Dear Alexis

Dear Alexis,

“I’m actually surprised they allow me to send and receive messages in this facility. I miss you; I really do. I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen with me yet, none of these guards seem to know anything about a trial date. It looks like I will be here indefinitely, whomever got me placed here did their homework on me, or built this facility especially for me.

There are mental scramblers jamming my psionic power, I cannot recall how many floors there are in this place; nor do I remember its exact location. My strength is also being suppressed, punching anything inside my cell sends a volt of electricity searing back towards me.

Alexis, I do not think that President Stark knows of this place; the guards here do not wear a federal insignia, and the other prisoners here have taken a negative partiality to my presence. They all conspire around me, for their sakes I hope the guards do not let me out.

It seems like everything that has happened since I returned to America, has set me up for this moment. I felt like a pawn; on a celestial checkerboard. The gods want me dead, I fear whoever is in charge of this place is indoctrinated…or worse.

It tis all starting to make some sort of sense, the two people that can stop this…war have been divided. The president cares not of its arrival; and the world sleeps as the champions of the gods prepare for battle.

In case I do not survive this trial, in case we fail against the might of the old gods, I want you to know

When you hugged me, I melted like wax into the flawless mold of your skeleton. I became stronger, and could see my fate and purpose with clarity. I aimed to make you feel something. You make my heart beat itself against rib cage; trying arduously to be with you. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t adore you. Truth is, I adore you. Terrified that I might mess around and call you my king…

With love I entreat ye, Be safe Alexis


Dear Isadora.

Dear Ms. Isadora Lebeau

You don’t know who I am; though I’ve held you in my arms, once maybe twice. We’ve met on one inglorious occasion, but who I am to you; and you me is no secret. I am your mother; and if you are ever given the chance to read this epistle, then you should be well aware of my demise.

Isadora I loved you more than you can ever imagine; as my first and only child, I exercised some extreme methods to keep you safe; but fate has found you. The life your father and I lived has befallen upon you, and even though we are not here to provide the guidance you need; understand that the greatest tool you have empowering you; is your mind.

You are not some ordinary woman to be taken advantage of, you are a knightfall; you WILL carry yourself with the grace and poise of Ellie. You are not some novice in the field of combat; you are a Liafador and will carry yourself with the ruthlessness of Zeon.

I respect what you have done with your life up to this point mija, if you choose to be with Charlemagne, then be with Charlemagne; but do no assist him because He commands it; assist him on your own free will.

I implore you to take the challenge I took; be a mother in a world that wants you dead. Remain vibrant in a room full of scavengers, be a Dinosaur on an Earth full of ants. The greatest of these challenges will be to be the little girl, your father and I hoped you’d grow up to be; strong and influential in a way that you saw fit.

Mercy is your voice of wisdom, no matter what you do; she shall be your spine; protect your spine; because it is your support.I hope to be reunited with you many years from now; until then I will watch your adventures and accolades from a far. I love you so much.

Love, Mommy.

"You will be the most feared child of them all"

Que te sirva de advertencia


Following the missions in South Africa, the Uncanny Trinity returns home to regroup. Upon it's arrival, Ziccarra reveals she has met with Mercy Sheridan; the Involuntary right hand of Charlemagne Leabeu. Through this encounter, Ziccarra learns the location of The Yard, and subsequently the location of Isadora. After the much appropriate planning, the order had been given.

"Invade the Yard, and Extract Isadora"


Consider yourself warned.


"God Forgives, I don't"

The feeling was back, being alone something that terrified her more than anything. Though the world around her were inhabited by extraordinary mercenaries and “super-powers”, at the end of the day, she was still a woman. The loss of her believed soul-mate so early into their marriage appeared to be a conviction from Allah, Yaweh, whomever to punish them for her sins.

Exhaling deeply she took an old fashioned quill to Ink, and began to write.

“I met Quintus Knightfall through sheer fate, I was selected by my financer to provoke the Registration Act in America, and from there I was supposed to succeed in framing the Knightfalls. Like all my jobs I performed them with the highest quality of perfection; though in my departure I made an error. As I departed New York City for Malaga, I fell in love with Quintus; the small amount of time we shared with one another was enough to soothe my old soul for five eras.”

