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Thanks for this, Tony. Not to be over-dramatic, but I really needed a bit of hope.

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@johnny spam said:
@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

" @Blurred View said:

" Wow. DC really wants this to be Iron Man. "
LOL! Exactly what my brother said! "
Green Lantern is older then Iron Man. "
You're missing the point. The Iron Man movie is older than the Green Lantern one. It does seem pretty clear that they're banking on this being their Iron Man franchise, or maybe even their Spider-Man. I suppose one could say that Batman is their X-Men. I prefer DC to Marvel, but this one doesn't look as promising as I'd like.
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Only if it's animated. It's too difficult to make a successful live-action superhero show without making too many sacrifices.

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Oh, man. Her name has been on so many beloved cartoons over the years. I love that woman. And you know what? She's a total looker too. Someone else called her a "silver fox." Accurate! <3 you, Ms. Romano. Thanks for your awesomeness.