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  • Gender:Female
  • Alignment:Good
  • Points:8821 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled

Faction: Hero

Title / Code Name: The Goddess, La Malaguena, Cardinal Queen

Real Name: Ziccarra Isabella Liafador

Base of Operations: Solace City

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brunette

Weight: 130

Age: 44

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'5

Super Power Origin: Divine Empowerment

Identity: Unknown

Place of Birth: Malaga, Spain

Known Aliases: CEO of Liafador International

Group Affiliation & Rank: S.H.A Squad, Leader

Status: Divorced, 2 children. Catalina and Isadora.

Divine Right

Prior to the birth of their children, Sabella Liafador and Ramon Liafador sought to achieve immortality by DNA recycling. Because of the recycling, Sabella and Ramon would be alive through the partials dreams of their children.Before they died, Ramon left dozens of clues that would trigger his personality in his sons. His first born Kane; showed no resemblance to Ramon, this caused both Ramon and Sabella to scrap the project. The birth of Ziccarra sent both parents into a frenzy, she was born with the exact likenesses of Sabella. Not only were the likenesses between Z and her mother uncanny; she also learned the ability to speak at a very young age. Something Sabella was also credited for. The DNA recycling was performed on all of the children. It was then revealed that the males showed no sign of tampering because of recessive genes. A sinister plot soon began to unfold.

Rise of the Cardinal Queen

Ziccarra was born in 1971 in the port city of Malaga, Spain. At the time of her birth the Liafador family became one of the most prominent families in Iberia. Through the family winery; and work as philanthropist (Although corruption and extortion may have helped), the once middle class family; elevated themselves into the upper echelon of Malagan nobility. Ziccarra grew up with a passive nature; one that saw her develop a close relationship with her mother early on. Z, and close friend Isabella (Named after both Z and Z's mother) were brought up together as equals in their childhood. Both girls were taught the same way, and enjoyed learning how to play the piano and dance.

At the age of 11, Ziccarra was beta-wave programed. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level. This made her a completely obedient slave to him every time; he wanted sex. Ziccarra’s father found out about this, and refused to stop it. His reasoning behind it was that Kane’s natural affinity to being like him, drew him closer to the Sabella in Z. As she entered her Teen's Z's father's winery took a hit. While in High school she and Isabella took jobs as exotic dancers to help keep up the Villa. Not long after taking the job, she was forced to quit by command of Kane. Soon after, the dissection in the family started to grow.

The Liafador Family had long been involved in a secret order known as the Red Cardinals; the Cardinals were a growing order that once were deemed heroes by the persecuted in the Inquisition. Around the turn of the 20th century, the Red Cardinals were bought out by Wesley Weston I and Ziccarra's Abeulo was an honored member of the group. The opposing group, known as the Braveharts reemerged to combat the efforts of the Cardinals.

The Braveharts were a group of bounty hunters formed by the British in the 19th century; the group spread to America and they became the sworn enemies of the Cardinals. Ziccarra's Father and Brother became members of the Bravehart group while she and Isabella were still in high school.

A member of the Keijiko clan who also streamlined as a member of the Braveharts killed Ziccarra's parents. Not long after being programmed, they found of the Keijiko was a member of their own family...Both Kane and Ziccarra were raised by the loyal members of the staff, but eventually Kane and Marcos took over as heads of the Liafador home; at a relatively young age.

Upon the death of her parents Z joined the Braveharts to get closer to the man that killed her parents. Her time was short; but she learned the basics of fighting even managing to get trained by a martial arts master. Z ushered Black Solace into the group someone who would eventually be her rival.

Her position as an exotic dancer aided her in the capture of many Cardinals; the turning point in her life came when Wesley Weston III moved in on the city of Malaga. Weston brought with him an unlimited amount of resources and more Cardinals than Kane and Ziccarra could take out. The Liafador duo proved to be more than effective in the Cardinal assault, keeping them from taking the city for months.

Ziccarra betrayed the Bravehart order and offered many of her friends to slaughter. Her reasons for doing so was to break the programming Kane placed on her. Following her treason, Z became the “Black Cardinal” as a member of the Red Cardinals. Her time as the Black Cardinal was spent carrying out key assassinations; as well as making sure her members infiltrated key governments over Europe.