Taking a moment to exhale, she could feel the tears starting to arouse in her eyes, fanning herself just a bit she rolled her lips and continued.

“He came to see me in New York City upon my return, despite knocking out my beloved Isabella; I allowed him to stay with me. From death threats, and Full scale invasions and assassination attempts; we managed to survive and were working on dropping it all in the hands of Zeon; in an effort to start this life together.”

“Beloved, if you ever by chance come upon this letter to you in any lifetime, I want you to know I am sorry. Sorry for sitting back and allowing Ellie to fall victim for my sins, I’m sorry for not backing you on your decision to kill Impero, but most importantly I am sorry for not being by your side when you fell”

Sticking the knuckle of her finger into her mouth, she sobbed heavily, attempting to stifle her whimpers as to not alert, Ellie, Isabella or any wandering servants. The ink on the bottom of the page smudged a bit from her salty tears.

Pressing her back against her chair, she covered her face in shame at the loss of her husband, and the thought of bringing up a child alone. Her life had changed so much in just a few hours to the point where it was unravelling.

Wiping away her tears one last time she pushed to finish her letter, which turned into a list at this point. “Quintus:

1. I loved the way you laughed when I bumped into things

2. I love how you would make fun of my hand gestures

3. I love how you would watch novellas with me

4. I love how passionate you got while watching basketball…even it is European teams.

5. I love how when I’m wrong, you accept that I’m right

6. I love when I’m “right” and you show me I’m wrong

7. I love it when I got the chance to cook for you

8. I love that you tried to learn Spanish

9. I love that thing you do, when you get mad and prideful

10. I love you

Pushing away from her desk, she rose to her feet with her letter in hand. As the rain fell down on the outside, she moved to her coat rack and placed a raincoat on. Her most trusted, Isabella awaited her outside; the two women walked along the path towards the sea.

“Isabella, I am leaving to raise my child” she said, not caring to look in Isabella’s direction. “You are free from my bondage, I don’t want to hear any protest to the matter” she said sternly. She had tried to free Isabella many times before but, she volunteerly stayed in her submissive state.

“Though I know you will want to aid me, I will ask a favor of you; stay, work and learn from Ellie. Her intelligence and your loyalty and resolve will aid each other well.” She explained, turning to Isabella finally.

“Domina, what of dee Cardinals and Imperro?” Z’s eyebrow rose on the topic of both the Cardinals and her husband’s murder.

“The Cardinals made me out to be a goddess, one who exemplifies mercy and justice; “I am no Goddess” The Cardinals will be instructed by Zeon. As for Impero he will find out, “God forgives, I don’t”. Z turned towards the city, only to be grasped by Isabella.

“Domina...I mean Ziccarra..I love you” she said, still holding on to her umbrella. “I know this isn’t the best time, but I think you should know it”

Z took a step back towards Isabella, to wipe her hair from her forehead, tilting Isabella’s head back for a moment, the Cardinal Queen kissed her beloved mistress one last time before disappearing into the misty Malagan night.


Ninjan-French War Part 2


The young Princess stalked the cage she and her sisters had been locked in scoping out their captors. “All of them have pale faces” she spoke back in her native language; this prompted all the other women to come and look.

“She wears ugly cloths” one of her fellow captives said, causing everyone inside the cage to burst into laughter. From the darkness, the young French woman Z and Hayden saw in the jungle stood before them. “This one…she’s there leader” the woman said, with her hands behind her back smiling at the grimacing Ziccarra.

“Why isn’t she bare like the others?” the captain asked, paying more attention to the naked Ninjans. “I suppose it’s because, she’s of royal blood, I don’t know” the woman asked, still peering into the eyes of Ziccarra.

“I find it to be awkward that they all speak the same language but have different skin tones. That one right there almost looks as if she could pass for white” the woman said, pointing pass Ziccarra.

“The Iberians will pay top dollar for her” The Captain said, rubbing his beard.

The whole time she was speaking, the young Ninjan watched the movements of her mouth; trying to learn the language.

“Look at the Princess though, her hair is white…not like any n!gger I’ve seen before” the captain responded, whilst heading back to the deck.

