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What the hell!?!?! this looks like a superhero book??? F**K! I had a lot of goodwill towards this new series, since I love the character too much to just abandon him after he lost Hellblazer, but this totally annihilates every hope I had for this. I am so frikking dissappointed, I can't even describe it. Damn. Even If the story would be great, this isnot what Constantine is about. Everything is all wrong. Really, REALLY sad, guys. John is my second favorite character and I will still buy the first trade to check it out, but I am almost 100% certain that this new Constantine is not for Hellblazer fans. Shame, because I really liked him in JLD. Everything is wrong, his voice, the art, the whole vibe. I really want to puke.

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I have to admit I kinda like the GL animated show. Not from the look, but its pretty cool storywise and all. I expected a lot less quality.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose I think you should definately check him out. The great thing with Hellblazer is that you can start almost anywhere, since most creative teams don't influence each other much. Just make sure you start at the beginning of a writers tenure on the title. I would recommend newer stuff, like Azzarellos, Diggles or Milligans run. In my eyes among the best runs and all of them are relatively current, so the art isn't as old fashioned as older stuff, which can be jarring for someone who is new to comics. Azzarello has four trades out, I believe. Starts with "Hard Time". Diggles run starts with "Joyride" and Milligans with "Scab". Let me know if you checked any of them out.

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See? Not all hope is lost then :-)

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@Whodid Thanks for the reply. To answer your question... I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE MARK HAMILL'S JOKER! He is the biggest reason for me to play the Arkham games in english since his awesomeness overshadows the problems I have with Conroy. To me, he sounds like the perfect Joker but I like his darker voice in the games a bit more than his turn in BTAS. He also is one of the big reasons I still love Mask Of The Phantasm as much as I do today. I just loved it that he was allowed to take the character further than on the regular show. Mask Of The Phantasm is still one of my top three Batman movies of all time. I really hope he plays Joker again in one of the great DC Universe animated movies, which I also love (Under The Red Hood the most). I would love to hear him do Joker for a animated version of Killing Joke or R.I.P.

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@gotwillpower I did talk about the context. I said that it wasn't bad at its time, I even said I loved it at its time, but that, in my opinion, it hasn't aged well and that its, for me at least, not watchable anymore (again, apart from a few standout episodes and the movie). Where is that worthless conjecture? Its my own opinion. I just wanted to ask the community about their feelings to that, since I cannot understand the hype the show is still getting today. In my eyes, Last Airbender, Young Justice, Batman Beyond (which doesn't really count as a Batman show in my book, since it doesn't feature Bruce as Batman) and the DCAU Justice League where all better shows, but don't get nearly the amount of love BTAS gets. Again. If you still love it that much, I am happy for you. I don't say its bad or a bad interpretation of the character. I just say that I don't enjoy it anymore.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Yeah, yeah. Big time Hellblazer fan! Loved Azzarellos, Diggles and Milligans run the most, but liked overall nearly every issue. He is my favorite character in all of fiction after Batman. But the tattoo thing isn't that big of a thing for me since I am already heavily inked. You can see a few in my picture on my profile site. I already have three Batman tattoos and one giant Superman related. I think its only a matter of time until I add John. Only reason he is not on my skin yet is that some guy in a trenchcoat who smokes like a chimney isn't as iconic as Batman or a Superman logo. Are you a big Hellblazer fan?

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Hey guys! Thanks for the replies! Really love the feedback and the high level of the general discussion. I love the crowbar threats^^ I think you could read from my initial blog that I don't think the show is bad or anything and, yes, I also think its the best solo Batman TV show thus far, but it hugely dissappointed me when I rewatched it a couple of years ago. Maybe its my own fault of overhyping it in my head all those years, since I really did not saw a single second of it after it went of the air in the 90s. And to all the Conroy lovers who are appalled by my disliking of him... take my view with a grain of salt, since I am one of the few who truly thinks Bales Batvoice is as good as it gets :-) Again, thanks for the replies. Especially @ Nathaniel_Christopher for the long and well thought out post. I am always pleasantly surprised if I can find a nice and interesting discussion in the internet. Its a rare thing, sadly.

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I am right there with you, man! Love the trailer and don't get the hate it gets from some people! Looks like the spirit of the first film, transfered in a modern horror movie. You heard it here first: Mia is related to Ash (at least I think she is)! She talks about that her Mom would hate to see the Cabin that way, so maybe her Mom knew Ash, or married Ash after the first movie (if he survived). Other than that, I think I see Ashs necklace (the one he gave his girlfriend) in Mias hand when the blood drops on her hand. I hope I am not imagining that^^

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What do you guys think? Do you still enjoy the show, or do you see it the same way?