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This is pretty awesome

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I think I'm going to pass on this idea DC. I'm still doing my thing with the 3rd society

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I'm getting ready for work now, will read this later

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“Well…that is…interesting” She whispered, watching the video of the mechanical dinosaur. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it, what could we possibly use that for?” she asked feeling like she was missing the point.

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Loving this

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She snickered at the apparent frustration seeping from the Ninjan Queen, to this point Ziccarra had done nothing overly physical as if yet; only employing her illusionary tactics to confound the Queen. Nova was content on using her strength, and close range battle tactics which allowed little time for Ziccarra to exploit them.

“She cannot fight me long range” Z whispered, making note of Nova’s frustration. A faint amber glimmer caught her attention, it forewarned of Nova’s intentions, burning intentions. “Santos Dios!” Ziccarra screamed, leaping from a nearby warehouse window. The explosion picked her from the air, and launch her body into the busy Farwick streets.

“KfffK” She hacked, trying to free the smoke from her lungs. Her hair dangled over her face, a small portion rest in her mouth. She could just faintly make out the complaints of the Ninjan Queen, it didn’t matter she didn’t have time to dwell on them; as predicted Stephanie came in for close combat. Even though she predicted it, Ziccarra was hampered by her ailing body, the force from the explosion had taken its toll on her body.

Jumping to her feet just before the Fire powerhouse made it to her, it was clear that running was now out of the question. She’d have to try and match the strength of the Ninjan Queen with her own. “Where is the feint” She questioned, knowing a warrior like the Queen of Ninjans wouldn’t charge in negligently.

Nova dropped into a baseball slide launching her feet into Ziccarra’s midsection. Ziccarra immediately hunched over in pain; her stomach felt as if she were going to throw up. Saliva drip from Ziccarra’s mouth, as she turned away to try and recover, but she was met shortly afterward with a spinning kick to the head. She stumbled back trying to grab air on her way to the ground, she fell unceremoniously on her back with drool dripping from her lips, and her head spinning.

There was a thick red stain at the top of Ziccarra’s head, a reminder of just how powerful the Queen of Ninjans truly was.

“Now stay down! You’re out numbered, out matched and for god sake on a planet that’s no were near Earth! There is no point for you continuing this fight.”

Nova instructed and she appeared to be right, She was by far stronger than Ziccarra, Nova had the home field advantage, but there was no way Ziccarra was going to accept defeat, not like that anyways. “You want me to stop running…fine”

The Goddess rose to her feet whilst once again quick-drawing her conquistador bullwhip, she lashed towards Nova swiftly in a “Z” pattern looking to hit her left and right shoulders, as well as her left and right legs.

Sparing not even a second, she continued to dissection of the Queen; attempting to snag Nova’s right arm whilst she front tucked over the Queen, this would pull Nova’s arm behind her. If this worked, Ziccarra would follow through with a devastating spin kick enhanced by psionic energy.

Waving her hands just slightly, Ziccarra cast an illusion on the immediate area, making Ziccarra appear to be Nova and vice versa. “You heavily under-estimate me m’dear” She said, showing Nova the situation, at least for now had changed,

Throwing her hands into the air, Ziccarra’s Aegis shield materialized in her hands, how she got here no longer meant anything, she wanted to prove that superior tactics would help her prevail over the Ninjan Queen.