“Maybe…there not…” the young scientist whispered slowly looking into the pacific eyes of the Ninjan Queen. Shaking off the eerie feeling that Z actually knew what she was talking about; the young woman headed back to her table.

“This war is starting to get to me” she said, sitting at the table, charting the next pick-up point. “What…is…war?” a soft voice came from the far side of the room; she never glanced to see who said it, acting off instincts she answered the question.

“Well war is a conflict usually between two nations, always very, very bloody.” She didn’t finish her explanation; she looked around the room to see no one. “Did you say that?” she asked looking at the Ninjan Princess.

“Come on now, Speak up” she yelled sternly. “I did” Z answered abruptly. “Oh well, I-I-, that’s marvelous!” the scientist expressed with a bit of joy. “Now, errm, what is your name?” she asked, trying to incite a conversation.

“My name is Ziccarra” Z responded again, staring into the blue eyes of her white counterpart. “Oh wow what a name, my name is Pamela” she said, offering her hand for Z to shake.

Z returned the gesture, not taking her eyes off the woman. “What are your plans for me and my sisters?” she asked, taking a step back into the see of Native Ninjan women.

“Well, I don’t have any plans for you, but I think the captain intends to sell you…” Pam answered, feeling a bit guilty. “Are we not living beings? Can we not make choices on our own?” The Ninjan inquired trying to accurately gauge what was going on.

“Well…I-…uh…?” Pamela tripped over her words, trying to answer the tough question. “Who is it that determines what people are to be…sold?” Ziccarra asked again, this time her tribe sisters all pressed the bars next to her.

“My people have been here longer than your people; we have honed and graced the land longer than you have; if anyone should be deemed the magistrate of justice, should it not be us?” Ziccarra asked with her pupils glazing over with a white stare.

“Your highness, I mean you know harm…it’s just…” Pamela stammered, trying to make a case for herself but she was almost instantly silence by the Ninjan Sovereign. “It’s just that you live in a civilization ignorant and powerless to make any difference” she said, taking a seat on the floor in the middle of her sisters.

“What was that, you were talking too?” Z asked, referring to the captain. “You mean the man?” Pam responded confused.

“What’s a man?” Z asked, somewhat intrigued. “You don’t have men in your culture?” Pam asked, trying to think of the best definition for a man.

“MISS THORN!!!!!” someone yelled, startling the young women, she thought the call came right on timelas she didn’t know how to explain what a man was. Pulling her dress up just a bit she sprinted up the deck; “Yes! Yes what is it!?” she yelled back, trying to see what the fuss was.

“My word…” she gasped with her hands over her mouth. “The Royal British Navy….” The captain said, a bit tempered. “What does this mean?” Pamela she responded, getting a bit scared.

“At the very least they’ll take our cargo…” the captain said barking orders for his crew to man the cannons. “We only have the ladies on board!” she said, somewhat confused. “I said the Cargo” he snapped back; watching as his men readied the canons.

“You’re going to fire on them?” Thorn asked, forcefully turning the captain around in protest. “DAMN IT WOMAN, if the British board this ship those whores will be the last of your worries!”

“FIRE!” he screamed, walking across the deck; the sound of hundreds of cannons being fired from the canons almost caused Pamela to go def.

Scurrying down to the hold she paced back and forth, being overcome with fear. “This is…war?” Ziccarra asked, placing her head on the bars.

“Yes, we’re being attacked by the British…” Pamela responded, she bit her nails out of nervousness. The sound of the British return fire ripping through the deck intrigued the Ninjan Princess.

Turning to her subjects, she spoke in her native tongue to mask her intentions, the ladies all seemed to cheer and praise Ziccarra. “What’s going on!” Pamela screamed, staying low to the ground.

“Pale woman, I will end this war” Ziccarra said, putting both her hands on the bars and effortlessly pulling them open.

“!!” Pam’s mouth dropped as she tried to explain what happened, “Our quarrel is not with you pale woman” Z said, heading towards the deck.

“CAPTAIN!” someone yelled pointing to Z’s presence on the deck. “What the hell!!! Whore get back below!” he screamed, storming towards Ziccarra.

