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@spitfirepanda: alright I will give it another chance. I'm going to watch the anime and skip through the fillers. Glad to see another naruto fan (:


Who says pirates and ninjas can't get along??

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-Both have morals off and are looking to take down the other by any means necessary

-Random Encounter

-Fight takes place in a forest

-Fighters start off 30 feet apart

-win by incapacitation, k.o or death

-Post time skip versions of both

who wins?? And why??

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Scenario: Britannia has grown tired of the terrorist known as "Zero" reeking havoc on their forces and wants to take him down once and for all. They know that if they figure out who the man behind the mask is, then they can catch him, so they hire the world's best detective, "L" to solve the mystery...


-L gets all info on Zero that the Britannian family knows, he's a brilliant strategist, he leads the Black Knights, he's fighting to overthrow the Empire, etc.

-L knows that Zero operates in Area 11 and made his first appearance in the Shinjuku Ghetto area.

-Lelouch doesn't know that L is after him, unless L decides to state it publically.

-Standard morals for both

Can the Detective catch the future Emperor??

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hottest marvel/dc chick thread of Earth.....

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Location: NYC (vacant) Both combatants start off 10 blocks apart

RoboCop (remake, 2014 version) Weapons: One M2 battle rifle, One N1-408, His Motorcycle

The Terminator (T-850) WeaponsL: One Glock pistol with two clips, One Uzi 9mm, His Harley.

Let's assume both opponent's weapons can pierce the other's armor to some degree if hit.

Morals off

win by complete destruction or incapacitation

who wins?

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Well, I alredy did a Luffy vs Sasuke battle here, which got some cool debates going, so why not do another?


-Both fighters in character

-Win via death or k.o

-Sasori has all puppets and weapons seen in his fight with Sakura/Chiyo

-Current version of Buggy

-Fight takes place In an opera house.

-Fighters are 30 feet apart

-Haki/Chakra equivocation on.

who wins??

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Both characters character

Fight til k.o or death

Fight takes place in the Forest of Death

Current versions of all characters

No outside interference.

Fighters start off 50 feet apart

Both have knowledge of the other's skills and abilities

Round One: No genjutsu


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The topic is easy enough. Pick one manga character and/or one American comics character (heroes or villains) and based on their personalities, interests, pick a pokemon (or a list of Pokemon if you're feeling daring) that they would most likely own if they were a Pokemon trainer.

For example, I think Batman would most likely have a crobat

And Naruto would own a Ninetales