman. Its quite simple. But remember, you personally dont need to understand logic. Its not required of you. Thanks for your time anyway.

It's not "Common Knowledge". And it wouldn't matter if it was. . "Common knowledge" says that no normal human can do the kinds of things that Batman manages effortlessly.

It's not my understanding of Logic that's the problem

It is now. And it does matter.. not that Im trying to convince you.

It would seem that you are. And you're failing to do so. Just like you have failed to convince anyone else.

I don't even think you understand what the term "Common Knowledge" means.