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This is going to be a tough couple of months

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I really love the different styles being fought with!

Zeon and Jessica are having more of a technical physical fight; while Cat and Leo are using the full spectrum of their super abilities.

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@honor_avenger: yeah they gave him an upgrade so that he can fight evenly with the champion

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@azure_son: LOL for a moment, I wanted Leo to kill Kane lol

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I think it'll be fun

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@joygirl: Will have a response up a little later

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The weeks following the birth of Tassania were some of the most memorable memories Ziccarra had, instead of being plagued with the duties of being “The Goddess”, she was able to spend much needed time with her newborn. The time with Tassi proved what Z knew all along, she was able to sit the life of a warrior to the side and be a mother to her children. These motherly feeling begin to dissipate shortly after learning that Darkchild and a sizeable force had infiltrated Paris in an attempt to overthrow the government and establish a political setting.

Within the first few hours of his confirmed attack the Spanish President sat in a meet with several of her top generals deciding what actions to take should France fall. A number of ideas were pitched; a lot of them good, some of them not so good. What it boiled down to was Ziccarra doing what was best for the people of France, while not jeopardizing Spain’s security.

“There will be no war.” Ziccarra ultimately decided, actually siding with the members of congress on this particular instance. “Darkchild is nothing more than a terrorist, we will not jeopardize our sons to fight someone who poses no immediate threat” She commanded, killing any more rumors of a Spanish invasion of Spain on the behalf of the French.

“We will provide aid to the cities along our borders but nothing else.” She hissed, moving from her presidential war room to her private quarters were she could mentally assess the status of the French crisis.

“Darkchild’s forces have isolated themselves in Paris…making a push North very easy” She said, eying the actual grid distance between Paris and Madrid. Honey, how soon can you arrive?” She asked, only to have the link between her son cut by static.

“Madame, I thought you saw Spain had no business in the affairs of France?” her closest vizier questioned. “I did, and I meant it; but this is not business…it’s personal.” Darkchild was a target on her list—right up there with Amora. He attacked her in Egypt for seemingly no reason, and even attacked her grandson Mark at her own villa in Spain. She made a promise to strike down those that targeted her babies…and promises about the subject and matter were often kept in good faith.

Instead of going with her typical “Goddess” attire, she stood adorned in a black cat suit with dense crimson breastplate with silver shin and arm guards, and decorative shoulder armor. Bringing this new ensemble together was the addition of a gold Athenian helmet, forged to fit the head of the modern day Athena just right.

Fashioning every one of her core weapons from her bow to her axe, the war goddess prepared to aid France with her godly presence. Motivated by the thought of removing DC’s head, the graceful woman from Malaga shot into the air and sped off North.

Hours later – Rhone

She sat patiently atop a hill awaiting the arrival of her son Leonel, the only person besides Alexis she trusted to join her in battle. She truly believed that Leonel was the only one who could understand the mechanics of battle, and the only one other than Catalina that could take a life if it meant protecting more. His aid in this battle would provide her with unrelenting thoughts of victory, even more so now; that she saw DC fortified himself in just the city of Paris. The rest of France was left virtually untouched, making it easier for a résistance to navigate.

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I suppose it's time I post. Sad Val hasn't been around, she'd for sure stop DC