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Throwing this one out there.

Beast's modified Arkea strain was able to cure Shogo of a toxic poison running through his system and restore him to full health. Similarly, it saved the lives of Feral and, oh, I forget who the other victim of The Future was. Anyways, it has been established now that this modified Arkea strain is capable of some amazing restorative powers.

Why not give it a shot on Jubes? Perhaps it can cure her of her vampire-ness, and restore her fireworks, all in one whack. It's the result of three full story arcs in X-Men vol. 4, where Jubilee is considered a main character; why wouldn't they try it for her as well after it's proven to work?

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Ideally she would have been cured in the fallout of AvX. The Phoenix resparked the mutant population, and is a force for rebirth and ressurection. It would have been so simple for the Vampirism to be "burnt out of her" and suddenly she can shoot sparkles again.

Vampire Jubes is better than Depowered Jubes, because Vampire Jubes actually gets used in a book. But Fireworks Jubes is way better than Vampire Jubes, because with the Vampire powers has come a whole lot of awful writers who seem to want to turn her into an angsty, emo character. Not all of them have been terrible, but losing the spunky attitude upset me far more than losing the sparkles.

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It's like a push towards the Ultimate Dazzler costume. If she had still been a musician in Marvel Now and this was part of a Punk Rock gimmick, I would think it was okay (not great). Considering her character growth as this SHIELD liason and trying to be more serious as a character and distance herself from the disco image, I do not think the punk rock hair and face paint presents a very professional business image. This isn't Dazzler working for SHIELD; this is Dazzler doing a comeback tour.

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Wonder Woman film isn't even hard; it just requires breaking free from the traditional "comic book movie" feel. All you gotta do is this:

Wonder Woman versus crazy monster things in modern world. That is the recipe for popcorn fun. Do not try to do an origin story. Do not try to talk about Amazon Island, or the invisible plane, or the Amazons first reaction to men when the plane crashes. Scrap all that stuff and just focus on the basics.

Put a solid actress who can do fancy stunts into the lead role, and then have her running through New York, Chicago, Washington DC, wherever, fighting against mythical beasts while the whole world is shocked. It will be a combination of Godzilla, Resident Evil, Lightning Thief motif.

We don't need insight into Ares's motives, or some elaborate plan of world domination. The plot will be very simplistic: the mystical realms have been breached and magical beasts are coming to Earth. Then you enjoy 80 minutes of Wonder Woman leaping around with a sword and shield, basically doing Wrath of the Titans, but in a modern setting. A Minotaur throws a car at Wonder Woman; she chops it in half with her sword strike while it's in mid-flight, parting it just in time to avoid being hit.

The problem with Wonder Woman scripts is that they try to make her a spandex superhero. Embrace the true spirit of the character and make it an action story surrounded by mythical roots. Fill it into that Harry Potter-esque nitch, blending magic with the modern world. Keep it fast paced, action heavy, and simple-storied so that children can enjoy it. A female protagonist in a revealing outfit and with a sword fighting monsters for 90 minutes would sell even without the hype of it being Wonder Woman; adding on the famous name and the promise of someday tying into a Justice League movie is just icing on the cake.

People like to overcomplicate things. Just think Resident Evil with mystical beasts instead of zombies. Bingo, bango, you've got a hit.

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Some combination high point Jericho (who can now body jump into and control anyone, including Superman), Maxwell Lord (who can mind control anyone on your team, and likely multiple members at once), new 52 Vibe (who can sever the connection of anyone who taps into the Speed Force, entirely eliminating Wally from the gameplan), future evolved Doomsday with flight, energy nova blast, and immunity to mind control, cheesy 90s era Lobo where his blood would recover in minutes into other fully formed, super powerful Lobo clones, sun-devouring Dark Phoenix Jean Grey who can consume your people on the sub-atomic level for the amount of energy they contain, and Aunt May to bake cookies for my team after we thoroughly trounce you.

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I have every issue of every volume of Crossed. It doesn't get more horrific than that.

The webcomic for Last Blood is also very good, though it hasn't seen a new page in years.

And while I haven't read it myself, my daughter has been horrified and impressed by Afterlife with Archie. Apparently if you're familiar with the characters (which she is, but I am not) then they do a lot of pulling at the heartstrings, so it's not just gore; every death has a painful emotional sting.

That's the trick of good horror: it has to make you care about the victims enough that, even when you know they're going to die, their suffering isn't something you can take pleasure in.

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The idea of an omnipotent being would suggest that not only are they aware of what is happening, but they are also aware of how it will play out in the future. They understand the endgame, while we only see the screen capture.

"Hey. Look. Galactus is coming to Earth to eat it. But the Fantastic Four got this one covered. There is absolutely no need for me to become involved."

There is no need for the cosmic beings to superceed the existence of lesser heroes by doing everything. Expecting Living Tribunal to become involved in stopping lesser villains that could be stopped by lesser heroes is the equivalent of expect parents to pick up their children's toys when they're done, because it's easy for the parents. It's also something the kids can do, and it's good for them to learn to clean up their own messes; that's how we build responsible and productive people for the future.

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The Runaways...... Marvel is sitting on the next Hunger Games/ Harry Potter franchise, and I don't know if they realize it yet. If this isn't in Marvel's movie pipeline they must be huffing paint thinner........

Runaways have HUGE potential for being the next big hype, but not as feature film. They don't have the exposure they need for that.

What they need to do is run Runaways as a television series. Take their time with it, don't race to the Gibborim and the death of the Pride. Run it as a Smallville/Arrow-esque series filled with unknown actors and pull in the fanbase by relying on the solid dialogue, relatable issues, and angsty teen stuff and relationship drama.

When you consider the cast is more female than male, puts great emphasis on fashion in the art and relatable character personas, and the "powers" demonstrated in the first volume involve almost no special FX, it has all the makings of a potential hit. Even things like an overweight Gert Yorkes being able to be a positive role model of self-acceptance, it would work.

In film, the character development would have to be rushed in order to fit the 2 hour constraint, which hurts almost everything that is good about the series. Runaways needs a slow boil and it'll be the sleeper hit of the next generation.

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There are few in the way of traditional racism, but there are LOTS of examples when you expand it to include the idea of fictional races through the comics.

Namor, for example, is very racist in that he thinks lowly of humans by nature, and believes Atlanteans are superior by virtue of birthright.

Magneto believes the same in the way of mutants vs humans.

The premise behind Avengers AI even presented Captain America as initially being racist against Artificial Life. At first it seems totally reasonable to think that human life is more valuable than a robot, but when you think about people like Vision or Jocasta deserving human rights, it suddenly becomes an issue of birthright.

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Boom! comics "Deathmatch". Definitely my high point from 2013.