In an effort to fully facilitate her physical excellence and martial arts dominance the Cardinal Contessa, Ziccarra Liafador, embarked on a pilgrimage to one of the World's earliest and culturally rich civilizations in Asia,China. The birth place of the Snake-Crane style otherwise known as Wing Chun, affluently immersed in the deadly arts of combat, which offered the Spanish Mamba an unparallelled martial arts education that would serve as the future foundation for an entire philosophical orthodoxy.

Traveling from small village to small village, Ziccarra was reluctantly shown the forbidden techniques of the infamous fighting style, in-exchange, the lovely aristocrat began influencing the poor and the destitute through Machiavellian style sermons of dogmatic ritualization. Offering hope to those who had given up and heart to those who had lost it. Building an architectural masterpiece of discipline, loyalty, integrity, and faith from the mud huts and fish shanties of the region.

This unified congregation quickly rose to be a symbol of the La Malaguena's credence, her gifted influence constructing a tactically brilliant force of hand to hand elitism that would never give up, never surrender, and never betray their authoritarian leader. Intellectually motivated martial arts progressions of continual psychical and philosophical evolution engineering a secret army unlike the World has ever seen. Establishing one of several secret societies in Tibet, the Red Cardinal Queen has brought together a diversified unification of ethnicity. The original ancestors of the Tibetan people as represented by the six red bands before the birth of the Red Cardinals were the Se, Mu, Dong, Tong, Dru and Ra. Other traditional ethnic groups with significant population or with the majority of the ethnic group reside in Tibet (excluding disputed area with India) include Bai people, Blang, Bonan, Dongxiang, Han, Hui people, Lhoba, Lisu people, Miao, Mongols, Monguor (Tu people), Menba (Monpa), Mosuo, Nakhi, Qiang, Nu people, Pumi, Salar, and Yi people.

Beyond the skills customarily associated with the martial arts teachings of the East, rumors of mystical almost supernatural practices have drifted down from the mountain side temples instilling a level of fear in the superstitious civilians along the valley. Whether or not this fables hold a measure of authenticity, nobody knows. Taught to embrace death as a sacred honor the Tibetan Cardinals face each confrontation with an instilled hope of death. To be killed by an opponent of greater skills is the highest achievement a Cardinal can obtain. In fact, in the Tibetan Cardinal religion to be killed by the La Malaguena is an honor reserved for the Gods. The mind is the Cardinal's greatest weapon. Training mind, body, and soul, daily, adhering to the strictest schedule of purifying the soul in search of combat perfected proficiency.


Psionic Energy Manipulation – Ziccarra is a master of all forms of psionic energy; previously she was only able to construct shields, projectiles and use short range manipulation techniques, after deep introspection she is now able to use a full range of psychic abilities. She is able to construct objects, shields and project her TK in the form of a blast.

Psionic Drain - Ziccarra can use her psionic drain against opposing psychics to enhance her own psionic powers. Her growth can be attributed to the strength boost she gained from Reality M.

Telekenesis - Z can manipulate objects with her mind, She can also use her TK ability to choke, push or pull objects. She can use her TK to as a homing skill. The strongest part of her ability is a TK blast, depending on her level of strength Z can release an atom bomb equivalent to destructive energy.

Tactikenesis - Z can envelope her body in TK energy which will prevent her from taking large amounts of damage.

Telepathy/Mental Manipulation - Z can enter the mind, and control and influence those around her. She can also freeze people.

The Legendary Mask of Cortez – This mask allowed Ziccarra to construct illusions, they are broken down in tiers 1-4, the more illusions she cast; the harder they are to decipher.

Agility – Having mastered Yoga, and previously moonlighting as a stripper. Ziccarra’s coordination, and balance are far beyond that of an Olympic level athlete.As is her agility. She’s fast enough to detect and evade bullets fired from long range.

Durability – So long as Ziccarra is wearing her Cardinal bangles, she has Durability.She possesses a high resistance to damage. Bullets are virtually ineffective at long range.Z’s bangles can be nullified by magic attacks.

Energy Projection – Complete mastery of one energy/element type.Z’s psy energy is her weapon of choice. Though she can absorb foreign energies, she cannot project it like her psy energy.

