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I'm honestly a little sad that they get the director of Prototype and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, two games about being an all-powerful being that destroys buildings, and they set him on a Batman game instead of setting him on a Superman or Green Lantern project.

Aside from another wasted potential to market DC characters other than Batman, I'm excited.

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At first, I didn't want superhero TV shows. Then came Arrow, and I've changed my tune. I just hope this finds it's way onto danish television at some point.

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I know absolutely nothing about He-Man, so I'm not sure if I should pick this up or not. I think I will. Maybe I'll get a passing interest in that universe.

EDIT: I noticed DC have put out a miniseries. Anyone recommending that book for He-man newbies?

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I'm sad to say, but I have no idea who either of these talents are. But this writer sounds like he's got the right idea, and those preview pictures are works of art. I'm picking this up day 1.

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I'm just waiting for Activision to lose the Marvel videogame license, so maybe we can get someone who gives a **** about the videogame industry.

For those of you who don't know, it's developed by High Moon studios, best known for their above average Transformers games. It's a big company, so while the main team worked on this and Transformers, they had a smaller department working on Deadpool full time. Once the smaller teams job was done, Acitivision fired every single one of them. So, for the love of god, Marvel/Disney, keep the license to yourself, or sell it to someone else.

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I'm having an interest in this book, but for every mediocre review I see on this site, my fire for this dies out. I only have so much cash, so I want to spend it well, and I don't think this series is gonna do it for me, until it undergoes some drastic changes. Either in the story or, more likely, in the creative team.

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@sammo21 You lose interest THAT fast? A fighting game is designed to be played for decades.

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I personally want there to be a Robin, since I think having a sidekick is what allows Batman to hold on to his sanity. We've seen how he's becoming increasingly active and violent, even if it's slowly ruining his body. Problem is, I have no idea how to introduce a new one. The loss of his own flesh and blood would, realistically speaking, keep Batman from recruiting more young blood into his crusade. So whoever ends up joining his ranks, needs to have a seriously strong case going for them. So I want there to be a new Robin, but not a rushed, half-assed one.

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I really liked the first and third act of Thor 1, you know, the stuff with the intergalactic, dimension jumping vikings. Back on boring old Earth, the thing that excited me the most was a particularly hilarious coffee shop scene, and Agent Coulsons return.

So I hope that they spice up the Earth stuff this time around. I'd like to see Thor and his girlfriend explore their relationship. One of the strongest beings in the universe with a fragile, nerdy science chick? There's some stories to be told.

In any case, colour me excited! It's gonna be a great way to end off the summer.

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I'm really excited for this. I started reading comis because of the convenience of Comixology and the DC universe reboot of the New 52, and The Flash is easily one of my high points every month. Whereever things may go, as long as DC is running (harharhar) with this creative team, I'm definitely on board.