I had no desire to see it in IMAX. CAUSE I DID!!!!! OMG, it was just friggin' awesome!!! The picture was just HUGE, made it look great. I loved it.



I can't really tell who would be on which side, cause I don't know much about Dc as I do Marvel (Still Spider-man joining was a big surprise to me) but anyway. If batman was like Cap, I could see him surrending if he saw a little boy next to his dead parents due to the fighting. And he be "OMG........". If it's Supes he would be more like Cap. Watching the people of new York Attacking him and he notice the destruction. And wouldn't this like Kingdom Come?

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My Favorite is NARUTO!

Naruto is really the only  magna I have ever read and probably will read is Naruto. It's awesome. I love the wide Variety of powers and The Tailed beast rock!

Tailed Beast Kyuubi inside of Naruto.
Awesome Jutsu.

Some of them.....

Yea some of my friends know. And some others (Mostly girls) I don't want them to know. I guess I sometimes feel a little embarrass. Idk, I am sometimes insecure, but mostly my guy friends know. And some of them read them too.


My 2.0

I saw a lot of people changing their characters for CV 2.0. So, I thought why not me? I've been thinking of something new and to explain his powers more. So, when 2.0 comes out, you'll finally see How Shaper powers really work, and the potential he has to do with it. It be amazing.