“A man, what a remarkable creature…” she said, pushing her hands towards him; a huge gust of wind knocked him on his ass. “She’s a witch!!!” he screamed, trying to ready his musket.

Pushing off the deck, the Ninjan Princess began to soar through the air, for the first time. “This power must be mothers” she said, flying in front of the French ship.

“Pay for your crimes against my sisters!” she screamed, casting a powerful gust of wind on the ship, causing it to take on heavy water.

“Ziccarra what’re YOU DOING!!!” Pamela screamed, trying to brace herself. “Correcting your ignorance…” Ziccarra’s interference allowed the British to catch up. The redcoats were in awe at the site of the flying Ninjan.

“Take what and who you want, but leave my sisters untouched” Ziccarra commanded, landing back on the deck in front of the general. “Failure to comply will result in harsh consequences…” she said, with her eyes turning white again.

“Oh yes, the pale one is with us as well” Ziccarra said, pointing towards Pamela.


Ninjan-French War. Part 1

18 century on the isle of Ninjeta. CVNU

“Ugh, Ziccarra your mother said not to cross the valley.” Hayden’s complaining irritated the young Ninjan Princess. “If you want to go back then go back no one is keeping you here!” She glared momentarily at the cowardice of her friend before continuing to cut through the thick weeds. Letting out a deep sigh, Hayden followed her princess into the shrubs stopping behind her.

“What’s that…” she asked, out of breath. “?How would I know? It stands on the mighty sea.” Ziccarra whispered in awe at the boat. “We must notify the elders” she said, heading back through the cut path, not taking her eyes off the ship.

“What do you think this means?” Hayden asked running alongside Ziccarra. “I think it is a bad…ofmph” Ziccarra ran into the back of a women. “Who dares stand in my way….” She screamed, glancing up to gaze at the women.

“Her face…it’s…pale” Hayden said, pulling Ziccarra back as to not catch the pale face disease. “Oh, I’m sorry to scare you ladies, I was wondering if you can point me in the direction of the Royal City?” the woman asked, holding a map clearly lost.

Ignoring and running pass the woman, both Hayden and Ziccarra headed straight towards the Imperial City. “Do you think she followed us?” Hayden asked, wheezing. “If she were smart she would’ve done so” Z replied, noticing two imperial guards walking upon them. “Princess Liafador, the Queen has requested your presence”.

“Thank you, you may be on your way” she said, flagging the two guards off.

“I will report our findings to my mother. I want you to head over to the camp and alert Chief Cziek.” On Ziccarra’s word Hayden had vanished leaving the young Princess to tend to her mother.

The temple of Ninjeta was the very first temple constructed in honor of Queen Ninjeta, only those whom had a direct link with the Royal Family could enter this temple. “Mother, it is I Ziccarra” she said, bowing before a massive statue of the Ninjan “god”.

Appearing on the throne was the “Mother of All Ninjans” Queen Ninjeta. Legend had it, that the Ninjan god Zephr created Queen Ninjeta in her image; with the ability to produce on her on the Queen populated the isle of Ninjeta by herself, choosing Ziccarra as her own personal heir.

“My child, did I not tell you, never to stray beyond the valley.” Her voice boomed throughout the temple her anger was apparent, Ziccarra stayed close to the ground to not upset her further.

“Yes did” she said, full of guilt. “Tell me now, what was so important that you disobeyed the law of the land?” her mother spoke again.

“There are huge vessels on the sea mother, there is a pale face woman on our land; I think this is a bad omen.” Ziccarra said, standing. “I see come hither my child” The almost angelic woman glanced down at her with a welcoming smile.

For the first time since her birth, the young Ziccarra climbed the staircase to meet with her mother face to face. “You will not agree with what I’m going to say Ziccarra, but I made it so that they found us.” The Queen Of Ninjans took a seat on her throne, looking upon the shocked face of her daughter.

“We’ve spent years here secluded from the rest of the world, the time has come for our tribe to assimilate with the rest of the world, and the time has come for the women of Ninjeta to see the rest of the world.”

“You’re right I do not agree.” Ziccarra said stubbornly crossing her arms over her chest. “We’ve been on this planet before humans were even constructed, trust me Ziccarra” her mother said bringing her close planting a kiss on her forehead.

