Image United

Image United

This is the stuff that fanboy's dreams are made of. Six issues written by Robert Kirkman, penciled by Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, Jim Valentino, Erik Larsen, and While Portacio all at once. Starring Spawn, Cyberforce, WitchbladeYoungblood, ShadowHawk(s) I &
II, Savage Dragon, and Portacio's newest creation - Fortress. Plus guest appearances galore by Spawn's villains, The Darkness, etc.  I can't explain it any better than Kirkman did here:

"Each artist is going to do the layouts for one issue," Kirkman explained. "Those guys will get the script for the issue and they'll be the one breaking it down into pages. Then once the story's laid out, they're going to be mailed all over the country, and everybody's going to be drawing their characters onto the pages. This is the future. It's going to be a lot of work, and I don't know -- maybe we'll have to give FedEx a credit in the book. But this just shows that anything can be done. "

I'm pretty sure nothing like this has been attempted before, from the couple pages I've seen (below), it looks pretty seamless. Its easily the biggest crossover/superhero event in a long, long time for Image. The thing that gets me even more excited is the possible reestablishment of the Image universe as one world (minus Jim Lee's creations and WetWorks obviously) where the characters interract with each other on a more regular basis than crossoverissues. Who knows maybe Chapel will get re-retconned into being the murderer of Al Simmons?
Youngblood & the Dragon

Liefeld's Layouts

Who is the white light guy?

Pencils by Larson, Liefeld, McFarlane, and Silvestri

Posted by Tremor

M-Mah-MacFarlane????? It's my dream come true.

Posted by Last_Guardian

wow this is ground breaking...not  huge fan of Image or Top Cow...but I'll sure ass hell be checking this out...

Posted by KillerZ
Posted by Shatterstar

As far as the story goes I don't know, its got Kirkman writing it though so I'm sure it'll be entertaining. But as far as the creation process goes, the closest thing would be the Image 0 jam I guess. Nothing like it as far as a full comic book goes, where the artist only draws their own characters and everyone takes turns doing layouts. If there is, I'd like to know.

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don't know about this, but because kirkman  has a hand in this I'll give it a shot

Posted by mr.biggie

I'm digging up old stuff but I can't find anything on this.. did it every go??

Posted by Shatterstar

Its still in the works, I've seen some penciled & inks pages, I don't know what the ETA is. I'm wondering if they might be waiting for Jim Lee to be done with his DC contract?
Posted by skaarason
@mr.biggie: comes out in November !!!
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The day soon will be upon us.... Image United page is up; feel free to add info. Also created Silvestri's new dude named Barricade.