ComicVine's 100,000 Issue!

Today NiteFly submitted the 100,000th issue with a cover to the site's database- The Eudaemon #2.

Not bad for a site thats only been online for 21 months.  

Just as a comparison- some stats from other sites: -
4,504 Publishers/imprints
30,647 Series
389,004 books (120,547 indexed)
673,534 Story objects (characters, things, etc)
2,133,876 credits
188,434 covers just passed 120,000 comics indexed- meaning the creator, date published, & character info was filled in.  We don't have that stat but I'm guessing we've got a long way to go. established in September 2005-

Issues: 138759 Issues per day: 124.71 Titles: 18914
Creators: 19391 Characters: 25974 Covers: 127540

100,013 issues
9,873 volumes/series/titles
6,468 creators (some dupes in that number)
44,878 characters (lots of dupes though)
507 locations
621 publishers
302 story arcs
Somewhere around 488,309 images

Yay! Big Round Numbers!

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Yay for me!  Yay for everyone!

Some more stats for Shatterstar's comparisons:
Firstly, it's also worth noting that has been around since 1994--over a decade.

Currently, the DataBase holds:

  • 107,301 Comics

  • 5,516 Series

  • 706 Publishers

  • 40,745 Cover Scans

  • 10,666 Hi-Res Cover Scans

  • Over 107,301 Alternate and Variant Covers

  • 122 Editors

  • 27,719 Registered Users

  • 256 Reviews

Keep up the good work everyone.  Our database is getting flushed out at a remarkable rate, but we've still got a long way to go.
Posted by G-Man

That's great stuff.  Everyone should be proud.

What I've seen on those sites is they have a lot of issues with no info.  Comicbookdb even allows comics to be added without a cover.  Yeesh.

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Okay guys, we need 20 people to do 1,000 issues or 20,000 people to do one issue...

Posted by Baal Zak

Very, very nice. :) I've been part of the Vine for a year and this site keeps getting better and better. thanks to everyone :D

Posted by Neon Black

nice work guys. hearty handshakes all around.

Its good to be a part of a site such as this

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though, I must say that's an awesome 100,000th issue cause I've never heard of it at all :D

Posted by Blue_Shield

WHOO! Damn were good! (sorry it's the caffine talking) Now if I could just figure out how to get paid for this:P

Posted by Shatterstar

When you figure that out BS let me know

Posted by Hardartist

You got that photo from when John McCain did his speech.

Posted by abtin

wow CV is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better then those sites.
I mean nothing against them, but there's no pop, no fun, no life on those pages. Just text, boring,
very boring.
YAY for Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!