The powers of the Ninjan Queen were so potent that just touching Ziccarra passed on her skills. “She is ready…take her away” the Queen’s voice boomed throughout the temple. From the shadows a bunch of French settlers with muskets fixed on the Princess.

“Mother, Mother no!!!!” she screamed, the settlers surrounded the young Princess and subdued her with chains and ropes.

As they carried her off, the Ninjan Queen watched from her throne in an intangible form. “Good-bye my daughter” she whispered, finally disappearing.

Being lead to the ships, Ziccarra noticed that all the grown women of the village were being lead on to the very ship she saw on the ocean.


Malaguena Salerosa

“Green is the mountain that lies before the might of a man; Humble is the tree that stands among the graceful” She stood before men, both young and old; dressed in a ceremonial yellow robe. The robe it’ self-dated back to the Han dynasty.

The Chinese theories of the Yin and Yang and of the Five Elements all try to explain the interdependence and mutual rejection of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. White represents gold; green represents wood; black represents water; and yellow represents earth.

In Zhou Dynasty, red was regarded as the superior color for garments, but by Qin Dynasty black ranked highest among all garment colors. The dominance of both the Red and Black Colors became a unity between the Black Cardinal and The Red Cardinals.

She sat with her legs folded underneath her on the floor, as her pupils began to crowd the sanctuary; she positioned an Akomeogi over her face. She had not given a sermon since the assault on the Grimm City, these pupils cling to her every word as if it were law.

Her silk raven hair dangled down the side of her shoulders resting perfectly beside her breast. The room was filled with the sounds of deep meditation, and a low erotic humming could be heard resounding from her pupils.

The Cardinal of Carnage removed her her Akomeogi and placed her misty cerulean eyes on her young pupils. As she surveyed the temple, the instrumentalists entered from her right with their instruments and slowly began playing a number.

The lightening in the room went dim signifying the start of the sermon; the idle chatter and movements halted; the graceful Queen of Cardinals took center stage as all eyes were on her.

“Who is it, they say we are?” She said, staring out at the large gathering of red clad pupils. “RED CARDINALS, MASTERS OF THE WHITE LOTUS!” they let loose a thunderous roar; one that shook the foundation of the Tibetan temple.

Z once again took a seat, one of her servants brought her the legendary flute of the Snake Charmer.; it’s power to incite the heart was how she usually kept her pupils in on every word.

“It is because we have so much influence, that the world fears us; Influence has been the force behind nations since the Age of Illumination”. Her words were crisp; though she hadn’t been taught Spanish; her time with Gwen caused her muscles to automatically emulate her accent.

“We do not need a palace, we do not need worldly possessions” slowly pressing her lips against the flute, she played a small number before getting to her story.

“In the year One Two Aught Three, members of the Red Cardinals traveled to China; in an effort to learn what we now master, the style of the White Lotus”. Repositioning her eyes back on the flute she played again.

“It was in his time here in the Asian countries that he learned that, Peace is not the absence of trouble; moreso that it is the Tranquility in the midst of it”. She paused again, slowly yet gracefully blowing in the flute.

“The masters of the White Lotus were enjoying a time of peace from their enemies; the presence of the westerner caused a disturbance. It was in the legendary Lotus pavilion, that 60; Sixty; 10X6, members of the Lotus attacked the Cardinal brutally in front of their pupils. It was unknown as to why the abbots attacked the man; but the pupils learned a valuable lesson that day.

“Now despite the savage beating, the White Lotus did not kill the man; it was his heart and strength that kept him alive.

The supreme abbot known as the Bak Mei, delivered a deadly technique known as the sin punch; a punch so deadly that it gave the man only five minutes to live. Impressed with the Cardinals resilience and strength; the Abbot mandated that the Red Cardinal become the official name of the White Lotus Clan.”

She finished her story with another bit from her flute, upon finishing she stood to her feet. “The blending of the Cardinal and Lotus ideologies hath built what we are today”.

“With this War Head; we will show the world the Strength of the Cardinal, yet the Ruthlessness of the Lotus.

Z left the temple appearing to glide as she walk in the yellow robe. “Malaguena Salarosa!” Cardinals screamed; homage to an old Mexican song.