Fighting Ability – Experienced Fighter:

Z is the finest fighters in the Liafador Family. She is a master of armed and unarmed combat, proficient with nearly every bladed weapon. She has held her own with Both Quintus Knightfall and the Grandmaster Impero.

Intelligence – Learned. Ziccarra is among one of the smartest Liafador. It was her business plan that helped her family’s winery. She is also the architect of an attack surveillance satellite known as Valkyrie. She is able to speak; French, Italian, Spanish, and Egyptian.

Mental Power – 3) Rudimentary training or experience. The Mask of Cortez, allowed Ziccarra to pierce the mental defenses of another person; allowing her to implant an illusion in the mind. Currently, she is without the mask. Which leaves her unprotected by mental intrusions

Speed - Peak or Enhanced. Having lost her affinity to the speed force, Ziccarra isn’t as fast as she used to be. However she can still think, react and move at superhuman speeds. In short distance she is fast enough to just barley lose to Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt. She is able to keep that sprint for up to an hour.

Stamina – 5) Superhuman; Able to sustain for a while. Her muscles produce no lactic acids, allowing her to fight without tiring.

Stength-6) Superhuman-Above 75 tons up to 100 tons.Z is stronger than most beings, she’s on par with Hercules as far as raw strength, but she has to have already worked her muscles. From a stationary position, she can only life 25 tons. Her strength can be nullified by any form of magic attack.


Dimensional Teleportation – Through deep introspection; Ziccarra can separate herself from the flesh, and enter the “Spirit World” This allows her to speak with the dead.

Tactician – Having studied over 600 successful military strategies, Ziccarra is an accomplished strategist and tactician, trained in the arts of leadership, persuasion and diplomacy, and possesses a great deal of courage as well. She is a gifted leader. She is often seen reading the Art of War. She is able to process and break down an opponent’s strategy in battle while engaging a foe.

Shin Guards: Though they are typically unnoticeable, the shins guards on Z’s shins work just like her elbow pads used to, allowing her to transmute to the rest of her body.

Cardinal Bracelets: These are the source of power for Z; with these on her body’s tolerance for pain and damage goes up; allowing her to take great amounts of damage. Contrary to popular believe she cannot deflect bullets with them.

Assault Armor- for use in large battles, Z has a golden body armor with chest plate, pteruges, greaves, an open visor helmet, and large, non-functional wings on her back. There is a slot in her helmet for the mask of Cortez.The AA gives Z an in depth look at the terrain allowing for better strategy.

Conquistador Bullwhip – Much like the lasso of truth, Z’s bullwhip is impervious to damage (Save for Magic) other than being a really good tool for capturing people, it’s completely useless.

Aegis Shield – The Aegis Shield is the pride of the Liafador Family, it is impervious to magic; providing some shelter to the poor magic defenses of Z.The Aegis Shield becomes the chest plate for the AA. The shield can only be lifted by Liafador blood.

Medusa’s head: Ziccarra’s sword. It’s able to penetrate most metals.

Core Cardinals Skills.

Mind-Set - is a form of hypnotism that requires extreme concentration and focus. It is perhaps the most powerful and dangerous of the Cardinal secrets, granting a warrior unshakable resolve and tenacity. The Mind-Set will cause a warrior to ignore pain and fear, and has proven capable of casting off the effects of brainwashing.

Cloak of the Chameleon - using extreme physical control, the Cloak of the Chameleon alters breathing and circulatory patterns, in order to perfectly mimic the sounds of another person.

The Ear That Sees - is an exercise that concentrates hearing, to compensate for loss of sight and allows a warrior to identify a foe through sound alone, with cues such as heartbeat, the sound of cloth against cloth, and the patterns of breathing and other movement.

The Sleeping Phoenix - technique mimics death, by exerting extreme physical control over involuntary bodily processes. It has proven valuable in fooling enemies, and in extending survival, such as when a Cardinal grandmaster used the technique to preserve his life, after the being stabbed by a Ronin shinobi.

The Blind Sword - a lesser sword fighting technique that allows the practitioner to defend them self in no visibility conditions, consisting in just extending the sword using its scabbard for touch and compensate loss of sight.