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yeah, the detective agency concept took a little getting used to for me as well, but maybe ive just been giving it a lot of leeway, cause i was just so glad they finally took shatterstar out of his limbo. I figure id be satisfied but any showcase if his skills and development. given, his "development" has been going from "flirting with every other person he sees" to a few intermittent skill showcases, in the past few issues, ive remained convinced that the collaboration of Madrox and Shatterstar on one team, a writer like Peter David, and fairly consistent artwork (with a couple rare exceptions), the X-Factor title has kept me interested and [mostly] satisfied. =]
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But would you consider Rictor a super hero? because while he and Shatterstar may not be quite what one would call a couple, they are certainly exclusively involved currently. So is that an acceptable "Superhero-Human" relationship, or would one consider Rictor "super" enough for the potential danger? (being a full-time member of X-Factor, without his once "earth-shattering" [literally] abilities).

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well it at least it's not as bad as the art during the three-issues around the time of Darwin's introduction into the team...  >_>
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i strongly agree with most of that, but i couldn't imagine where your inexplicable distaste of the X-Factor series comes from... or did you literally mean the "title" of it?
I wouldn't mind him staying in the X-Factor team, as long as he continues to develop as a character, and i deffinitely think a second Shatterstar one shot would be great,
especially due to all of the relatively recent character developments and ...controversies.   X3
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I'm fine with the review rating. =]
i do appreciate reviews, but if you're an avid fan of the series and/or current cast, 
it's definitely something you'll want to either check out for yourself and/or pick it up. =]
i have personally always been a committed Shatterstar as well as Madrox fan, 
so personally I'm an obvious example of this.  X3

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I think the song adds a new perspective to the movie.
I know it doesnt really fit the story in terms of the comic, in my opinion, but i have toppped hoping for the movie to completely fit the comic. im just looking for a good motion picture that closely resembles a really bad-ass comic. 
i feel that the song, in terms of lyrics, is geared more towards a younger audience than big fans of the comic might like, but i personally, am a huge fan of MIKA, and i adore their music. the music video gives me hope that the movie will hold my interest if nothing else, while at the same time, reassures my assumptions that the movie doesn't intend on going anywhere near the strong violence of the comic series.

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I think it would be awesome! 
i definitely find it affordable, but i'm not quite sure what they mean by "this item is not reusable".... hm...
because being in a dorm, it would be a great addition, but i would have to remove it when i go back home or to a new dorm. 
then, when i fully move out and get a personal place i would want to use it there, and not have to dismantle it. 
but again, it'd be nice to know what "not reusable" means in this case..

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I would definitely prefer Alexis Bledel.
And it would be great to see Electro in the new movie!!!!