“There will be Rivers of Blood on the Iberian Streets” she whispered, gazing at the murderous Masquera De Cortez.


Wolves in sheep clothing

“It’s all about power, it won’t just fall in your lap; it doesn’t come that easy. You have to walk up to the first m#$#f3343er you see with it and TAKE IT, I’m powerless yet untouchable…that’s power” - Z

“They’re called the Cult of Cardinals, what make them so dangerous is you never know who’s with them” the detective explained pointing in the direction of a known practitioner of the Cardinals. “There she is.” He said again, pointing to Ziccarra Liafador the former Queen of the mighty Ninjan Empire. She rounded the corner with forty eight of her most trusted Cardinals staggered behind her. She was dressed in a grey three piece suit, tailored by Albert Nippon; her strut kicked her long raven hair back and for like a silk pendulum.

“Most of them aren’t even involved with the Cult, I’d bet my tie on that; some of them are people far more powerful than anything we’ve ever seen” the detective said again, this time fixing his tie.


“Long ago, back before any other religion was too prevalent; there was a Great Schism between the Catholic church.” She finally opened her eyes; the undivided attention of the assassins yearned for more. “The Roman Catholic Church was governed by the College of Cardinals; however the Eastern Orthodox Church founded a group that would later be known as the “Cult of Cardinals”.

“The Cult of Cardinals, were led by a woman; what made her so special is she had no name; she had no nationality. Her drive for a better world, earned her the unknown honor as the first female Cardinal.”

“The Black Cardinal became the unifying figure within the Orthodox Church; using young and athletic Cardinals to purge the byzantine empire of filth and criminals, she became more powerful than the pope himself. “Once the Roman Church found out about a female Cardinal; they arranged for her assassination, one night while the she was taking a shower she was brutally murdered at the hands of the western church. “The direct aftermath of her death was a plague, one known as the Black Death. Because of this she was nicknamed the Black Cardinal”.


“You telling me this Cult used to actually be…Christian?” his female partner inquired listening intently. “It’s believed so, but of you look at the fighting styles of the Grunt Cardinals; they’re far more advance then the actual Queen” he pulled out his Ipad; he managed to capture the fighting style of the Ninjan Queen in comparison to that of the others.

“She’s not trained professionally, so how is it that she’s a master?” the detective asked; his eyes never left her slender figure.

“Maybe she’s a puppet?” The female responded taking a sip of her drink. “That’s believable” the man said, scratching the bridge of his nose.

“Sounds to me like the Cardinals understand the golden rule; whoever has the power makes the rules” his female partner replied; locking eyes with the Queen of Cardinals, as she and her cohorts casually strut pass.

“I can’t believe we’re even letting waltz back into DC; do you remember what she did the last time she was here?” the woman said; remembering the ALL OUT ASSUALT on humanity.

“Did you hear a nuclear warhead was stolen in the Atlantic? The footage showed Iberian Soldiers as well as….nazi’s…” the man said, giving her a weird look.

“Hey can I ask you a question, do you remember how we got here?” She asked, turning slightly towards him. “Yeah I mean, we just walked…in uh…” he stammered confused himself.

“Think about it; what are two security guards for the Pentagon doing at the airport?” she asked, looking around as if she were confused. “Uh, that’s a good question”. He responded with his fingers on his lips.

In actuality he was sitting inches away from the Ninjan Queen! The walls of her illusions slowly faded away; she stood in his face with her sadistic mask on top of her head. The bodies of his coworkers lay; dead on the blood soaked carpet; forty-eight members of the Cult of Cardinals standing around him poised with their weapons.

“It’s time to give up…unless you can fight…ALL 49 of us?” she said, with a wicked smile. “I need access to that code room; make it happen, or I’ll have the distinct pleasure of skinning your little boy’s hair with my nails” As she spoke; the alarms for the lock-down of the Pentagon rang out loudly overhead.

Same rules as Death Comes In threes.


Death Comes in Three's

"I have given it much thought. It seems disaster must come at best only postponed. Shaolin Kung-Fu to survive must now be taught to more young men. We must expand get more pupils so that the knowledge will spread."- Death Chambers

She had her hand crossed over her breast, watching as the Cardinal grunts constructed what would be known as Mirage Island. “Twenty feet high, over seven miles long” she whispered almost impressed. “Good ting, you have all dees people to work for you ay?” Escobar said, walking from behind her cane in hand.

“Makes me almost think you guys want me here” Z responded, not taking her eyes off the frigate for a moment. “Sabes que, We want you chica; you are by far thee greatest ting this organization has invested in” wrapping his wrinkled index and middle fingers around his authentic Cuban cigar. “Thee Lioness has been reunited with her cub and all is right in thee jungle no?” he said, again reffering to Z’s position as the Black Cardinal of the Cult of Cardinals.

Escobar was one of Z’s biggest supporters while she was the Queen of Utopia, he was essentially the reason she was taken into the Red Cardinals; as the Black Cardinal. He dealt with Gwen when she first came in and knew Z had the same mindset; the Cardinals feared Z’s ambition would turn her traitorous but Escobar put his neck on the line for her.

Her tough exterior shattered in that moment, slowly glancing over her shoulders; she intimately locked eyes with Escobar. “Ar-are you proud of me?” she asked; slowly stroking her jet black hair. “I always am” he said, giving her a full smile.

This in turn put a smile on her face; she took him by the hands and led him off to her bedroom. They’re platonic relationship had ceased, and the two became more intimate on a level she never saw.

Those his outward appearance was that of an old man, what attracted her towards him was his ability to speak right to her soul. There session went on for a few minutes, ending when Z rose to straighten her hair.

“Why do you use that body as a vessel?” she asked, turning on her side to greet the old man. “Because mija, I can be at my most sadistic” he responded slowly sliding his wrinkled hand down the side of her face. “You want new body, fine I get new body for you” he said, resting his hands on his liver spotted chest.

“No, you don’t have to I was just curious…” closing her eyes, she saw the Fox demon mask peering back at her; though the mask can conjure illusions she was pretty sure this was her own doing. “What does a man have to do, to make tu his wife?” The old man asked gingerly.

“I’m not the wife type Escobar, you know that; I love you as long as I’m f@#cking you, the moment I take your last name is the moment I bite your head off; you know Praying Mantis style”. The fact that he was laying before her expressing his feelings almost made her cringe, “Listen, we have a good thing going…you don’t want to end that” she said, disappearing behind a see through curtain.

“Right…” she heard him gasp, lighting his cigarette.

The water nullified her durability, still enjoyed feeling it; as much as she had lately. Missions and assignments kept her away from Tibet for extended periods of time; the little things that were making her human became her only peace.

“We have another mission…” she heard Escobar say from the bed; “Where am I going?” she asked, slowly applying a moisturizer to her body. “Washington D.C…take the frigate…” he turned his head to blow the smoke as if he had suddenly lost interest in her.

“Great” she said, with a devious smile removing the mask from the wall; she went into the next room to put on her black and green tunic.

“Everyone…we’re moving out, we’re taking the Frigate too” she said, standing on the front of the massive Cardinal Frigate (Also known as Mirage Island).

“they’ll pick us up!” one of the engineers screamed worried at her decision to fly en route to DC. “Fool, as long as I’m two miles within the vicinity of this ship; it’ll be blessed with my power.

She said, twirling her mask in-between her index and middle finger. The ship shot into the sky; only to appear as a massive moving rain cloud.

“Alright, listen up!” she said, taking command in the ops room. “We’re going to intercept a ship carrying a nuclear warhead, it’s sailing from England, to Florida…so we have a bit of time.” She said, moving her hair from her face.

“We also need to get the unlock key from a high ranking government official in Washington, once we attack this ship; the nations will be en garde, then we go to phase two got it?” hundreds of Red clad Cardinals bowed before her as they were getting ready to fabricate one of the biggest lies in history.

Launch time.

“Master, we’re hovering right above the ship…” Z look through a porthole in the frigate trying to think about what she could do to strike fear in the hearts of the crew. “Got it, listen up everyone but the flight crew….launch” she said. “Game time” she said, placing her legendary mask on her face the moment she did so; the Frigate appeared to be a whole fleet on the water. The airborne Cardinals appeared to be Iberian soldiers landing on the victim vessel.

The colors of the Iberian-Nakamurian alliance had been presented proudly in the Cardinals act of terror. “Wish mommy lucky” she said, giving a wink to one of her underling as she fell backwards off the vessel down to the ship below.

The scene of an all-out Naval War had been proliferated by her mask! The illusions fired as if they were actually trying to sink the vessel. Dark clouds formed over the sea from the plumes of gun powder rising into the air.

She kept her eyes closed the whole way down; eventually landing with perfect poise on a mast. “This is almost ooo easy….” She said, with a smile.

This will be an OPEN rpg; the reason it's in Blog form is so if no one post then I can continue the story myself. No ooc this is both threads.



Previously, in don’t speak I come to make a bang.

In the area where the Ninjan Cardinal once stood, the body of a blonde woman lay; she had a string of raven shaded hair parting her golden locks, obviously a change from the previous woman. Above her body was a statue of what appeared to be The Black Cardinal.

It was over, in Ziccarra’s effort to unite the world under one Ideology, the spirit Black Cardinal consumed her; finally it was slayed by the bio Borg; returning Ziccarra back to her normal state. This was not without a consequence the Ninjan Queen was to remain powerless, (With the exception of Durability) and she would always bare the mark of the Cardinal.

A few days later.

“So they’re going to clone me…?” she asked, watching as the scientist began extracting DNA from the Cardinal Statue, the final resting place of Ziccarra powers. “I don’t get why you guys wouldn’t give me back MY powers?” she asked, with her hands folded; the legendary mask of Cortez fixed on the top of her crown.

“The Black Cardinal restored your powers to the level they were at BEFORE you started having children, you’re far too weak to receive them now…” Diaz smoking his Cuban. “What’s the purpose of this then? You guys don’t think I’m worth my weight in gold?” She retorted with her raven tainted eyebrow shooting skyward.

“Nononono Senora, we just want to see if we can create an indestructible warrior.” He said, placing his hand at the small of her back. “For you to be powerless it almost seems if you became more moody…” He said, blowing his smoke. “It’s my period…” she responded giving him a still look.

“Oh” he replied with a smile. “Who’s the warrior…? The whole thought of having her skills combined into another warrior, sort of made her uncomfortable; but the results interested her more. “Maybe I’ll get to train the bastard…” she said, taking a seat crossing her legs. “This will be a cross between yourself and Helena Toy” his latin twang sort of through Z off. “You mean Angeni? Sh!!!t…” she said, dragging her sentence.

Angeni was a god, not only that she was an amazon; she was born tough. Ziccarra’s Ninjan gene’s naturally made her strong and lust for battle. “You better hope this thing isn’t destructive…” she said, standing up to watch the cloning of the two genes. She placed her focus on the chamber, a little blonde hair girl lay dormant inside unaware of what was about to happen.

“I really hope you have a contingency plan for if this goes wrong…” she said, perching herself on top the railing. “Yes….you”

She let off an irritated scoff and placed her eyes back on the chamber; mustard like gas filled the chamber. Eye retching screams followed, both Z and Diaz watched from the rafters as the transformation slowly began to take place.

“I can….feel…her” Z whispered; “and it’s not good” The glass on the chamber imploded and released the Ninjan-Athenian hybrid. “Diaz…run…” she said, sliding the mask on her face. Leaping in the air; Z landed down in front of the beast, however she never got a chance to conjure an illusion, the beast held a vice grip around her neck.

Her face quickly turned a bluish purple; removing her Poison Barb dagger; she gently sliced the beast across the wrist; the painful poison set in instantly. This gave Z enough time to catch her breath; this beast was fast; it was strong, it heralded more raw power every time it took a hit.

“Ziccarra get out of there!” Diaz screamed the hybrid charged a photon energy blast and fired it directly at Z.

Dodging the initial blast; Z escaped certain death; but was then buried under a massif of debris. She was sure if she didn’t retain her Ninjan durability, she’d be dead. “What…the hell did you guys do…” she grunted whilst writhing in pain.

Shrimping her way out of the debris; she could tell she was the only person left a live; the beast was gone and now it was someone else’s problem.

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